Art, Creating and Writing Practice

WARNING: this is a boring writing practice

We all do art.  Words are art, spoken or written no matter.   If you bring sound from silence, you are creating and you are an artist.  If you coax something out of what is in your mind into art and put it outside of yourself where it is visible, you are an artist!

We are creating all of the time.  I suppose you could say we are creating all kinds of causes and conditions that if they do not manifest today or tomorrow, their seeds are there waiting for that stimulus to awaken whatever those may be.

Now its time for a confession.  This is a writing practice. You see, there’s this thing in me.  Let’s say it’s like in the paragraph above.  There’s something in my mind, heart, spirit that is really seeks written expression.  How, after all, can any of us write unless we write?  We practice all kinds of things in life to get better.  We workout at the gym in order to get stronger.  We walk to stay healthy and such things as this.  Writing is no different.

There are these ideas and thoughts about stories to create — for fun, for maybe inspiration or some kind of education but I’ve got to use this form.  Fingers on the keyboard.  Using a pen and paper makes my hand numb.  Go figure. I’ve tried it but typing; yes, it’s a ‘can-do’!

Many times, nonsense is written and let me apologize if I’m already boring any readers.  There are only a few minutes left to this practice but before I go, let me describe a thing or two.  The overhead daylight bulb in the desk lamp just to my left creates flashes of sparkle from my silver rings as they move on the keys.  One is heart-shaped.   That was my mother’s.  Another ring is a feather-shaped which reminds me to lighten up.  Actually, it reminds me of finding a white feather just at the door threshold of the hospital when I was admitted for gallbladder surgery.  A sign that the angels were watching over me?  I’d like to think so.  And then there’s the bulky butterfly which is my favorite.  Looking beyond the lamp, its dark outside and the day went well. There was no drama trauma and that always rings the gratitude bells of the heart.

It’s snowed today and while nothing stuck (*or laid as they say in the high country), the cold rushed in like an unkind guest when the door was opened.  I had to do this to feed the stray cats just before nightfall.  Such boring stuff, I know.  That’s why I get discouraged by this writing business but all the books about writing say, just do it.  Its a really great slogan Nike! Really is.  Well, there’s the timer.

I came onto this blog to add something and to tidy up a few things so while here, this post happened.  You see, in a moment of weakness, I paid the ransom to get rid of the advertising at the end of the posts and then had got myself in big trouble doing a name change server redirect thing with my hosting service.  A tangled web it was!

Well, beeper just went off; writing practice is over.    Sorry about the big bore.   If only I could be more clever.

I sit and stare up at the light to see what the mind wants to type next to end this, but the only thing that comes to mind is dinner.  It’s getting near 8 PM and my stomach feels betrayed.

I apologize for any run-on sentences or typos or any other writing errors; this was dashed off in a flash.  I usually do my writing practices in a Penzu Journal.

Daily Divination 8-5-11 today the energy of enormous potential is strong! Persevere! Use it wisely for greatest advantage and opportunity – Kua 1, The Creative

”]Co-creating–Heaven and High Achievement—keywords for the day. It will come together—keep at it today and give it time. Today the oracle speaks to us of tenacity and dynamism. What is dynamism? It means drive and enthusiasm. Checking in with myself, I’ve got some of that going on today—and that’s why time is short; so I’ll have to be brief and may have to add the tarot and astrology archetype correlations later or over the weekend. Happy Friday everyone and I hope you’re getting some things accomplished today—I’ve found today that with a bit of tenacity, I’ve concluded with some projects that were sort of difficult to make decision about so I could move forward.

The energy of today is the type in which the energy unfolds gradually over time.

And here we are moving forward, hoping the electric won’t go out again—like it did off and on yesterday; that’s why there was no blog post yesterday. But enough… moving right along here…

Today the I-CHING KUA 1 that is called “The Creative” or “Creating” inspires the message. We’re talking about the ultimate potential capable within us and being receptive to that energy—remaining open so that we can become inspired in the first place. So it is not chasing but letting the energy move you and then simply going with it—sort of like having a good or positive obsession and then using tenacity in combination to bring the inspiration into fruition.

Creativity is yang or male energy and receptivity is yin or feminine. Sometimes we can get so yang that the yin inspiration becomes blocked–that can be like “trying too hard”. But once we get the inspiration from the yin side of our psyche, then we call on the yang part of ourselves to apply or manifest what we’ve been inspired with.

Today it is about high energy moving forward—and I’m in awe once again that I drew a card that is so applicable to my own life and hopefully yours too. When the higher energies want to channel through us, we have to apply that yang tenacity and fortitude.

The outcome of the inspirational energy (yin/feminine) can become distorted if we try too hard or try to manipulate the energy through will—it’s a matter of allowing the natural forces today and going with them and not trying to control them. We have to add our energy to the inspiration but remain in the inspired process without forcing – again—without forcing our own will or interpretation and not manipulating the energy.

I feel it happening today—strong energy moving through and my job is to be in alignment with it. The message today is about an opportunity of great magnitude but we must stay in alignment with highest integrity.  (We can’t manipulate god; know what I mean?)

Must run for now… will add the tarot and astrology later.

Check back on the blog page tonight or tomorrow if you would like those. Have a great weekend everyone!