Daily Divination 9-7-11 How Well Do We Keep Committments to Our Selves over Time and in the face of Adversity? I-CHING Kua 32

Once, full of “just turned over a new leaf” bragging type of enthusiasm while seeking my boss’s approval, I announced that I ran 6 miles the night before! We worked for an orthopedic doc doing Physical Therapy.  It was a short stint; the doc was into making money more than ethics and licensure.  We both eventually had to resign and move on.  Anyway, the head PT ( who I considered my boss) was a runner.  I was a “used to be runner”… well, more like “jogger”—don’t think I ever did break an 8 minute mile. My boss turned to me with that same old solemn, nearly cross-eyed look that he’d give when I complained about the nurses in the office—ego/personality junk back in the day is what it was. While giving me the look he’d say, “Have you been fighting with the children again?” Looking for his approval about my long run the night before, knowing of my inconsistencies, he said, “Come and tell me that when you’ve run that distance every day for 30 days.”

He ran marathons.  Once I did a half marathon… it was on a St. Patrick’s day… call the Shamrock something or other.  That’s the longest I’ve run without stopping and I took my sweet time, trust me!  Oh, I seem to have lost my point again…

Despite what you may be thinking right about now, my marathon running boss was a great mentor and a really was a “good guy”.  He just called it as he saw it.  He was, in so many ways, a teacher for me—like Yoda was to Luke Skywalker in Star Wars.

Anyway… those are the first thoughts that came to mind when I saw that today’s cosmic communiqué had to do with the I-CHING Kua 32 which is called “Duration” — it is also called “Endurance” and “Long Lasting”.

My youngest daughter would come to me about the latest boyfriend who was “the One” pretty frequently. Finally, I told her, come to tell me about that when you have stayed together for three years. She has with this last one but alas I still haven’t jogged 6 miles for 30 days in a row yet! Chances are, at my age, I probably …. well, never say never! Anyway…

Today’s message is about hanging in there for the long haul—not being a quitter and keeping commitments; especially those made to one’s self. I never had a pipe dream about running 6 miles every single day—my energy was never that consistent in the running department. But it has been in other areas… in the ones that really, deeply mattered to me.

That’s true for the most part; but I think that all of us, if we are totally and completely honest will have to admit to times that we broke our own vows to our self. Let’s face it; some things in life can stand the test of time and others–well, maybe they weren’t supposed to. Who knows? Here is where considering averages can be helpful—do you find you persevere and are consistent in most cases? What’s your average?

The “spirit” of duration holds the vision rain or shine, feast or famine – you remain steadily on course and can adjust to change without compromising the goal. In how many areas of our life can we truthfully say this is our actual reality?

That’s what today’s message is about—the maturity of making a commitment and to persevere come what may. Where is it in your own life that you can be like the image on the card—the mountain that is unchanging through the seasons, unmovable no matter what the seasonal outer weather brings?

Contemplation: How well do you keep promises to yourself and are you consistent over time? How well do you ‘hang in’ through the highs and lows of life? We can clearly see how well our resolve holds by observing our own dignity and inner strength when faced with adversity.  I will be thinking about this today; would you like to join me?