Feeding and Energizing Your SUN!
Feeding and Energizing Your SUN!

The Sun Sign is like a key which enables us to turn it to reach a particular channel of consciousness that vitalizes our essence physically, mentally and spiritually.  A weak Sun enables us to fall apart easily, feel physically weak, disoriented and depressed.  We need the Sun, the Light to energize our heart–our spirit here. When our Sun is healthy we feel strong and able to handle the challenges of life.  We should each know what it is that nourishes us and helps us feel our own power—and astrology can help us.  We should know and study the sign of our Sun and that’s the reason for today’s post!

I will list each Sun sign and a line or two about what you need to nourish your body, mind and soul to keep yourself healthy and energized—we should know how to feed our Sun; how to bring more Light into our body, mind and spirit so that we can feel happy here!

The Sun is thought to be Male energy—the animus as Jung called it.  Our Sun is our Life Force (as above, so below)–it’s our Prana and it helps us with our creative expression here.  More basically it is what produces our will to live and so we should know how to nourish it.

Nourishing (feeding) our Sun is what helps us to feel confident and it is different for each of us, based on our birth data. 

Almost everyone knows their Sun sign but if you don’t, I will include the list of signs with dates below.  This list isn’t intended to be all inclusive—this is just off the top of my head so-to-speak mentioning some of the key points that come to mind about each Sun which my own Libra Sun needs to do in order to feel energized an purposeful i.e. “relating”.  Anyway, here we go…

Aries2SUN IN ARIES (born March 21 – April 20)

You need fire and to express courage and a pioneering spirit and be out front or first in anything you do.  Any activity that encourages such things will feed your Sun and help your life force sparkle and shine brighter.  You need excitement and to try new things—as many as you can even if you don’t follow up with everything you start, you need those exciting “new starts” often and in some form in order to feed your Sun and help you feel confident and alive .


SUN IN TAURUS (born April 21 – May 20)

You need earth and to express your very practical ideas in any way that you can.  You are good at handling resources and expressing this skill helps you to feed your life force and feel confident.  When you work with money/finances you shine just like you do when you express your strong tastes in creating beauty with earth resources.  When you care for your physical needs and comforts, you energize your body, mind and spirit.


SUN IN GEMINI (born May 21 – June 21)

You need air, mental, thought to energize your sense of dualism—and when you can hold two views at the same time or unite two sets of opposites, this helps you to feel confident and powerful.  When you allow yourself to use your natural born gift of observation and combine that with words in any way—shazam, you are really rocking and feeling your light grow brighter.  Mental stimulation in any way, shape or form energizes you and when you talk about things this too helps body, mind and spirit unite—expressing yourself does it for you and helps you feel vital and alive.


SUN IN CANCER (born June 22 – July 22)

Water, emotions and security are the key words here that feed this Sun and help people in this sign feel strong and vital. Home, family and tradition and things to do with the past help you feel a sense of purpose that enlivens your body, mind and soul.  Building a sense of home and doing that groundwork for that purpose feeds your sun and helps you feel more powerful, confident and alive – you take the past and create a self-image from that making an identity that helps you feel more yourself. When you care for others and protect and nurture them, this feeds your own Sun—your life force.  If you don’t use your deep feelings to care for others, you feel more vulnerable and loose energy; however, if your home or security are threatened this enables you to find your Sun and call upon your own natural inner strength making you aware of it and this ultimately enables you to feel more alive, confident and purposeful.


SUN IN LEO (born July 23 – Aug 22, 23)

This person needs fire, passion and awareness of self and feels enlivened when in any kind of central position or at the core of anything that is going on.  If this type of individual is not feeling popular with others, it can dampen the spirit and it’s like put a blanket over their life force.  The person born under this Sun will feel the need to reach the pinnacle of achievement in some area but must also remember to have fun so that work and pleasure are in equal measure—if not, the life force depletes and the Sun is not being fed.  There is a susceptibility to flattery from others until this individual can learn how to nourish their own Sun by self-acceptance and true self-awareness.


SUN IN VIRGO (born August 23, 23 – September 22, 23)

Humility, compassion and modesty and an urge to be of service and make a significant difference in the world in a hands-on and grounded way that is practical and useful; this is what feeds and nourishes the body, mind and spirit of those born under the Virgo Sun.  Other Sun signs can take advantage of the service oriented Virgo nature who likes to work behind the scenes.  Satisfaction comes from giving attention to details and by pursuing a natural interest in healing—those activities feed the Virgo Sun helping this individual feel confident and vital.


SUN IN LIBRA (born September 23, 24 – October 22, 23)

The emphasis here is on non-self or the ‘other’ and on anything air related such as writing, speaking and in any way ‘relating’.  When the person born under this sign is uniting with others in some way there comes a feeling of wholeness and balance and harmony.  A person born under this Sun has a consideration of other people’s feelings, such as even if this person is expressing anger it is on behalf of another rather than self.  The Libra soul really has a strong need to justice and fair play and working for the benefit of others is what enables this soul to be energized and feel confident and vital.


SUN IN SCORPIO (born October 23, 24 – November 22)

The person born under this Sun has an urge to fight an conquer foes whether real or imagined  and the need is to slay a dragon of some type and so here feeling the power of tenacity makes on feel alive and vital.  There’s an innate need for passion and sometimes engaging in activities to the point of obsession but this level of intensity is needed in order to feed body, mind and soul.  If the person can dig deeply for the truth even to the point of doing research in some way to find the deep bottom-line answer, then the life force is energized.  Anything involving psychology and learning about the motivations of others helps the person born under this sign to feel vital, alive and generally purposeful which feeds their life force.


SUN IN SAGITTARIUS (born November 23 – December 21, 22, 23)

Expansion of the solar forces to their fullest potential happen with those born under the Sag Sun and there needs to be a wide field or area for this person to express their life force energy.  Here we have individuals who have a huge abundance of tolerance naturally and when this is being expressed, the Sag person feels that sense of purpose being fulfilled.  Honesty, freedom and optimism and cheerfulness need to be allowed expression in order for the person born under this Sun to feel confident and vitally alive.  The naturally restless spirit of the Sag Sun individual is soothed by experiencing some type of adventure and having an expression of freedom in their life in some way.  Teaching helps someone born in Sag to feel vitally alive, purposeful and thus feeds that life force, their Sun.  Travel or planning a trip is also something that a Sagittarius can do in order to feed their Sun!


SUN IN CAPRICORN (born December 22, 23, 24 – January 20)

The Sun’s rays are usually weaker during these months but inside this individual there is a quiet drive that is powerfully present and needs feeding.  Anything requiring tenacity and determination will feed the body, mind and spirit of this individual.  This person needs a goal and something to master in some field or endeavor and has what it takes to endure hardship and to overcome obstacles and when these hardships and obstacles are overcome, the life force is revitalized.  There is purpose on the path of overcoming life that feeds this person’s body, mind and spirit.  This Capricorn Sun needs responsibility and can thrive on it!


SUN IN AQUARIUS (born January 21 – February 19)

The person born under this Sun thrives on cooperation with others; and without it their life force fades and wanes.  Personal satisfaction comes from considering others first and in fact self-promotion diminishes one’s feeling of power and confidence.  Sharing with others and humanitarian concerns rule this individuals deepest inner desires and help one feel the life is being well-lived and furthers the feelings of brotherhood and friendship that keep this Sun fed.  Technology is also a place wherein a person born under this sign can shine and feel confident and purposeful; so developing technical skill helps one feel like shining even brighter especially if the technology enhances other people’s welfare.


SUN IN PISCES (born 2/20 – 3/20)

The solar forces are probably the weakest here in those born under this sign.  Yet, in times of adversity, the solar spark ignites and inner strength asserts itself.  Here we can see folks who can be very resistant but in a very passive way but the resistance can be arduous and formidable.  The person born under this sign feels confidence and life force grow when expressing adaptability, tolerance and compassion.  If the person born under a Pisces Sun works on behalf of those less fortunate this generally motivates their life.  So, therefore, charity work and healing work are of benefit in feeding the Sun of those born under Pisces.  The thing here is that the individual is basically very kind but others perceive this as weakness and then take advantage; therefore, boundaries are crucial for those born under this Sun Sign.  If anything in the arts using imagination are pursued (music, dancing, etc.) this can feed the Sun here since those born with a Pisces Sun have a strong imagination.  Grounding, naturally, is something that should be balanced with the imaginative nature.


I hope this little list will help you to know how to feed your own Sun and also for you to know a bit about how to help your family and friends enhance their life force as well.


May this information reach the right people and the right time in order to make a positive difference in their life and may their life force be energized beyond measure for the good of all.

What do you do when people change? Where do you find true unchanging happiness? Relationships, Drugs, and Tarot Ten of Cups

There’s no personal question today… nothing troubling the mind or heart but let me pretend that the person reading this today is troubled by a relationship problem.  It’s possible with the FULL MOON in the astrological relationship sign of LIBRA now.

Let’s say it has to do with people changing and we could pretend that the reader feels that the person they are closest to in life is turning, changing, becoming different and isn’t sure what’s going on and is troubled by the change.  Let’s ask the divination tool, the Tarot, the oracle used today in this post what advice should be given to such a person who is troubled by their loved one’s apparent change.

I’m going to shuffle the cards now.  Here we go…

Oh, good card I think!  We have the 10 of cups and there look at the image at the top of this post—good image isn’t it?  I mean, considering our question.  She’s looking down and he seems to be trying to look into her eyes to figure her out.  The rainbow above and cups with it represent emotional happiness perhaps and how she once was but currently there’s a different look than appears on the woman sitting on the rainbow.

Makes me think (before we go any further) about those who seem to need to figure other people out in the first place!  I mean, why can’t we tell him to get out of her face and leave her alone and find something better to do?  Well, anyway…

Let’s look at the 10 of cups and remember that this card – in archetypical terms – represents emotional happiness.  O, how fleeting that can be sometimes and how traumatic when we believe that we have lost the source of it which is (of course) impossible to do, but still…. There we are anyway.

It also makes me think about co-dependency.  You know what that is right?  I can’t be happy until I know you are okay and happy first.  That’s an example of co-dependency.  I know that one pretty well because this is how I was experiencing my middle child back when she was in high school and if I’m honest I still get this way sometimes and she’s now 34 years old!  But this isn’t about her and I… this is a general question about what to do when people change.

The Oracle (via the card) seems to want to specifically address the change having to do with changes in emotional happiness—or maybe that’s my own interpretation.  Anyway…

It’s definitely about emotions according to the Oracle.  Cups is the symbol representing emotions in the Tarot system.  My Herbal Tarot deck wants to associate this card with the “herb” cannabis sativa otherwise known as marijuana.  Passing illusions!  That’s what that rainbow on this card represents.  I’ve never liked drugs, alcohol or even excessive herbs because I’m already pretty Neptune-ish and have a difficult enough time keeping my feet on the ground!  I’m learning to master my mind and emotions and that’s a bit harder to do when under the influence.  LOL

The 10 of Cups card is about learning equilibrium and that comes through lessons many times that are given via others which brings us back to the main issue we’re talking about.  Can you remain balanced when others around you are not?  OR are you co-dependent?

When we get caught up in the pie-in-the-sky syndrome and believe that everyone should maintain a basic sense of equilibrium for our benefit so that ‘we’ can be okay, that’s quite a delusion to maintain.  People will change and we will as well.  That last statement really makes me think about how we find one moment of exquisite pleasure and peace in which no problems seem to be on any horizon and we feel happy and then we spend our life chasing that moment.  This, I believe, is what causes people to turn to marijuana, alcohol and/or other drugs—they are seeking to reproduce that carefree state albeit in an artificial way.  Joyful intoxication can be used as an exercise to learn to discriminate the true inner reality from outer delusions!  I can see that as the only benefit.

If you become troubled by a loved one who seems to have changed, examine your own tendency to be co-dependent and remember that all things will eventually pass—both peaks and valleys of happiness and sadness.  Find the unchanging core within you that is stable and maintains equilibrium despite changes in the life around you or in the people around you.  All happiness comes from within the mind and heart of full self-realization and no amount of drugs or alcohol or herbs will help you find it on a permanent basis.  Only YOU can create the non-changing stable, happy contentment that you are seeking in the outer world.  To help others who do not realize this yet, you can only show the best example and detach.

Daily Divination 6-14-11 Receive the clues to your purpose on Earth—here’s how NOW! The Moon, Pisces, Full Moon in Sagittarius Lunar Eclipse

Receive the clues to your purpose on Earth—here’s how NOW! The Moon, Pisces, Full Moon in Sagittarius Lunar Eclipse

The Moon! Spiritual and physical evolution is the focus of today’s divination message.

How interesting to have drawn this card just the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse is upon us.

The Moon opposes the Sun now challenging us to determine our own truth verses the lies we tell ourselves—in the form of denial.

Are we being in spiritual integrity?

The archetype of this card is Pisces, the unconscious mind—some say Pisces represents universal mind. But either way, the Moon is about the shadow—parts of ourselves that contain motivations and fears of which we either deny or of which we are unaware.

The Moon card of Tarot represents forces that shape our livesforces that are greater than own thoughts which guide our evolution. And these are the feeling and emotional forces that are responded to from our ego or personality selves.

Full Moon times are great times to meditate. We can, through the help of the higher energies that it is possible to access during meditation, view our emotions and feelings without getting lost in them.

Moon energy represents what is within the subconscious and the unconscious parts of ourselves–the shadow or hidden material.  In astrological terms we would say 12th house stuff–that’s how Pisces gets the association with the The Moon Card.  Pisces,ruled by Neptune, is the natural archetype of the 12th house.

It is said that during Full Moon times, plants go into a deep meditation. It’s a time for spiritual retreat and the plant kingdom seems to know that. That sounds like Native American folklore and whether there is any scientific proof of that, I don’t know; but I’ve heard that before. I suspect it may have something to do with moisture levels and the ocean tides due to gravity shifts but don’t quote me on that—it’s my own speculation.

What I can say, however,  is that many times I get what I call “Full Moon Headaches” during certain Full Moon times and many memories that I’d thought I’d forgotten surface from the subconscious during Full Moon’s.

It seems like the deeper levels of mind are easier to access during powerful Full Moons and this is why its a good time to meditate—you may tap into memories and insights better then.

Dealing with the past and issues or aspects of our lives where we are in fear, denial or struggling with an illusion or delusion are often exposed during Full Moons.

The element of water is associated with the Moon and emotion.  Water, water everywhere!  The Moon card is associated with Pisces which is a water sign and the Moon itself is ruled by Cancer, another water sign.  Thus, the strong emotional correlations by water.

And the obviously increased emotional states during Full Moon times are no secret to anyone dealing with the general public—as you know, hospital workers and police force personnel tell us about it all the time.

If anything needs to be released from the subconscious, it is more easily achieved during times of the Full Moon.  But, this “ain’t” no normal Full Moon–as they speak in the south.  This is a Lunar Eclipse Full Moon…


The message for today is that this Full Moon in Sagittarius time is right upon us! And as I have been blogging about for the last week, it is triggering the opposition from the Sun (of course—that’s what a Full Moon means) in Gemini.   I’m stating the obvious; here’s something more direct:

So, we may be challenged to determine what we believe, what our personal truth ‘is’, and we may be challenged to express or communicate (Gemini) that truth in a way that is evolutionary or in new ways, different ways than in the past. 

Why so? Because, this Full Moon is triggering each of us in a way that is working with our own personal soul’s karmic past and evolutionary intent.

Why? Because the Moon/Sun opposition is sitting on the transiting Nodes of the Moon themselves! 

 (The transiting/moving North Node and South Nodes of the Moon represent our evolving soul’s past and future.)

Whatever is happening in your life now and in the next few days especially is going to give you clues as to your life purpose—what you are here to heal and where your soul intends to evolve.

It would be good to pay attention to challenges and insights that are part of your life right now.

That is, if you want to know the answer to those universal questions: Why am I here? What is my purpose?

You will get major clues to that through dreams and meditations and plain ole’ life experiences right now.

Whatever is going on in your life right now – it’s one huge clue to be applied as an answer to those life purpose types of questions.

As this Full Moon is also a Lunar Eclipse, so there will likely be some new imprints on the soul that occur at this time.

Eclipse energy is known to impact our destiny—it can be a time to make a new covenant with the universe.

When the Earth passes between the Sun and the Moon (like it’s about to do now), we have a Lunar Eclipse and again, the Sun is in Gemini and the Moon is in Sag and through the open window of an eclipse, information can pass through into the soul and the soul can release energy out as well. Energies are released and received and in this case the energy has to do with the archetypal energies of Gemini and Sagittarius (truth versus lies).

The Earth is in the middle of the Sun and Moon and these two opposing Luminaries are creating a tug and pull within us—contractions, like giving birth to new energy.

The magnetic pull of the Sun and Moon eclipsing the Earth is strong enough to open the Earth’s sheath temporarily so that these energies can be received and released. Again, think of it like an open window, perhaps a portal.

Our beliefs (Sag) will be changed and the way we communicate (Gemini) those will also be affected. And in whatever way that happens for you personally, you will be able to put 2 + 2 together to understand what your own soul is trying to achieve so that you can work in harmony with it, instead of against it.

BOTTOM LINE: stop and look at your life now, today, and tomorrow and over the next 3 or 4 days. (I probably should say 3 or 4 months too–for the effects of an eclipse affect us for months afterward.)

Observe and correlate. If you are one who asks questions like, Why am I here? What am I supposed to be “learning” or doing? What is my purpose? You’re getting some great big hints right about NOW!

All you really have to do is observe and correlate what is happening in your own life right now. What issues are being triggered for you? What are you having to pay attention to? How is the theme of Gemini/Sag playing out for you now? (truth versus lies)

Whatever that is, it’s connected to what you are doing here and how your soul is trying to resolve, grow and evolve– just notice.

I’m out of time for today, see you tomorrow…

Daily Divination 5-30-11 The Star! Aquarius! Upliftment! Inspiration! And Neptune’s transition to Pisces!

The Star! IMAX: Hubble 3-D journey to explore the faraway galaxies viewed by the Hubble Space Telescope in its travels throughout the cosmos. The moment I drew this tarot card, it reminded me that I forgot to add the Hubble film to my movie list on Netflix. Now that I’ve done so, it’s on to the divination message for today. It’s a perfect card for this Memorial Day weekend when so many planets, including the Moon today are in relaxing and comfort seeking Taurus. Sunny with temperatures in the high 80’s, with light breezes, a blue sky and puffy white clouds here and there, grace the day.

What is even more beautiful (to me) and magical to boot is the night sky when the stars are bright and beautiful. Here in the mountains, without city lights, the night skies are enchanting and mystical. That’s the epitome of today’s message and it is associated with the words meditation and hope and that’s how we feel when we gaze up into a star filled sky! We can’t seem to help the associated feelings of stillness that the inner reflective mood that star-gazing supports and encourages. Stars connect us with our Soul.

This is undeniably my most favorite card in the deck! The astrological sign that rules this card is Aquarius and the archetype of that sign, ruled by Uranus, represents the individual unconscious mind—we might even say “soul”. The image on most tarot cards of The Star picture a water scene and water is associated with healing and also emotions—we might say then that emotional healing and the flowing waters of the inner life are represented here. Star gazing puts us in touch with that inner flow and that is what we are searching for when we meditate—that same feeling of connection to ‘total mind’ that star-gazing produces within us. Total mind is the connection with ego or physical mind to soul-mind to bring wholeness and completeness to the psyche—it’s the feeling of missing nothing and being totally present and fully plugged in or connected on all levels. That’s why this card is often associated with intuition and why it is said that star-gazing is an act of meditation.

By the way, a lot of people think Aquarius is a water sign, its Air and therefore associated with Mind and associate with visions or visionaries. I think of Uranus/Aquarius energy as flashes in the mind, intuitive flashes of guidance from the soul coming through wherever Uranus and Aquarius energy is in the chart. Neptune just moved through its sojourn in Aquarius–the linking of Universal Mind or Ocean of Cosmic consciousness which is Neptune filtered into our individual soul-mind which is Aquarius.

Now Neptune is in its own sign, Pisces. We may, therefore, have glimpses from our connection to cosmic mind (Neptune) of the larger soul of humanity or the universe itself (Pisces). In other words, while we may have been getting flashes of the blueprint for our individual soul when Neptune was in Aquarius, now that it’s in Pisces, humanity at large could be plugged into the cosmos at large. We will have to see how that plays out—shared dreams, shared spirituality, shared visions!

Intuitively, I’ve always felt that we can draw energy from the Sun, Moon, Mountain Tops and the Stars right into our self to heal, balance and energize our totally 4-body system (the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual). I do that regularly. Today’s cosmic communiqué is a reminder of connecting and drawing down the energy of the stars.

While it’s lesser substitute, looking at Hubble Telescope images on the computer has the same effect—at least for me it does. I have a Hubble gadget on my i-google page.

Here’s a link to a Hubble gadget  http://www.google.com/ig/adde?moduleurl=http://www.bettergadgets.co.uk/space2.xml&source=imag

Viewing the night sky and space images can calm the mind and heart and open the channel of inspiration—the channel to spirit. When our mind and heart are calm we are open to the inner flow and can follow that flow into soul-mind and spirit world.

At twilight time, the magic of the first star that shines at night is undeniably mystical. Don’t forget to make a wish…

Starlight star bright,

The first star I see tonight,

I wish I may, I wish I might,

Have the wish I wish tonight.

When you wish upon a star

Makes no difference who you are
Anything your
heart desires
Will come to you
If your heart is in your dream
No request is too extreme
When you wish upon a star
As dreamers do
Like a bolt out of the blue
Fate steps in and sees you through
When you wish upon a star
Your dreams come true

I wish you a Walt Disney Magic Kingdom kind of day!

(Minus the crowds of course)

PS – The last time Neptune entered Pisces was from 1847 to 1862. If you’re interested in the recent transition of  Neptune into Pisces, here’s a little video clip one of my favorite astrologers talking about this very thing:


I highly recommend viewing that video!

Daily Divination 5-24-11 Joplin Tornado, 10 of Swords, Gemini Sun

Oh my gosh—the 10 of Swords inspires today’s cosmic communiqué, as per my illusion anyway.  Joplin, MO and the tornado… I knew the second that I saw this card that I was going to have to write about it.  Well, here goes…

This card always seems so overly dramatic but who’s to say what is exaggerated as far as life experiences go? Only the experiencer!  Certainly, the Joplin tornado could qualify as pretty dramatic and tragic.  Talk about devastating change… wow!

Ever notice that a circumstance that totally immobilizes one person creates a totally different response in a different person going through the exact same event? On CNN last night there was an audio/video clip of a group of individuals who sought shelter inside the cooler of a convenience store. One could only have a heartfelt, compassionate response while listening to their recorded experience. (links below) Yet, you could hear how people responded so differently and it was very interesting.

One woman screamed out the name of jesus repeatedly, adding “father help me”. I found it interesting that she used the word me instead of the word us. After all they were packed in like sardines and it was a unified group experience; yet in the clip I heard,  the woman called out for help for herself –not the others?  (Maybe it was implied or intended. )  Yet, in contrast to this older sounding adult female, you could also hear the voice of a younger males.  One young man was telling everyone that he loved them, “I love you guys man; I love everyone man, I love you, I love you guys.” Another young male voice said, “Yeah, me too, I love everyone.”  And another young man was saying, “We’re good, we’re okay, we’re going to do it. Stay calm.” Meanwhile, the older female voice was screaming out jesus and father save me.

I guess the point is that disaster and trauma—the kind that brings people to the moment of a perceived eminent death—brings out something different in each of us.  In watching news reports on Joplin, I’m noticing how many people who relate their stories are conveying how they don’t remember getting where they ended up.  Interesting; and one wonders if angels weren’t involved. One guy  who was telling his story to Anderson Cooper on CNN said that when the tornado hit that he was in the house and when he came to, he was sitting in the front seat of his truck and had no idea how he got there.

The archetype or motif of the 10 of swords, this energy, and the message with it has to do with the times when we need to embrace faith. The cooler crew of Joplin exemplifies this card’s meaning since it is about short-lived difficulties—things that look bad at the moment, feel terribly disastrous at the time, but are short in duration. It was that way for that group at least.

Generally speaking now, focusing on the card meaning here, it’s about the light at the end of the tunnel and the need to remain focused and patient rather than in a panic being immobilized by fear.

It’s about working with the forces surrounding you even in the darkest moments that life sometimes brings—that’s the conceptual message of this card.

The Buddhists teachings, specifically in the famous Tibetan Book of the Living and the Dead, it is suggested that at the moment of death, the final feelings and thoughts are those that we carry over into the Bardo state and into our next lifetime.   And so it is suggested that a mentally and emotionally peaceful state at the moment of death is most desirable.  I’d like to think it’s like the young man you will hear on the recording link below who said that he was overcome with a surreal feeling of peace.  One man whose truck was torn apart on the Interstate, when asked what his thoughts were just as the truck was being ripped apart, indicated that his thought was, “Here we go.”  Makes you wonder if he isn’t an old soul who remembers how it goes.

Souls who speak to me from the other side always say that death is like walking from one room to another; there’s nothing to it.  They always say not to have any fear. That’s what I hear from them anyway.  The reader will just have to take my word for it I suppose.

One wonders about the cooler folks—the contrast of the woman in a panic screaming out the names of the deities causing alarm in the others versus  the young men who seemed to permeate the group with thoughts, words and the energy of love.  Interesting contrast perhaps having to do with soul age.  Who knows for sure?

Strange, but in watching (more like listening) to the recording, it transported me to my own similar memories from past lives of being in those types of situations.  Familiar feelings of surrender and the calm… helping others to feel calm in a similar situation came to the forefront of my mind.   But I digress… let’s go to the bottom line message with the 10 of Swords.

But just to interject first that many, including myself, are doing energy work (prayer work) for the souls of Joplin at this time on various levels, with a loving and compassionate heart.

After the clouds and the rain and the wind, there will be a rainbow–that’s today’s card meaning. Further, the message is that no matter what the trauma, we do come through the other side undeniably changed.

The Sun in Gemini relates to the 10 of Swords archetype—same energy. The element of AIR is representative of both the astrological Gemini and the suit of Swords.

Anyway, Gemini (the twins II) that is associated with the 10 of swords represents the quality of being of two minds and carries the quality of someone who is either on top of the world or feeling hopeless demise… like Libra is sometimes, Gemini has those two extremes. With Gemini it is either the best of days or the worst of days with no in-between.

And with the Sun (Sun in Gemini), we’re talking about purpose itself, essence itself.

I supposed a bottom line correlation of Sun in Gemini to the 10 of swords has to do with split purpose. Let’s leave Joplin out of the interpretation for a moment. What I’m sayen’ is general in that sometimes what happens in life has a double or twin (Gemini) meaning. Sort of like that “good news, bad news–who knows?” proverb you hear quoted often. Gemini is about adapting to changing circumstances; and that’s another connection to the Sun in Gemini correlation to this card.

So what’s today’s bottom line divination message? Life isn’t an either or situation (either perfect or hopeless) and most circumstances of life require us to adapt to change. It doesn’t do much good to panic or to panic others no matter what is going on, especially in the face of disaster. Sometimes life tests our mettle (shows our true character) and from those initiations we can learn a great deal about ourselves. Maybe that’s why they happen?

I’ve found this blog to be a difficult one to write. I hope nothing here portrays insensitivity to those suffering in Joplin. My heart goes out to them with my prayers and a donation to the Red Cross as well.

Spiritual Awakening is written all over these kinds of experiences and with the Internet, TV and Videos these days, awakenings can occur from a distance too.  Even if we all weren’t there in Joplin, we were still there!  Like the young man in the cooler said, “I love you guys!” 


and another….


Daily Divination 5-18-11 Counseling Issues of the Past -Throat Chakra, 8 of Wands, Mercury in Sag

Why do things happen as they do? 

I just had a conversation with a friend who called me just after she visited a professional psychologist.  This counselor decreed that my friend’s eating disorder was caused by the feelings surrounding a loss that occurred some 20 years ago. 

Wow, can it be that cut and dry and simple?  Go home and grieve the loss and then presto-change-o, you’re healed?  And pay the receptionist on the way out. Next?!

My friend is one who intellectualizes her emotions and admits to being a bit of a workaholic.  So there could be some avoidance issues.   This individual has a strong-headed teenager, demanding corporate job, is involved in community activities and doesn’t afford herself much time to reflect.  It’s a pickle! 

Her natal Moon is in Aquarius and the whole time we were talking today, I kept thinking about that.  Why did her soul choose that Moon sign?  One thing I can see is that if she were the soft-hearted weepy type, her intense, fiery teenager would probably run all over her.  So that Moon sign is helpful to her in that regard.  

We all have the need to be focused, swift, and efficient to deal with in-your-face daily problems and to everything there is a time, turn, turn, turn–remember that song?  To everything, turn, turn, turn; There is a season, turn, turn, turn; And a time for every purpose under heaven; A time to be born, a time to die; A time to plant, a time to reap; A time to kill, a time to heal; A time to laugh, a time to weep…  My friend was calling me to turn the time because the therapist had her crying and she needed to return to work and turn, turn, turn handle corporate business! Another pickle!

The card for today’s divination message is the 8 of wands which has the same calling-card as Mercury in Sagittarius. 

Events happen for so many different reasons and I love Byron Katie’s approach to it; she would say, “That event was supposed to happen.  And how do we know that?  Because it did.”  That concept is pretty cut-and-dry too, but it is also very releasing of guilt or shame or anger and any of those feelings that can be attached to an event of the past–that’s true and if you don’t believe me, try it. 

And when we go back to the event in our mind or memory or when it bubbles up out of the sub-conscious, we have to re-visit it…. I mean there it is staring us in the face.   Wayne Dyer talked about something called recapitulation and said it is like picking it up and taking it out.  Like a bag of garbage, you have to actually pick it up to get rid of it!  Shoving it back down will only cause problems–one may as well deal with it. But how?

I’d think that with any event there are so many connectors or there is such relatedness to other souls and also the “divine mystery” of life, which sometimes we just have to accept.  Why did this happen?  Or why did you make this or that choice at the time that you did?  Unless we intended to cause harm directly and with malice and with the intent of a cruel mean heart, then we did the best that we could do at the time, knowing what we knew then at that time.  Or we reacted as we did, based upon many factors, some of which involved other souls–karmic stuff with past life factors.  There could be a lot more going on than meets the eye! 

If you look at the image on the card of the 8 of Wands, there are no people, just a lot of energy.  You get the feeling of a lot of energy going in one direction that seems unstoppable.  I think that’s how some experiences of life are.  We could call those pre-destined (or not).  But one thing I’d feel more certain about saying is that everything happens for a reason and guilt or regret or even sadness should be released, because these emotions aren’t useful to us. 

Wow, check out those haircuts! Everybody wanted to look like The Beatles back then. 🙂

I can understand the avoidance to doing the recapitulation process, but I’m not sure about the wisdom of doing it in the middle of a corporate work day.  And I get how we all tend to want to suppress and repress painful memories—oh, only all too well do I get that!  But to everything, turn, turn, turn and so on. 

Mercury in Sagittarius relates to this card.  Mercury is related to conscious thought and information and Sag is a very restless energy.  People who have a Sag Sun or a lot of planets in Sagittarius tend to be very fidgety, sometimes to the point of agitation. And yeah, a workaholic tendency and lots of activity would relate to that.

I pulled this card today just before the phone call with my friend and by the way, I have her permission to write about this, assuring her that I’d leave out specifics.  As I looked at this card while conversing with her, I kept getting that the situation from 20 years ago involved other souls and many other interconnected dynamics.

 Mercury is often associated with the left-brained conscious mind and Sagittarius (ruled by Jupiter) relates to the right-brained intuitive level of consciousness.  This isn’t so much a paradox as a need to balance the two.  This is someone who could benefit from divining or channeling from higher mind some deeper insights about the situation through meditation or a past life regression.  These are insights that she can obtain within herself in the right timing… turn, turn, turn.   

Opening up the 5th chakra (throat chakra) is part of the equation that relates to the archetypes around the 8 of Wands and Mercury in Sagittarius.

My friend, as is true with many others, feels like if she talks about certain things that a floodgate will be opened and she won’t be able to stop the flow or shut the gate.  I give her credit for seeking out a counselor in her area—I know her very well and I think it’s good that she consults with someone other than me.  She likes being face to face with someone and we live very far apart.  But she ends up getting a double session because she calls talks over her sessions with me afterwards. 

BOTTOM LINE:  So for the casual reader of this blog, how does this apply to you?  I’d say today’s message is to ask yourself how your 5th chakra is doing?  Here are some considerations…

5th chakra, throat chakra

Some people need to close down their 5th chakra a bit more and now I am going into the opposite polarity.  Some people share more information than they perhaps should with others, creating an end result of feeling dis-empowered.  Do you know people like this?  They tell you things that are really the business of their own intimate connection to their own soul and higher self.  And once its brought into the outer environment, it loses its specialness and psychic charge.  Sometimes very personally sacred information should be kept sacred and not tainted by sharing it with the outer world. 

And the other polarity has to do with releasing energy at that chakra.  In the case of my friend, she does this through her singing—she has a beautiful voice and a very strong one.  Energy that does need to be released can be done so through music; that’s where such energy becomes transmuted or transformed and released.  If there is no song in your heart, then speaking with a counselor or therapist of some kind can work to clear the 5th chakra too.  If the counselor can help connect you with the higher mind for self-realization, that’s all the better.  But sometimes a paper and pen work just as well, as in journaling—a daily diary can help one reach deep into the soul and connect with higher mind as well as clear energy.  Another bottom line has to do with balance/imbalance.  Why one overeats or with any addiction, it is ultimately an imbalance we’re trying to correct–albeit in an unhealthy way–so the real issue has to do with bringing the psyche back into balance.  Does something need to be released?  Or something taken in–like more of one’s Self?  So these are really the core issues.  An event from 20 years ago is only one part of it.

I’ve gone on too long again.  I hope today’s divination will be practical or useful in some way to the reader. Yeah, I know that I was all over the place in my the writing today… some days are like that.  And that is the energy itself I’m writing about–sometimes trying to deal with issues with thought or left-brained consciousness isn’t enough and can lead to further confusion.  We need to call on the right-brained part of ourselves in doing therapy and calling upon the intuition and higher mind is called for!

Writing this post today has fired up my desire to work with past life regression therapy… I’m preparing to offer that for my clients soon.

Daily Divination May 2, 2011 Individuated Spirituality, Jung, The High Priestess, the Moon, Intuition—can that blend with religion?

I shuffled and pulled a tarot card for today, barely looked at it, setting it aside to answer a phone call from my sister.  Our conversation eventually led to the subject of guilt and catholic confessions to a priest; she’s a practicing catholic—me, not. I just returned to my desk and realize now that the card I pulled for today was The High Priestess! 

Part of our talk included Jung’s view of Christianity, something that was refreshed in my consciousness yesterday after viewing a video.   Roger Woolger, Ph.D. who is a Jungian analyst and past life regression therapist was commenting on Carl Jung’s Red Book and according to Woolger, after Jung deeply studied world religions while residing countries in the East, he drew some dramatic conclusions regarding the divine feminine being left out of western Christianity, to its demise.  If I remember correctly, he quoted Jung as stating that western Christianity is diseased because of its lack of recognition of the feminine form of divinity (or the demotion thereof). 

My thought is that it is hardly an accident that the High Priestess card—the card of  The Divine Feminine–aligns with my recent connection with Woolger, Jung and conversation with my sister on this very topic.  The divine messengers broadcasting today seem to be sending me a signal to correlate this for today’s cosmic communiqué (or so goes my illusion).

I note on the image of this card the symbols of the Moon on the priestess’s headdress as well as the cross on her chest, but most especially am drawn to the scroll in her hand.  Looking at the scroll which keeps catching my eye, it’s speaking to me of  the missing esoteric gospels that I’m thinking of—the gospel of Thomas and the gospel of Mary Madeline. 

The Secret Knowledge is always what I think of when I see this card–the ancient teachings from Egypt, etc.   I also think of  the Divine Feminine as the intuition that is within all of us which is our personal connection to divinity, which I personally see as lying outside of the pope in Rome and the local parish male authorities.  Of course, that is my own opinion and judgment and how it is  for me (and many others, I’ve noticed—an understatement).  Many agree that our personal connection to the divine remains dormant until we awaken it deep within through personal effort.  Religion, if used properly, can be like scaffolding around our personal spiritual growth.

That’s the High Priestess archetype–personal spiritual effort via meditation and other personal devotions which part the veil to the world of the subconscious and divine levels of mind.  A priest and church cannot do that for you, although they might facilitate it,  providing the atmosphere.  That’s what I see the purpose of any church to be—a quiet place to gather one’s thoughts and to be devotional until one can achieve that state on one’s own. 

 Of course, I’m not talking about hell and brimstone preachers or screaming jezuz-freak churches—the catholic mass (church service) is much more passive,  muted and quiet than those types of churches (I think).  I’m no expert on churches per se, so I can only half-speculate about that.  Anyway, searching deep within is what the High Priestess archetype is about and some organized religion may be able to aid in the initiation of that  search if one can release attachment to dogma or move beyond it to true personal spirituality.

In astrological terms, The High Priestess relates to Moon energy and the feminine principle, intuition.  Males carry Moon energy as well as females, of course—we all have a Moon somewhere in our psyche and natal astrological chart.  The Moon rules the 4th house and is often associated with “emotions”.  We often say that men who are able to allow themselves to be emotionally sensitive and compassionate are “in touch with” their feminine side.  Women have a male side as well and when the male/female energy is balanced-within  in either  men or women, we are said to have attained  “the marriage within”, merging the anima and animus, as Jung would call it.

Jung identified the anima as being the unconscious feminine component of men and the animus as the unconscious masculine component in women. Jung stated that the anima and animus act as guides to the unconscious unified Self, and that forming an awareness and a connection with the anima or animus is one of the most difficult and rewarding steps in psychological and spiritual growth. Jung reported that he identified his anima as she spoke to him, as an inner voice, unexpectedly one day. 

The High Priestess and the Moon itself represent the archetype of knowing that there is a uniting consciousness to all of life—this unity consciousness includes the subconscious and intuition.  We find that many religious institutions (i.e. patriarchal religions) fear this unity part of individuation—thus the purpose for dogma.  Why? I don’t have time today to list all the reasons–I defer to history which speaks for itself.

My sister mentioned reading some catholic religious propaganda over the weekend which outlined the types of sins to confess to a priest in a confessional—one of those being having used tarot cards.  This troubles her a great deal and we talked about it; she is right on the verge of individuation and truly spiritualizing, yet the dogma still has ahold of her.  Of course, most people who read this blog would know what The High Priestess would say about what my sister read! 

The deeper wisdom is within my sister and she will gradually tap into it and her own High Priestess; she may then find the role of the catholic priest and confessional less important and have a more joyful and uplifting guilt-free experience in her church-going efforts.  She’s not quite ready to cut out the middle-man and stand on her own spiritual feet, so-to-speak.

When the subconscious is allowed to move and flow, we can get in touch with our true nature.  Guilt and fear (two major religious power and control mechanisms)  keeps us from being in tune with our inner knowing.

Today’s message is not about christian-bashing; it’s more to do with getting in touch with the feminine Moon energy, the emotional side, so that a heart opening can occur, the unity of life can be revealed, and the answers within can be revealed.  One needn’t call upon a catholic priest for this, but The High Priestess within.

Oh, I tell you!  An entire book could be written on this subject/topic, and many already have been.  The few paragraphs above are not all-inclusive on this subject matter, of course, nor intended to be.  For now, this is just a wave and hello from The High Priestess and the Moon reminding you that the feminine is just as important in spirituality as the masculine or patriarchal.  Balance the two and the veil is removed and the “bride and bridegroom within” become one.   

Bottom Line:  Be receptive to your intuition, trust your inner voice, let what is within flower–go beyond dogma, go deeper and be still!

Daily Divination April 28, 2011 Recognizing the Heart’s Path – New Emotional Awareness – Ace of Cups/Astrological Water Element

 Use your emotions in a new way to recognize your heart’s path… that’s emotional wisdom! 

Exhilarating energy!  Hearing the song in the heart!  Recognizing the heart’s path without having to figure it all out! 

Floating in the heart-space between our thoughts and the unconscious directions of the soul!   Go there!

 Today’s Cosmic Communiqué is about embracing the true inner self with a loving respect as we merge with lotus flower consciousness.

Every part of the lotus flower is used and thus gives an example for our own lives—to use everything, every part of it (especially our emotions), for our growth, evolution and enlightenment.  I wrote about this very thing today’s newsletter.  Nearly all parts of the lotus have a use.  The leaf is used to treat fevers, irritability, etc. The seeds of the lotus are used as a tonic and medicine for lung and eye inflammation.  The nodes of the root have nutritive astringent properties and are used to treat forms of bleeding and hemorrhaging.  The sprout that grows out of the seed is used to quiet and calm excessive mental activity.  Shamans string the seeds and wear them as an amulet or talisman for peace and serenity–they are known to open the heart center.

Be in tune with the heart today by utilizing every experience of life through observation to recognize the directions of your soul.  Water element energy relates to the suit of Cups in tarot.  Yesterday I wrote about the astrological correlations of Cup energy relating to Pisces, Cancer and Scorpio.

Emotions are the “Holy Grail” of psychic and spiritual development.  The Ace of Cups and divine messengers shower us today with the message that new beginnings are occurring in the sphere of emotions!  We’re beginning to emote differently and it’s a new way and a new day!  Begin to trust your emotions in a way you’ve never done before—they are an aspect of your inner voice.

An inner attunement to the emotional heart can be exhilarating!   It’s a great day to get in touch with all this–the Moon is still transiting through Pisces, remaining there until tomorrow afternoon (1:33 PM, EDT).   Nevertheless, in the spirit of divine timing, today’s message applies to you today, no matter what day you come across this blog post!  Raise your cup and drink a toast to the wisdom of your emotional heart! 

PS– an additional message is this:  It is time to enhance a warm and loving home environment!