Daily Divination April 30, 2011 Asleep or Awake? Phoenix Rising from The Ashes; Aries/Scorpio/Death Card

The Fires of Aries Burning Away the Old for a New Birth

Ever had those moments when you feel surrounded by unconscious people?  Like everyone around you is asleep, even though they otherwise seem to be walking, talking and functioning?  Sleep walking, they are. 

You may be feeling that way today as a matter of fact.  Neptune and Chiron are in Pisces, the ending of the zodiac, and there are 5 planets and the Moon at the beginning of the zodiac cycle in the sign of new beginnings, Aries, today.

Aries is about newness and rebirth. 

That happens to us, I believe, when something within our own very essence is born while, at the very same time, we are surrounded by the status quo of the old. 

Yet, within our own self, something has changed (died) and something new has been born. 

 We see the world differently and that which may have held importance in our life no longer does—and in that sense, there has been a transition.  That must be the experience of those who drop the body and cross over to the other side feel at the time of their transition when, by necessity, they release their attachments to people, places and things of their old life. 

Yet, even throughout our Earth life itself (now), we all have these types of mini-deaths and transitions.  And these can cause complete changes in outlook, some of which result in that feeling of being amongst sleep-walkers. 

Another result is that we automatically recognizes others who are awaken at our same level of awareness—those who have also experienced a “death” and rebirth in their life.  Additionally, from our new perspective, we look back at our life in amazement and wonder how in the world we could have felt the way once did about our worries, attachments and so-called problems.

 These realizations can bring us into states in which be both laugh and cry at the same time from the release and relief that our new view of life reveals!

Today’s Cosmic Communiqué is inspired by the tarot Death Card which relates to the energy of Scorpio.

Once upon a time, many years ago, when still very much asleep but trying to awaken, my daughter’s friend came over and brought his tarot cards to do a reading for me.  I was just beginning to try to re-member and awaken at that time in my life; there were only mild stirring of the soul back then.  I remember the surge of anxiety and fear that arose in me when he turned over card 13, the Death Card. 

I didn’t understand it then but now, as I remember the event, what happened soon afterward is that I actually did experience an initiation, death and rebirth in consciousness.  The card was simply heralding the prediction.  Events that soon followed created a drastic change in my consciousness! 

 A death of sorts occurred after a major initiation and transition–and then the phoenix rose from those ashes…  a rebirth.

Phoenix Rising from the Ashes

Personally, this death-rebirth-phoenix rising seemed to have been a theme throughout my life that I’m now experiencing through my children as I observe their life transitions.  I’d like to think that I’m still re-birthing parts of myself as I walk through the fires of transition with them. 

This tarot card, Death, is number 13—I was born on the 13th.  Regarding my personal connection with the Death card which relates to Scorpio energy,  my natal South Node of the Moon is in Scorpio (as well as Jupiter, Mercury and Chiron, all conjunct) and all in Scorpio. 

 I have the natal chart qualifications to write expertly on this topic of initiations, transitions, death and rebirth’s.  Experiencing inexorable, powerful forces of change seems to be the story of my life. And walking through the fires of my own fears like the Hindu’s walk across the hot coals has been frequent, but then also finding it wasn’t as difficult as imagined has been part of the experience as well.

In each moment we die to the present so that the future can unfold.  And when it does so or as future opens up, as the shift occurs, it can feel as if there is no ground beneath us—nothing to which we can take ahold.  We begin to realize what is important and in contrast what isn’t. That can leave us feeling like I described at the start of this post—like you are amongst sleep-walking people. 

I so very much love one of the final scenes in the movie, The Lord of The Rings.  Froto and the other hobbits return to The Shire after their own Death and Rebirth experiences and are sitting in the tavern in their little village.  They seem to look at one another with eyes of irony knowing that none of the others around them have any idea where they have been and what they experienced–the dangers they faced and the trials and moments of fear as well as exhilaration they withstood!  The viewer wonders if these hobbits will ever be able to walk amongst the others again–the feeling is palatable.  This relates to the death card and the Scorpio energy. 

Scorpio relates to the 8th house of death, power and powerlessness, and is ruled by Pluto which relates to the Soul itself and is associated with transitions and transformational experiences. Scorpio–the Death Card–transitions and transformations as well as initiations; it’s all the same energy archetype.

As I look for a bottom line divination message for today—and no matter which day you stumble upon this post, in the spirit of diving timing, it applies to now–it’s this:  initiatory change and transitions can feel destabilizing as we learn to walk again in a new world of our own yet all the while remain merged with others through our life experience. 

 But you will learn to walk in a new way—change can be either fearful or exciting depending on how you choose to experience it.  Choose an attitude of  adventure– choose to feel excited and release the fear.  You can’t go back into those ashes any more than you can return to the womb after you are born!  Some will try to escape and return to the womb of  the securities of the past, but in the end “resistance is futile” as the Star Trek Trekkie’s say. 

 It’s a new day!  How will you live it?  Will you experience it asleep by trying to go back into the womb (you can’t!) or awake with enthusiasm and aliveness?