Lightning Strikes and Dreams Turn into Reality – Uranus Station Direct, Saturn trine Neptune July 2013

Lightning Strikes and Dreams Turn into Reality
Lightning Strikes and Dreams Turn into Reality

Uranus is stationing  direct now about to turn direct again and Mercury does the same thing in a few days!  I always think of Lightening Striking (The Tower Card in Tarot) with Uranus.  Most astrologers think of Uranus as the higher vibration of Mercury—I agree.  Electrical storms or electrical technology could get our attention in some way or another right now.  And we had a humdinger of a lightning storm yesterday afternoon—the thunder was so loud the walls and floor shook… a typical Uranus event, lightning strikes! 

Luckily, I left the pool just in time to get back home and unplug the important electronic equipment here and tired from a long swim; I lay down upon the living room floor, feet up, dark clouds enveloping the charged atmosphere and enjoyed the show from Mother Nature, courtesy of Uranus.

Astrology teacher, Kim Marie (AKA Star Lady) says that right now “Emotions continue to be highlighted usually triggered by unresolved family of origin issues.”  I had a discussion with a good friend about that very thing yesterday—i.e. cultural and familial conditioning and the expectations involved. Pluto is opposing a good deal of planets in Cancer right now (Mars, Jupiter, Mercury) and by sign the Sun is involved in that mix.  These are typical summertime themes actually with planets in Cancer. 

Swimming has been high on my priority list – with so many planets in Cancer, the water sign, that’s right on time.  And in my case, these planets are showing up in the area of my life involving ‘community’—the 11th house.  (My swimming is in a ‘community’ pool.) 

INTUITION LESSON:  I’ve noticed that I was hitting the pool at the right times at the start of things and once or twice, not paying attention to my intuition, my arrival coordinated with full lap lanes.  The more anxious I became about getting there in order to secure a swim lane, the more people wanted to share the lane with me.  I was arriving at the pool at totally wrong times!  Yesterday, I went back to “feeling” or “intuiting” when I should leave for the pool and THAT worked out fine.  I was able to swim for over an hour without interruption. Of all people, I should know better than to let that type of concern rule over my intuition.  Generally speaking, when we are relaxed about life and going with the flow (not being restless, nervous or apprehensive) our intuition will guide us without our realizing it is!  Things just seem to work out and we hardly notice—except when they don’t and then we realize (as I did) that we were coming from the wrong mental and emotional space.

REAL WORLD versus DREAM WORLD… that’s another interesting transit happening now (Saturn trine Neptune).  Where does that occur in your chart and how does it play into your natal Saturn and Neptune?  For me, it’s houses 3 and 7 respectfully where the transit occurs, triggering the 12th and 2nd natally.  However it plays out for each of us specifically, generally speaking the imagination or dreams can come into the world of grounded form easily.  Imagine only good things or that which you wish to see brought into the world of form; this is the advice! This aspect will be vital through November; so dream well use your imagination wisely.

PS—this trine of Saturn to Neptune is in the Disseminating phase indicating a high degree of socialization is involved

Paranoia or Psychic Perception – Maybe Both

Contemplation Image

Paranoia or Psychic Perception – Maybe Both.  Here’s the contemplation…

Alright, I’ll admit.  Today wants to end on a sour note, but I won’t let it!  All was going well until late in the day, my granddaughter came home from school in a snit (she’s only 9 after all, has a head-cold and should probably be given benefit of the doubt) followed momentarily by the downstairs  couple who forgot they weren’t out in the middle of the field in India as they came in from work.  Indoor voices people!  Geesh!  And while reading this stuff might be having the superior, significantly-spiritual type clucking the tongue away and shaking their head, maybe even with a sly smile on their face—let’s not rush to judgment about these things.

Is it my paranoia or true psychic perceptions that cringe when realizing some folks have taken that smile that starts to form at the side of their mouth when they hear these challenges that the mountain yogi me dealing with this daily distraction stuff!  Ha! One person said, “Easy to do it when you’re up in the mountains in seclusion but not so easy NOW, is it?” As if I’m now experiencing life for the very first time!

Wasn’t born yesterday my friends and I’ve been there, done that—after all, I raised three teen-age daughters on my own.

I come back into it now, however, realizing exactly what it all is—as before—but on much deeper levels.  Now I see it as mind being irritated, mind being restless, mind being frustrated (no me) and what a view of it all I have!  Can’t get this kind of stuff in a monastery you know!

For it’s the mind that is irritated—not me!  And I’d have not come this far without my granddaughter and the noisy couple from India.  Never would I have had this kind of ‘in your face’ stuff at these levels and in the perfect timing for me to reach these understandings with it all.  Beautiful actually—just beautiful.

All kinds of things happen—the just do.  Do I necessarily cause them to happen?  Life.  It just happens.  We choose our reaction—the Buddha taught all that jazz.

Oh, I can hear the spiritually significant tongue-clucker now—influenced by all the new age book mumbo-jumbo.  “You attracted your circumstances; it’s your karma!”  Well, partially true if we consider our desire to evolve perhaps; but even if we don’t.  Life unfolds as a matter of circumstances that we simply are privy to witness and we can only change our attitude about it.  (Unless we want to be arrested for assault and battery—a bit of humor.)

What matters is the attitude and not the events—the world is full of desires and fears and pain and suffering and people generally reacting to it all the time.  Today, my granddaughter and more times in the past few months than I can count, my downstairs neighbors are perfect examples.

And me too.  My desire is for quiet and like the Rolling Stones as well as the Buddha have said, “Can’t get no — satisfaction.”  Not from the outer world.

So where is it—it is beyond the world, even beyond the inner world—beyond mind.

Oh, you could say I’ve gone out of my mind and you’d be totally correct on some levels.  I’ve realized that place that is beyond mind and all from humans pushing me there in so many ways so-to-speak.

me comicI’ve also gotten hold of memory—the meaning.  We mistake that we are this group of memories that we have created an ego structure out of.  I’ve given this a good deal of thought since the Indians below me triggered a number of childhood memories and stimulated a fair number of unpleasant dreams, a few out-and-out nightmares.  This causes one to question the nature of memory and dreams; but mostly memory in this case since hold a few and identify ourselves thus creating structure out of those aspects of mind and then say, “This is me; who I am”.

If our memories were our true identity then you’d think we’d remember more than we do—such as what you had for dinner last week or what you did on the 4th of last June.  Unless something memorable, you don’t remember.  What IS memorable, we structure an identity out it and call it “me”.  It’s okay for getting by here but we have to remember it is illusion—and the ego’s reading this are screaming in your heads, “Not me!  I AM REAL.”  That’s okay; I wasn’t always ready for this understanding either.

Maybe it’s all about me getting ready for the inevitable event that we all face someday—death.  It’s going to be easier to let go of this identity structure if we’ve realized all along it wasn’t real in the first place.

Here’s something C said in reply to a question about wanting to live, “To live, to die—what meaningless words are these!  When you see me alive, I’m dead.  When you see me dead, I’m alive.  How muddied up you are!” 

Enough about death—before I loose subscribers!  People don’t like this subject.  About memory, I like this quote:  Use memory, don’t let memory use you!  I should put that one on Facebook.  Anyway, family stuff being triggered is all for the purpose of realizing its memory that I’m overly identified with—it’s all been very good spiritual fodder or grist for the mill as the saying goes.  We need that grist to keep ourselves in true awareness—so tongue-cluckers who think you’ve got it made in the shade because you’ve read all the books and had a few evolutionary experiences and intellectually think you’ve GOT  IT, maybe not so much or there’s always deeper layers and this has been a good one, still is.

The bottom line is we do not need to be set free—we already are.   It is our identification with our body and the structure we created from memory that we over-identify as “me” and our desires that keep us going round and round again, lifetime-to-lifetime, which keeps us from the clarity that we were never born and never die.

All I can say to spiritually significant elite-ist tongue-cluckers is that understanding this intellectually is one thing and living it in the face of human intensity and applying it—well, how deep down the rabbit hole do we go?  With each intense experience, I have deeper realizations that do not come from a book but from my own experience, my own mind but not even there… from a place where I am totally out of my mind.  Hard to describe unless you’ve been there, done that.

I’m grateful when I can be in the right place with it all and when not, I realize I will be—eventually, all in good time.  Patience and perseverance, virtues!

By the way, I am celebrating walking normally this week!  I can wear a regular shoe and barely limp at all; as the illusionary body heals and repairs my broken foot illusion here!  Have a great week dear friends of Light!

(Excuse me now while i light illusionary candles to absorb the illusionary cooking smells from the illusionary neighbors!  laughing as I go… one more desire released… no longer desire to visit India!  See, everything has a great purpose!  ha ha)

New Years Eve 2013 Meditation and Loud Downstairs Neighbors

I really miss the High Country and can't wait to get back!  Civilization and city livine sux!
I really miss the High Country and can’t wait to get back! Civilization and city living sux!  This time I shall not forget this!

My bedroom looked like a church–an interjection from my catholic heritage (i’m an X) but for the blessed mother who has merged with Isis, Kwan Yin, Laxmi, Tara and other mother-goddesses in my mind.  Yet, the chant of the rosary is still very peaceful, very calming, stilling, quieting… and using the name of every higher being in my memory,  they were all called in last night.  Please, please dear heavens, let me have a quiet new years eve!  Let the downstairs couple shush a while, Amen.

Their voices were escalating as usual around up until 9:30 but after that… nothing.  Maybe it was my music.  It wasn’t loud but there are a great set of Dolby speakers on my old desktop in my room!  And I used them, called up Pandora on the Internet and played Heart Meditation music.  Then I lit my candles, placed a barrier of light all around my and between the floor and the chaos below.  I could hear nothing but the music and my own thoughts–!!  Amen!

Tomorrow Monsters Inc. will be open again (Lowes Hardware Store Headquarters) where the Indian people work; on a regular work day they should be barking somewhere else than beneath my feet!  Can I get another Amen Brothers and Sisters?  Amen!

It was lovely… last night.  Reciting my most favorite prayers and chants just barely over the sound of my breath with eyes slightly open to taken in the candles in front of my Buddha statue on one side of my room and the candles in front of the Blessed Mother statue on the other side and the heart meditation music on not too loud and not too softly… perfect.  After my chants I quieted for a good while hearing only my music–maybe the angels put the loudmouth Indian couple into a trance!  Who knows, who cares?  I felt completely alone like I hadn’t for days!  Beautiful.

After a good while, perhaps an hour or so, there were predictions for the year and in that state with only candle light, I did my best to scribble down some things that were coming in for the New Year.  Then back to my music and my peaceful mind and heart.

New Years Eve is a favorite time of mine for meditation.  One of the candles that I lit was from our solstice gathering — it was loaded with intentions for the new year.  I thought of people who might be suffering for various reasons and did the Buddhist Metta Meditation for a while with tears streaming down my face.  I promised to be a better person and felt truly sorry for times in 2012 when I wasn’t and then forgave myself and forgave others.  I asked for blessings for each of my family members by name with my heart and mind infused their highest and best intentions for 2013 (something we worked on at our solstice gathering).

Earlier in the day somehow my intentions were fulfilled to have quiet for my writing (the astrology class) and through this miracle hours of writing took place which left me with great satisfaction.  Then I did my indoor exercises followed by a night-time walk at the jogging park a bit of a distance away from here.  It was dark and breezy, temperature in the 40’s but walking on the gravel reminded me of  the crunch of snow under my feet the way it was walking in the mountains.  My music was loud on the mp3 player, and I was there alone and the cold air on my face was exhilarating.  There were plenty of street lights and parking lot lights surrounding this place that I had all to myself–reminiscent somewhat of my hikes in the mountains.

I came home to Lord and Lady mouth downstairs and let me tell you ‘he ain’t no Deepak Chopra‘!  And she?  her sounds are very irritating to anyone’s ears no doubt.  It is nearly comical actually thinking of how they could stand to listen to each other’s sounds all day and all night the way they go on!  How much could one person have to say to another?  Since before Christmas–on and on and on day after day and trust me they are not always happy sounds!  Sometimes they fight horribly.  I’ve begun to notice the sound of banging on the  wall which must be from other neighbors in the building when they get loud.  Ah-ha and that is somewhat comforting that it is not me alone who is sending them signals.

One night I just tapped gently on the wall by my bed to let them know they could be heard.  That quieted them for only about 10 minutes!  They yesterday I did loose it after being awakened by their loud arguing mouthings.  I didn’t mean to… it was probably a response to being awoken in the morning to arguing human voices that caused enough irritation that I slammed the wall with my fist so hard that I startled myself–it was reactive and not premeditated.  Wow, where did that come from, eh?  That got me a few hours of peace afterward but I felt bad all day long for losing control.

I need to go back to writing my astrology class now… enough energizing the downstairs neighbor issue!  Yet, I do believe in the power of intention and others energizing an intention.  Like I said, Monsters Inc. can’t resume business calling the Indian computer geeks back to work soon enough as far as I’m concerned! (apologies to my Indian friends and clients — i know these two birds below me must be rare and not like you at all)

In the meanwhile, maybe others reading this (no matter what day you stumble across it) could help energize my intention to have a quiet peaceful place to live and work–yes?  Could you think that thought for me for a second now?  Thank you.

One last thing–as I told my daughter, since they’ve moved in dreams have been very strange!  And then last night there is the realization why.  After my very nice New Years meditation –which by the way is fun to do with eyes closed and no clock in view anyway  because you can feel the energy build from all over the time zone you’re in and then it starts to peak and you FEEL exactly when new years is!  Lord and Lady Mouth must have passed out since not a whimper could be heart over my soft music and there was no external sounds at all until well after midnight when somewhere there were fireworks off in the distance.

And in the mountains in the past 15 years it is very quiet too–so the point is that it is that on New Years Eve, by the energy build up you feel in your own body which permeates the whole North Eastern part of the United States here,  that indicates when it is 12 midnight New Years Eve!  And before that time–yes some lower life forms are getting drunk  LOL–but many others are also meditating and to be tapped into that energy is very close to total bliss.

Again, I thank the powers that be for Lord and Lady mouth’s silence last night.  Amen and thank you again!

I can actually, as I listen to his muffled voice going on non-stop right this very minute now as I type and as  it has for hours with her high-pitched inflections inserted… I can actually feel so grateful for what freedom i have from that in that I’d not be able to be her.   To have to be in her shoes would be a very special kind of hell for me–to have a man lecture and scold me for hours on end in that way while imprisoned with no escape from him, no car and today it is raining.  Oh, how awful that would be for me although she laughs and carries on to the point where I don’t think she minds it much.  It just amazes me that two people could talk so non-stop, amazing!

Well, the dreams I understand why I’ve had strange dreams after last night.  I fell into a peaceful slumber around 1 am after my new year meditation and next thing I was trying to help a very weak man who was in a wheel chair and had fallen and he was no more than skin and bone.  I could not reach him…  there were metal bars and things between he and I and the next thing my eyes open and the realization is that the couple downstairs are yelling at each other in their bedroom directly beneath my own!

It was quite loud.  Spontaneously I jumped out of bed half asleep and yelled, “Hey-hey-hey-hey-hey-hey….” as I stumbled to the bathroom, glancing at the clock… it was 2:45 am and on my way back to bed, turned on the fan for some white noise and somehow fell back asleep while thinking Oh my gosh, no wonder I’ve been having strange dreams since they moved in! They talk and fight in the middle of the freaken’ night too!? omg!  Yeah, they were totally YELLING at each other at 2:45 AM.

Well, now I’ve  used this time to type another diatribe –instead I could have totally written about the next planet for my astrology class.  Sigh!

There was a maintenance man here yesterday asking to check in the water heater area to see if any patching of the drywall needed doing–he had the wet plaster in his hand.  I mentioned the couple downstairs and he said he’d speak to them since he was going there next.  Didn’t do much good apparently! sigh again!

Okay I’m going to grab the TV controls and put on Pandora and try to drown them out with my music.  I’d prefer total silence when I write but…. that is what I continue to prefer.  Now where is the remote?

This too shall pass as my mother used to say… it will.

Monsters Inc. will want them back to work soon!  and someday their Visa will run out!  And they will board the plane back to their Mother Country…. buh-bye.

No worries; I can outlast anything; I’m tough!  I will survive.  (I have to until my lease is up at least and until i have the $$ to move!!)

Oh, and Happy New Year!  I will post the predictions for the New Year next blog.

I really miss the High Country–I’m moving back to the mountains as soon as I can save enough money! 

My family will be fine without me.  My sister is here now for them…. besides civilization sux!



Loved ones on the other side can get messages to us through taking over the consciousness and bodies of small animals

Okay, I will.  Pardon that.  It was just me speaking to The Universe or to that Inner Voice, call it “spirit guide” if you will or maybe my very own soul but there is this energy that I converse with.  Talking to myself? Nawh, it’s much more sophisticated than that; although I do plenty of that as well.  On that last part… file it under ‘Hazards of Living Alone’.   

Anyway, as soon as I saw this picture this morning – I didn’t take the photo but I do receive certain photos each day.  In any case, busy as I am (like a one-armed paper hanger) this photo arriving today is no accident and I have to share this little story.  I’ll be brief.

The bottom line is that loved ones on the other side can take over the body-minds of animals.  There’s the romantic story (true story/one of my clients) of a couple who loved a song about a rare colored dragon fly and actually had a conversation previous to her sudden death which related to the song about dying.  She was in previously perfect health and suddenly died very quickly and he, weeks later was about to take his own life when a rare colored dragon fly, the same color as the one in the song, came to him and held to his window in rare dragon fly behavior.  This convinced him not to take his own life. The song was one that was Japanese, if I remember correctly.

The history of doing readings reveals many similar stories.  My own mother assured me that she would get messages to me after she crossed over and while she did come to me hours after her crossing and a few times since, the spring after she crossed a female cardinal tapped incessantly at my windows (notice the plural—the s) from late winter until late spring day after day!  It’s a wonder this female cardinal’s beak didn’t fall off and this bird followed my whereabouts in the house; she knew where in the house I was and would tap on the window where I was.  That starting each morning on my bedroom window to wake me up and moving to the kitchen window to tap her beak while I made my coffee!  And then she’d follow me room to room. 

Okay, you get the idea now, right?  We lost our father when he was in his early 50’s and my sister was around 12 years old at the time.  She was talking to someone about how she never really grieved and she was on the phone with me when this bunny showed up at my feet.  (Not the one in the photo in this blog post—a different one)  I was outside along the side of the house on the portable phone speaking to her while waiting for someone to come to the house when this bunny rabbit hopped toward me and stopped a foot away from me and stared up at me! 

That is very rare behavior for jumpy, quick, easily startled rabbits!  I kept talking and this bunny still did not startle and held its gaze and movement.  Speaking to it I said, “What is it? What do you want?”  And so clearly and loudly that I, myself, nearly startled the reply in my head that came was, “I am here to comfort her.” 

I had just been saying in reply to her question about who comforted her when our father died that Dad, himself, comforted me regarding his death by coming to me in a dream.  And my sister said she has never dreamt about our Dad. 

Well, you see how that is?  That was my Dad speaking through that bunny rabbit—to get my attention on behalf of my sister.  She is open to my work and these types of things but takes it with a huge grain of salt if you know what I mean.  I sensed that she half believed me or that I was exaggerating the occurrence; but there it was nonetheless.  

Loved ones on the other side can get messages to us through taking over the consciousness and bodies of small animals.  I’ve not a single doubt.

ADDENDUM to previous blog post – Easter Morning

It is Easter morning April 8th 2012.  I awoke thinking about my father and mother in spirit world and about my dream during the night.  You know how dreams are, strange and wispy.  I’m going to describe mine … the rest of the paragraph is the dream.  We were moving — moving things around and some pipes broke under the kitchen sink and my father was sick and sometimes confused and the air conditioner went out and was thinking that I had one in a storage unit, an extra window unit.  My dad was trying to fix something under the sink–the pipes and he couldn’t.  Just some turmoil and trying to move, knowing we were all moving in some way–the dream was about moving and there was a feeling of turmoil and it being suffocating-ly hot but it was only going to be temporary with the heat and it wasn’t unbearable, just a little bit uncomfortable and we all knew where we were was temporary and that we were moving and would be moving again. 

I awoke thinking how strange it was that dreamt of Dad and that he was confused–and in fact it was me that was confused a bit because I began to think — wait, if my dad is dead [and he is], why would he still be confused there on the other side–that doesn’t seem right.  In fact, I thought that in the dream too; how strange that would be to remain confused after you die.  Everything was very up in the air in the dream–quite unsettled, everything was so temporary and everything was in a stage of being moved… relocated.  Things (objects/furniture) and people all being relocated.  The place we were ‘at’ in the dream — it was a temporary place, not the final destination.

I like when I dream of my dad actually but usually he is fine when I dream of him–not in a sick-bed or confused.  I wanted to feel comforted by seeing my dad in the dream but the dream was not necessarily a pleasant or comforting dream at all.  It wasn’t a nightmare but it wasn’t exactly a happy dream–it was about moving and being hot b/c the air conditioner broke and it was about moving things temporarily.  Well, now I realize that I’m repeating myself.  I’ll stop going on about the dream now.

I got out of bed and made my way to the coffee pot remembering that it was Easter.  I hit the button on the blinking answering machine–there were messages.  My sister called about my brother and his wife… she has been ill.  Our sister-in-law who was sick in the hospital with failing organs complicated by pneumonia had died during the night; she had, during her last few hospitalizations, become extremely confused.   My sister received the call from our brother at 3:30 AM; right when I was dreaming.  Maybe it was my sister-in-law in the dream and I simply put my dad in to play the role in my dream.  I didn’t know her very well and they live very far away from the rest of us. 

I do think it’s very significant –the timing.  Easter morning after all — when the xtian “risen” energy is the most on people’s minds and Masses and prayers and services are beginning.  They were Russian Orthodox and my sister’s priest says they celebrate Easter 2 weeks later than Catholics or other xtians.  But ‘me thinks’ this really doesn’t matter in the big picture.  Prayers are prayers and good vibes are good vibes and if you are going to ascend, why not on an Easter morning no matter which Easter morning it is (who knew there was more than one?).  My mother died on a Catholic holiday that celebrates the Blessed Mother — good juju, good luck, good omen and all of that. 

Our sister-in-law rose up on a day when people are thinking of resurrection.  My dad probably came to tell me in a dream to let me know about my sister-in-law and you know how the mind is and how dreams are–symbolically dramatic.  My mind made a little story about it. 

I’d like to think my Mom and Dad and myself too were there helping her move and helping her be comfortable in her crossing.  (After all, my dad was trying to fix the pipes and I was trying to get an extra air conditioner to keep things comfortable.)  I called my dinner-party-daughter (my youngest) to tell her this morning and she said immediately that she dreamt last night too– about a co-worker’s mother who died.  This daughter’s Moon and Mercury are in Pisces and she’s always been very intuitive that way and often has meaningful dreams–sometimes prophetic.

I am going to meditate now and do some prayer work for my sister-in-law.  I feel assured she had help getting to the other side and that my parents helped along with many others.  May you be happy dear sister-in-law now that you are free from the physical body and liberated back into the subtle body realms!  Give a greeting to my parents for me, won’t you?  Don’t worry about your husband, we’ll check on him often for you.


BOTTOM LINE:  Here’s what I took away from the dream as far as a message is concerned.  My parents were part of this process and I was somehow involved myself also in the journey that my sister-in-law was making in her death process.  Yet, with the entire feeling of the dream  I was being reminded that life itself and death, no matter how many times it occurs (reincarnation) is a journey that continues–the whole feeling was that the journey is always occurring whether we are in a physical body or not in the physical body… we are all of us always still traveling and journeying and we never arrive at any particular destination, it is ongoing, everlasting and forever.  Anyway that was the feeling.  And that we humans help each other on our journeying — as family we help one another whether it is biological family or whether we are related legally as we would think of it — through our caring for one another in whatever way that occurs we do what we can to help another on their journey.  Family usually cares for one another but we have all kinds of family that we inherit as part of our knowing them and about them — we are all one another’s family–the human family.  And we all, as caring and loving humans, do whatever we can to help each other on the journey that we are all taking whether it is in this life or the after life–we do what we can to make one another comfortable and to make the journey easier.  The overall feeling in the dream is that we are always, all of us, at all times in some sort of transition and that we are all here to help each other’s journey so in that sense we are always moving, and everything is always temporary or as the Buddhist speak of impermanence.  And at the time of death or when the soul/spirit is leaving the body, people are there to help us to make it more comfortable.  I think the ‘heat’ part of the dream was me working the heater that was actually on in my bedroom making my own sleeping room that night too warm–I worked that into the dream; yet, it was also significant in that I think there is a sort of heat thing that happens as the spirit and soul are leaving the physical body.  That part of the dream seemed instructive to me personally but it wasn’t anything severe.  I just felt we should have an air conditioner to make the room more comfortable and in the dream I sent someone out to get a portable unit that I had in storage, even though I knew it would be only temporary.  The thrust of the feeling of the dream was that we help each other, we gather around one another, to make the journey more comfortable in life and in death both. 

My Alaskan sister-in-law was an Eskimo of the Inuit tribe.  She will be buried in the village where she was born.. they must fly her body there for this is the only way to reach the village.  Her people and their ways will also be helping her in her journey.  My brother now has people of a different family, the tribe.  They will help him too. 

Daily Divination 7-27-11 Childhood Issues; Balancing Soul Relationships with Parents; Teachers; I-CHING Kua 4

I was on hold with my sister who called me from work; meanwhile, I did today’s I-CHING draw which is Kua 4 relating to childhood.

When my sister returned to the line she began to speak about her counseling session. Issues of childhood were the predominant theme of the conversation—definitely we have synchronicity. Kua 4 is called “Youthful Folly” or “Inexperience” and relates to childhood.

Our views are different—my sister’s and mine. I tend to think of childhood issues and the resulting experiences as part of what needed to be re-triggered for the purpose of awareness and healing. Further, my concept is that we choose the parent who has many of the same issues as our own so that we can be imprinted even before the actual birth with the energy that we are here to work with or overcome.

On the other hand, my sister tends to hold the view that goes something like, “Mom messed us up” and her therapist is helping her work through some ideas like these.

Yet, we can still converse about it for the end result is the same—self-responsibility for our own psyche and the healing that may be necessary.

Each new day begins with an empty slate and we can repeat patterns of the past or not.

One of my I-CHING books says (about this Kua): “Life is compassionate, if we miss a class, the opportunity to make up the lesson will surely arise.”

 Life, Itself, is the Great Teacher that helps us to mature.

The message of this Kua is also about having the right attitude toward our teachers. This would include Life Itself, parents and other educators. It’s also about making learning fun; seeing it as an adventure.

  • Trying to figure ourselves and our experiences out – the psychology of the soul –actually can be fun.
  • What makes us tick?
  • What makes us so different from one another, yet also so much the same?
  • Why does one thing affect one person so deeply and barely faze another or not even hit the radar of someone else?

Emotional patterns are part of the equation and it’s all very interesting and we see it as we study the family dynamic—same parents, same house, same city and same time-frame and two siblings have two completely different experiences of their childhood. What else aside from the individual patterns of each different soul can account for that?

I’d like to flip something around and that has to do with the idea that we are all students and teachers and that children can be the teacher for the parent. It’s an attitudinal shift that gives an entirely different perspective. Instead of lamenting about how your parent affected you, see if it wasn’t also true that you affected them—positively or negatively it’s a two-way street.

I’d like to think that parents and children are souls that have agreed before birth to come together to help one another grow and evolve. So when my sister takes the view that “Mom messed us up”, for me it doesn’t ring true in the purest sense. It’s so much more involved than that simplistic view.

Yet, my sister and I just agreed that the outcome is still the same; we still have to put ourselves together.

Many times folks will have a dream right before a session with a counselor or a psychic.

Last night my sister had a dream about nuts and bolts scattered about and in the dream she was asking herself how to work with them—pick them up and sort them all at once to see what goes where?  Or to take them one at a time and find where they go?

I thought that her dream was quite interesting—she said that her decision in the dream was to take them one at a time so that she didn’t have to handle them twice.

I usually tell my clients to pay attention to their dreams right before or after a session for these offer valuable insights from the soul.

In my own life, astrology represents the nuts and bolts—and it is, besides that, fun!

Like the nuts and bolts dream that my sister had, when interpreting a chart, I take one nut and bolt and then another and then soon I can take them all up all together as the information in the chart starts to synchronize and harmonize.  I wonder if my sister will have another dream in future wherein she picks up all the nuts and bolts at once, knowing exactly where they all go.

Looking at the image on I-CHING card above we see someone on a tightrope working to keep balance. Water flows on like the eternal soul and mountain is our life in a body on earth.

The elements for this Kua are Mountain over Water and an inexperienced youth beginning to climb the mountain—perhaps in search of a teacher to help with the answers. It is beneficial to persevere—understanding life, our self, our Soul and experiences is part of our life journey  up the mountain.

I have a sense that the mountain that my sister is climbing is one she has climbed before many times and she is in the process of remembering and integrating each step… just like those nuts and bolts.

In fact, we’re all doing this day-by-day and step-by-step.


Astrological correlations…

Scorpio — Psychology; psychological counseling

Sagittarius – Philosophy

Libra– Relationships; balance/imbalance; ability to see all sides of an issue

Tarot correlations…

Hierophant (High Priest) – The teacher; spiritual development

Temperance – awareness of what needs healing and balancing

High Priestess – Hidden emotions

The Tower – Sudden flash of insight

The Devil (Pan) – usual thinking needs to be reversed; looking at life

differently; breaking the bondage to the past

Wheel of Fortune (Medicine Wheel) – karma; workings of fate; the Divine Plan

Sun (FIRE)! Dreams and Schemes and Circus Crowds; It’s Life’s illusions I Recall

2004 Pontiac SunFIRE -- OR SunFLOWER?

Ho, well one never knows@!  Where were we? Here’s a review:  Had a dream the old car caught fire; then weeks later the car develops a stuck fuel injector and starts throwing gas out the tail pipe.  Computer was whacked –again.  Bought a used Saturn to replace it.

The Saturn broke down twice on day one after I handed over the $.  Got a loaner car to drive from them while they fixed it.  Asked Higher Mind, what’s going on? Intuitive response–this will work out in your favor.

And it did…. because without the temporary Saturn mis-purchase, I’d have been without any wheels at all for a week!

And I just realized that the dream that my car was on FIRE may have related back to the car that I eventually got (with the help of one of my daughters) which has FIRE in the name.  I got the Pontiac Sunfire on Friday and ♥ love ♥ love ♥ love it!  It is 5 years newer than the Saturn with half the miles on the odometer and my daughter knows the owner who was going to sell it at year’s end; but, hearing my ‘story’ from my daughter, agreed to sell it now.

Intuition was right–it worked out in my favor.  A bit complicated getting my money back and convincing them to let me drive the loaner the rest of the week since my grandkids were here with me!  But all the complicated knots are untangled.  My old Mercury is going to become an organ donor–a salvage yard picked it up after giving me a little something for it.  The kids helped me say goodbye to the old Mercury as we cleaned it out to turn it over to the salvage guy.

So I’m happy with the SUN-FIRE!  A luminary (Sun) is better than a planet (Mercury or Saturn) any day! 

Well, it just occurred to me that the dream of my car starting on fire could have been the symbolical pre-cursor to the Pontiac SunFIRE’s arrival to my life.

What a feeling of freedom I have now!  My daughter had it checked out before bringing it to me and what money I didn’t have to make the full purchase, she loaned me and I will pay her back as I can!  Psssst!  if you know anyone who wants a reading and all that!  LOL  I need to get busy to pay for it now.

It was a great week with the kids despite the car issues and with the help of, I had a lot planned with crafts and games and “minute to win it” contests!  We hit Micky-D’s (McDonald’s) while we were out (a treat for all of us) and enjoyed some creamy smoothie drinks!

That’s it for now.  I’m back and hope to blog regularly again.  Hope everyone is having an enjoyable summer…  here’s anther photo of the SUNfire which half the time I absent-mindedly and mistakenly refer to as the  SunFLOWER.

Both Sides Now ~ Lyrics

Well something’s lost but something’s gained
they rain and they snow on everyone
I’ve looked at life
I really don’t know love at all
And you leave em laughing when you go
and feather canons everywhere
From both sides now
Dreams and schemes and circus crowds
I’ve looked at life that way
From up and down
I’ve looked at love that way
Don’t give yourself away
I really don’t know life
And still somehow
But now they only block the sun
Rolls and flows of angel hair
Tears and fears and feeling proud
So many things I would’ve done
It’s life’s illusions that I recall
And still somehow
I’ve looked at clouds from both sides now
I really don’t know life at all
But now its just another show
And they shake their heads and they tell me that I’ve changed
The dizzy dancing way that you feel
I’ve looked at love
But clouds got in my way
I really don’t know love
As every fairytale comes real
It’s loves illusions that i recall
From win and lose
Oh but now old friends they’re acting strange
Moons and jewels and fairy swings
From both sides now
From give and take
And if you can, don’t let them know
I’ve looked at clouds that way
To say I love you right out loud
I really don’t know life at all
and ice-cream castles in the air
In living every day
But still somehow, it’s cloud illusions i recall
It’s life’s illusions I recall
I really don’t know clouds at all

PS – my gosh this car flies — REALLY GOES FAST!  And when I pull out from someplace into traffic, it leaps for joy and I with it!   Sometimes it feels like if I push just a bit more on the pedal it will take off like an airplane above the trees!  I haven’t had a car with air conditioning and radio for 15 years–what a treat!  Great sound system!  This whole area looks different now as I drive around listening to my Michael Jackson CD in my new used car!  So grateful! Thank you!

Will be back ASAP — dealing with SATURN and MERCURY!!

A PRETTY IDENTCIAL LOOK ALIKE OF MY OLD CAR FOUND ON THE INTERNET; we've had a difficult relationship, but I still love it!

It’s my car!

Yeah, Again!

She  had another seizure today.

The computer went haywire–been there, done that!

There have been many times with that computer problem!

She’ll do great for a few years and then she’s at it again.

Water gets into where the computer is on the floorboard.

She doesn’t like humidity either!  Strange since it’s a Florida car.

Gas was pouring out the tail pipe along with billows of white smoke today…. stammering and sputtering and stuttering.Welcome to my nightmare!  But, can I leave her?  I mean completely, totally?

There’s nothing like riding around on the Blue Ridge Parkway in the autumn with the top down!

Besides, she’s such a cute car!

One of the fuel injector’s gets stuck because the computer sends the wrong signal.  Are we having Solar Flares off the Sun again?  That can wreak havoc on car computers!

Saturn ~ Astrological Archetype: practical, stable, mature, reliable

Saturn ~ Astrological Archetype: practical, stable, mature, reliable

I  am in the process of purchasing another new-used car.  A 1999 Saturn!  Am loving that it’s a car named after a planet!

My other one is a MERCURY Capri… what is it with me ending up with cars named for planets?  It’s not intentional, I promise that it just ends up that way.  I wasn’t even ‘into’ astrology when I bought the Mercury.

Yet, it’s interesting now that I think about it….. both cars named after PLANETS!    Hmmmmmm…………

There’s only ONE used car place in town ~ the one and only gas station/ used car lot/  fuel oil and propane gas supplier all in one!  They also do the 4th of July fireworks every year.  What can I say? They know me, I know them–very small town.  They had 3 to choose from in what I could afford and I picked the red one!

New old car 1999 Saturn

Never had a red car before, may as well have one before it’s all over; what the heck…. New-old car 1999 Saturn

My Mercury is FAST; just like the planet!  Mercury is known to travel fast.  But when retrograde, there are communication problems with Mercury…. just like my Mercury Capri’s computer has trouble communicating.
Hey folks, archetypes are archetypes!    I’m sure the SATURN will be slower but dependable…
Could I have two cars? –I’m sort of asking myself this question.
One to wash and one to wear, you know, in case one breaks down–problem solved, just drive the other!
I had a dream last month… I was asking for guidance about one of my daughters to come in a dream.  Got it.  BUT also in the dream, my car engine was ON FIRE!
Flames were coming up from under the hood.  Couldn’t help thinking of that when I could smell all that gas when trying to drive it yesterday and today!
I’m not one to tempt messages from my dreams… thus, the signing on the dotted lines for the Saturn.
I will post again as soon as things are settled with the car (s).  I have to do the title/tag thing tomorrow and then I think I’ll be ready for a long nap after that. 🙂

Psssst… if you have any Saturn horror stories, please don’t tell  them to me!  Ignorance is bliss.

PS– I guess the post previous to this one about ‘Letting Go’, on 6/25/11, really applies to this situation!  (LOL)

One more tidbit… probably not that interesting either BUT… last night I did some regression work.  Asked to be shown whatever I needed to know regarding a prior lifetime as it would apply to helping me in this one.  Let me preface it by saying I’ve always LOVED horses, but honestly I can’t seem to get over my intimidation of their power, strength and weight.  Anytime I’ve ever been near one, there is a STRONG desire to love them from afar.  I jumped off a horse once when I was a child, fearful the horse would fall. My sisters wanted me to descend into the grand canyon on the trained mules and I trembled at the thought.  My sister suggested that I take a riding lesson to GET OVER IT.  I did, but could barely get through it.  The trainer said to pick up the horses foot and clean out his shoe and there was no way I could perform the task.  What if he fell over?  (irrational, right? but keep reading and you’ll see why)  Anyway, I did one slow ride around the corral and couldn’t wait to get off.  But I love horses–otherwise; I’m enchanted by them.

In my regression meditation, I fast forwarded to a the time of my death in the particular lifetime that I was reviewing which was a time that was like the ‘wild west’–cowboys and the like.  I was a school teacher in that lifetime.  Anyway, when I fast forward to my death, I was riding a horse.  We were moving very fast.  I don’t know exactly how or why but the horse fell and I fell too and the horse landed on me.  We rose up into spirit world together at the time of death.  I was holding him around his neck and he had such expressive eyes.  I felt that I loved the horse and he was nudging me with his head as we moved out of our respective physical bodies at the same time.  (It was pretty moving.)

I marveled at that regression insight last night for several reasons.  It explained my love and respect for horses and my feelings of wanting to admire them from afar!  And then today my horse died again in the form of my car! 🙂  I see the correlation between my car and the horse from that lifetime!  Don’t they refer to cars as having a certain “horse” power?  It’s like the regression meditation predicted the event with my car today.  There are connections and correlations everywhere you look, you know?

By the way, my sister’s weren’t happy with me; but we ended up hiking down to the bottom of the Grand Canyon so we could stay together. Still feel kinda bad about that, but now I understand! Besides, I still don’t know how the muels  keep their footing on those narrow rocky switch-backs up and down the Canyon!



While reading a book on regression therapy one day recently,
I recalled a past life and moving forward to the time of death in that
lifetime, I moved into a scene where I was riding a horse and the horse and I
fell—he was on top of me and we crossed over together.  I wrote about it a few blogs back, about a
week ago.

Today I remembered a few other things about horses and my
life.  Today I suddenly flashed upon a
large picture over my grandparent’s fireplace.
I also remembered how my aunt used to ask me why I looked at that
picture so much—I did.  I used to look at
it for hours as a child in this current lifetime.

Was it about cowboys and Indians?  I don’t know if it was that or some other
sort of battle involving men on horses.  Strange
though, my recalled lifetime dying on a horse I was a female,
schoolteacher.  Why I was riding so fast
or where I was headed, I can’t say.  I
will have to go back into that memory some other time.

It’s just that today I remembered that painting above my grandparent’s
fireplace.  It was a picture or paining
in which a lot was happening–horses were falling and dust was flying.  I was totally infatuated with that
picture.  I realize now that it connected
me to a past life; that’s why.

A bit later today, I realize how I really dislike battle
scenes in movies when horses fall.  I don’t
care much about the men in battle falling or dying – only about the
horses.  Many times I have to look
away.  Those are movies using real horses
who fall.  It is very disturbing to me
and I feel such sadness for the horses and anger at the muggle humans to
involve horses in their play dramas!

That’s all; I’ve nothing more to say about it.  I will add this as an ADDENDUM or FOOTNOTE
to the post in question.

PS — i asked to be shown a past life without too much trauma; going easy on myself at first.  Its a process… i’m taking it slowly.