Guilt! Do We Draw In Experiences To Show Us Where We Need to Release Responsibility? Stelliums: Special Gifts and Talents that Include Blind Spots

A stellium ~ a part of the psyche that conglomerates in one area of life indicating special talents and gifts but also blind spots

Transcending our own mental boundaries can feel like swimming naked and alone in a dark and unfamiliar place.  The mind will often wrongly interpret vulnerability as inadequacy — i.e. the blind spot!

Guilt!  Do We Draw In Experiences To Show Us Where We Need to Release Responsibility?

The answer to that, I believe is a resounding YES!  Is it true in all cases and at all times? I’m not sure but I have been considering the blind spots we have in our psyches and how that is showing in an astrological birth chart in a merging of 3 or more planets closely together.   I think it applies in transiting charts too.  When our attributes (planets) are so closely aligned, we can feel a certain sense of…. This may be hard to describe.  We ‘are’ a certain way and many times assume everyone is built that way—they’re not. 

Therefore, we need them to show us our blind spots and so we draw in others to our life who trigger within us what we cannot otherwise see or realize about ourselves. There is yin/yang to everything–polarities and dichotomies.  That’s life.  And with the talents and gifts and brilliant light of the astrological stellium (special part of our soul where our gifts and talents can be found), we also have blind spots. 

Then we can have those internal arguments.  Internal arguments are much better than hacking it out with the person who is carrying the projection for us—they have nothing to do with it—they are simply the tool we use to see our blind spot. 

Let’s take guilt for example—it’s such a waste of time really; and many times the guilt itself comes from a lack of personal esteem or feeling not worthy somehow.  So let’s say that a person really is an over-giver and when they receive back, they practically feel guilty about it.  Or we could change it up this way and say that a person does receive what is reasonable in exchange for what they give, but feels somehow that they should give more or carry some sort of unreasonable guilt about it.  And let’s say that this is their blind spot!

And some people can be almost apologetic about asking for what is due as a reasonable exchange but they just don’t realize that they do this.  We could correlate this to a stellium in the natal chart most likely but leaving astrology out of it for a moment, let’s say that this person’s blind spot is starting to open up.  And this is due to the type of people and circumstances that are drawn into their life spectrum at a particular time that the blind spot is being realized. 

We need those people and circumstances so that we can be aware that a blind spot exists in our psyche  even though we may have always known we were missing something or perhaps under appreciating our own efforts in some way and that we shouldn’t be feeling guilty.  So what do we do?  We draw in people who sit in that blind spot area and get our attention through their presence—they can be like pesky mosquitoes or gorillas, but either way—they draw our attention to that part of ourselves that we otherwise could not see.

In the example of guilt or feeling in any way uncertain about responsibility—such as which is ours and which isn’t—they make us look there and address that area within ourselves.  And the internal argument gets triggered and we have to look at it all and come to terms with it.

So, just as an example, if we are feel generally guilty that we do not give enough in relationships; for example, we will likely draw in relationship partners who are expert wretchers, moaners, whiners and complainers.  And they will challenge us to look at our guilt and our giving and we will have to come to terms with it—they will put a mirror in the blind spot through their wreching, moaning, whining and complaining. 

And the reason we called them into our experience is to help us to look into that blind spot and see something about ourselves.   That we DO give enough and we DO live up to our responsibility AND MORE and that we ARE giving in equal amount to what receive and that we don’t have to give unceasingly. 

When we stop having the guilt or stop being overly responsible, we will no longer have a need for complainers in our blind spot.  Oh, we all know the types of people I’m talking about—they do all that they can to make everyone else responsible for their disappointments and dis-eases and double-bubble toil and trouble (something evil comes this way…. ).  Pardon me, I just broke into a spontaneous song from a Harry Potter movie.  Anyway…

In relationships men can be just as good at kvetching as women can.  Some people are just so darn good at it—know what I mean? 

Blind Spot

Well, let me think of another example quickly here.  Let’s say we have a young woman who is very attractive really but really has a blind spot about it—maybe she has a natal stellium that includes Venus for example.   She tries to care for her skin and hair and body and so forth and does all she can to develop a people-pleasing personality; however she just can’t seem to recognize her beauty.   Therefore, somewhere within her there is this nagging part that keeps calling out that she needs to try harder and that she’s not quite good enough and maybe that part of her that we’ll call the blind spot for now also says, you know you really are kind of unattractive in many ways.  We might also say that this young woman is barely aware of any of this inner dialogue or consciousness.  Next thing you know, a transiting planet hits her natal stellium, and then she’s drawing in experiences and people who point out every beauty and personality flaw that she may have secretly suspected.  Now she has to really look at herself and question it all.  She may say to herself, “Hey!  That isn’t true—I really AM an attractive person and I need to appreciate myself more.”  When the inner critic quiets the outer critics usually go away.

Yeah, well, these are just a few thoughts about an astrological stellium, guilt, blind spots, responsibility and moaners and complainers.  Stelliums are powerful places in a natal chart but they do create blind spots in areas of life where the light of consciousness is more intense and we cannot, therefore, see ourselves as clearly.


Givers, Takers and Complainers — How do we deal with people who always want more? The Oracle QUEEN OF WANDS Answers

May the One Light which brings life to us all draw us together in bonds of goodwill and brotherhood/sisterhood and reveal to us our true relationship to Light.  May the power of Divine Love cast out all separation and fill us with perfect compassion.  May the presence of Divine Wisdom dispel all ignorance and fill us with perfect understanding.  May the Divine Light in which we dwell, as individual members of a single body of Light, inspire us to treat one another in with perfect respect. May we respond to this call with good will, tolerance, a sense of unity and the willingness to act as an agent of Light.

I often hear from clients that they feel unappreciated by their co-workers, bosses, clients and others in their work place.  I’ve had my own personal moments in which I, too, have felt that way.  Maybe it is because we conscientious givers attract takers and complainers?  Maybe we are supposed to be learning to appreciate our selves and ignore the takers and complainers?  Maybe we are to turn to our relationship to Light as in the prayer above for consoling at those times. 

This next part is not me ‘tooting my own horn’; I’m only making a point. In my work as a psychic and a teacher, my perception of myself is that I give unreservedly.  In fact this could maybe be fact checked by most clients who will tell you that I go overtime when I do readings– am not a clock watcher.  In my psychic class, I’ve opened to my depth and offered everything that I’ve been taught and all that I know to  help students.   Yet, there are times that I feel under-appreciated and downright resentful by people’s reactions.  That’s rare however—most people are honorable, respectful and kind. 

Maybe I needed another lesson in how it is to feel underappreciated.  I’ve had a number of clients recently indicate that they felt this way in their lives in their workplace–they’ve been saying that their bosses never seem to be happy and that they work long and hard but it never seems to be enough. 

Anyway, It has been a long time since I, personally, felt that way.  But then again, I don’t work with groups of other people usually–except for the students when they’re willing to engage in project.  Mostly, I enjoy a fairly solitary existence; but I do remember having felt that sense of not being appreciated a few times in my past.  It had been a long time since I felt this way actually.

Then the other day, I had a similar feeling come up in me that my clients have been expressing about their bosses.  And even now the resentful feeling still lingers just a wee bit.  Sometimes, no matter how much you do, there will be someone who thinks they’re a big cheese and who finds a problem with how much they are getting or they don’t like the way they are getting it.  You know that old saying, “they want egg in their beer!”  The English Idiom Dictionary give a meaning for that egg-in-your-been phrase and says, “This expression dates from about 1940 and became widespread during World War II. The origin is unknown, since adding egg to beer does not improve the taste.”  I believe the expression has to do with people who want more but already have plenty; and that was exactly the experience I was a wee bit miffed about. 

I can now sympathize and relate a lot more with some of my clients who feel that they go above-and-beyond in their work,  are not paid exorbitantly, yet are still pushed by demanding employers to give even more!  Maybe I needed a refresher course in what that felt like?

This is not a big issue for me; something that I am in the process of dismissing and releasing.  I sat with if for a few minutes and knew that the person had a bit of an “egg-in-your-beer’ish attitude”.  Probably that individual relates to everyone this way; it has nothing to do with me personally.  This is just the human game and ego playing out—it is my choice to be offended and in the end, I feel confident and optimistic about the fairness of what I do and what I offer by way of my work and in this case the educational materials. 

The course contains a lot of material but for some reason wanted to complain about the teleconference classes that I have not offered for over a year now.  Not offered!  No longer part of the class!  Egg in the beer?  The lack of teleconference classes does not change the quality of the course–just like egg does not improve the quality and taste of beer.  Besides, some people enjoy complaining and trying to intimidate others—this is the world of ego-consciousness that we live in. Whether the person came from that frame-of-mind doesn’t matter; this is how I perceived it and it is my perceptions that need the attention now.  The same may be true of clients who perceive they are being taken advantage of at work–is it partially true or completely true or not true at all?  It doesn’t matter if that’s how it’s perceived–the same way the egg-in-your-beer person perceives their reality.  They may carry a quality of dissatisfaction and feelings of not being given enough that come from their perception of life.  But the oracle is in this post is addressing the one who is on the receiving end of the complaint–the one who gives and feels unappreciated. 

Anyway, I felt like  writing a blog today while I am between clients so I chose that topic since it’s on my mind and I had to dig a little deep to find a troubling question that I felt may be something others could relate to also.  That so I could draw a tarot card and ask the oracle about it.  And in the process of making this post, I came across the invocation that appears at the top and bottom of this post.  Co-incidentally (?) I came across this while I was typing up this post and knew that it was supposed to be included; and so it is.

So the QUESTION  is:  What advice does the oracle have about those times when we feel under-appreciated and resentful because we believe that people want more than we feel it is fair for us to give?  How do we handle our emotions during times when we perceive that we have given a good deal and others do not seem satisfied? 

I shuffled and drew the QUEEN OF WANDS.  And immediately I liked that because she’s confident and secure in herself and she knows she does her best and does not question it. 

Look at the image; does she look like she cares much what people may say about her world and her work?  Not hardly. My eyes keep going to the pyramids behind her, one green (healing) one gold (strength) and the pyramids make me think of Divine Intelligence.  We even see those green and gold colors replicated in her clothing.    I’ve always liked the Queen of Wands because she exemplifies what I’d like to think is the best part of myself–the part that I strive to awaken and maintain.   Confident and optimistic with a humanitarian view of life—her motivation is to serve and give of herself and she’s too optimistic and compassionate and full of love to be troubled by any little ego minds.  She’s the Queen after all and she rules her own world—but with love and kindness. 

The oracle is saying that we need to draw from that archetype that exists within all of us and remember it whenever we feel that we’ve given with a good heart and still find takers and complainers who want ‘egg in their beer’.   The Queen of Wands gives the utmost in any situation and isn’t easily provoked and has faith in her abilities and that is what the oracle is telling us to do about our feelings of under-appreciation–have faith in our abilities, don’t become easily provoked and respond with love and compassion. 

If you have a boss or clients who you feel do not appreciate you or take and yet still complain, in these types of scenarios, what may help is to remember that it is we who rule our world and much like Eleanor Roosevelt once said, “Nobody can insult you without your permission.”  We must hang tough to the qualities of confidence and optimism first-of-all,  and then look to those others who would always have more from us and find love and compassion within us when we think of them or the pattern of energy within us becomes triggered.  

We must remain confident, hopeful, and tolerant while knowing that we do our best; that’s pretty much the bottom line.  We have to shake it off and move on while embracing the qualities of the Queen of Wands. 

And then we can write down the affirmation that is at the top of this post, put it in a special place (maybe even tuck it in our wallet) and read it over at those times.  Here it is again–

May the One Light which brings life to us all draw us together in bonds of goodwill and brotherhood/sisterhood and reveal to us our true relationship to Light.  May the power of Divine Love cast out all separation and fill us with perfect compassion.  May the presence of Divine Wisdom dispel all ignorance and fill us with perfect understanding.  May the Divine Light in which we dwell, as individual members of a single body of Light, inspire us to treat one another in with perfect respect. May we respond to this call with good will, tolerance, a sense of unity and the willingness to act as an agent of Light.