The Conflict of Inner and Outer World the time of Year between Halloween and New Years

Merchandisers Associated with Christmas pull us into their markets when the natural soul tendency is to go within

Merchandisers Associated with Christmas pull us into their markets while the natural soul tendency at this time of year between Halloween and New Years is to go within


There’s a Conflict of Inner and Outer World the time of Year between Halloween and New Years


INTO THE WOODS TODAY!  It is November 1st, 2013 as this post is being written.

The Moon is only 4% lit, waning, moving toward New Moon (dark moon) Scorpio. There’s a Uranus-Pluto square today, exact square… it’s a deep, shadowed time… a time to go deeply within… Uranus represents the individual subconscious and Pluto represents the depth of the soul.

The Celts saw this as a sacred or “hallowed” time of year. It is a time for honoring those in spirit and communicating with spirit world–yet, everything in our American or Westernized culture goes against the natural call of spirit.

This is the time of year that the old religions would use divination to look to the future. Is it any surprise that opposing forces created a completely different genre around this time of year?

My soul is directing me to go into the woods, as far and deep as I can go– this I can do metaphysically if not physically. The rain here today supports going within, being quiet–I may even skip my swim in favor of extra meditation or maybe even a dance meditation.

(New Moon date: Nov 3rd, Sunday ~ a good day to do a New Moon ceremony ~ unless the Xtian associated merchandisers don’t trigger the tradition of greed and pull you into the stores and malls.)

Feeling pensive today and at the same time deeply grateful for the freedom that is available to me and of course…. oops!  Spoke too soon; was going to say grateful for the quiet but that’s okay, I can cover up the human’s voices of downstairs neighbors from India with music… so change that: feeling grateful for music sound players!

Now to go into the woods of my mind and soul for a while…..  maybe you would like to join me? 


Family Winter Solistice Celebration 2012 ~ New Family Ritual

Winter Solstice December 21, 2012
Family participating in Solstice Ritual
Family participating in Solstice Ritual

Our totally pagan holiday yesterday was a success in the family!

By days end we snapped sticks over our head at the same time (got the sticks on our hike) and 1, 2. 3 good riddance we said together as we snapped our sticks signifying letting go of old ways and we burned our paper of things we wanted to release and then took our brooms and swept the smoke out the door and tossed our sticks out over the balcony to the woods shouting “good riddance”.

The kids read solstice poems and we decorated the Australian potted pine with names of Sun Gods from all cultures far back to Greece and Rome times written on handmade yellow Sun Shapes with shimmering Sun rays, each person drawing from a bowl their namesake and then with the wish for what they wanted to create and experience in 2013, hung their Sun ornament on the LIVING tree.

Extra  Sun Ornaments and ornaments of gold butterflies, fairies and snowflakes were available for extra wishes.

I read to each person according to their date of birth the name of their Druid Tree, Druid Animal and Druid God or Goddess associated with their date of birth!

One of my daughters was born on the Solstice 35 years ago so we had birthday cake and gifts for her.

I also gave each family member a little solstice gift and we had solstice cupcakes with one candle representing Sun and candy corn for the Sun’s rays.

Each person was given a small candle in a glass container and each lit their candle to welcome the new Sun King and we celebrated the birth of the new Sun.

Earlier in the day we decorated the woods with popcorn/cranberry garland and pine cone/peanut butter dipped in birdseed feeders for the birds and other treats …fruit loop cereal garland and small bagels dipped in peanut butter and bird seed.

We hung them on the trees while wearing garland on our head! It was fun they said!  They want this to be our new family ritual every year!

(they will do x-mas too in a few days…  change isn’t easy.  I’m glad we’re going to rekindle a Celtic tradition in our family! and that it will be part of our family holiday.)

Happy Holidays, whichever one you celebrate… winter solstice is one in which everyone can participate.  After all, we all benefit from the same Sun.

PS — if you are in the southern hemisphere, I hope you’re having a great summer!  We’re so looking forward to ours again and the pool re-opening!  🙂