Daily Divination May 2, 2011 Individuated Spirituality, Jung, The High Priestess, the Moon, Intuition—can that blend with religion?

I shuffled and pulled a tarot card for today, barely looked at it, setting it aside to answer a phone call from my sister.  Our conversation eventually led to the subject of guilt and catholic confessions to a priest; she’s a practicing catholic—me, not. I just returned to my desk and realize now that the card I pulled for today was The High Priestess! 

Part of our talk included Jung’s view of Christianity, something that was refreshed in my consciousness yesterday after viewing a video.   Roger Woolger, Ph.D. who is a Jungian analyst and past life regression therapist was commenting on Carl Jung’s Red Book and according to Woolger, after Jung deeply studied world religions while residing countries in the East, he drew some dramatic conclusions regarding the divine feminine being left out of western Christianity, to its demise.  If I remember correctly, he quoted Jung as stating that western Christianity is diseased because of its lack of recognition of the feminine form of divinity (or the demotion thereof). 

My thought is that it is hardly an accident that the High Priestess card—the card of  The Divine Feminine–aligns with my recent connection with Woolger, Jung and conversation with my sister on this very topic.  The divine messengers broadcasting today seem to be sending me a signal to correlate this for today’s cosmic communiqué (or so goes my illusion).

I note on the image of this card the symbols of the Moon on the priestess’s headdress as well as the cross on her chest, but most especially am drawn to the scroll in her hand.  Looking at the scroll which keeps catching my eye, it’s speaking to me of  the missing esoteric gospels that I’m thinking of—the gospel of Thomas and the gospel of Mary Madeline. 

The Secret Knowledge is always what I think of when I see this card–the ancient teachings from Egypt, etc.   I also think of  the Divine Feminine as the intuition that is within all of us which is our personal connection to divinity, which I personally see as lying outside of the pope in Rome and the local parish male authorities.  Of course, that is my own opinion and judgment and how it is  for me (and many others, I’ve noticed—an understatement).  Many agree that our personal connection to the divine remains dormant until we awaken it deep within through personal effort.  Religion, if used properly, can be like scaffolding around our personal spiritual growth.

That’s the High Priestess archetype–personal spiritual effort via meditation and other personal devotions which part the veil to the world of the subconscious and divine levels of mind.  A priest and church cannot do that for you, although they might facilitate it,  providing the atmosphere.  That’s what I see the purpose of any church to be—a quiet place to gather one’s thoughts and to be devotional until one can achieve that state on one’s own. 

 Of course, I’m not talking about hell and brimstone preachers or screaming jezuz-freak churches—the catholic mass (church service) is much more passive,  muted and quiet than those types of churches (I think).  I’m no expert on churches per se, so I can only half-speculate about that.  Anyway, searching deep within is what the High Priestess archetype is about and some organized religion may be able to aid in the initiation of that  search if one can release attachment to dogma or move beyond it to true personal spirituality.

In astrological terms, The High Priestess relates to Moon energy and the feminine principle, intuition.  Males carry Moon energy as well as females, of course—we all have a Moon somewhere in our psyche and natal astrological chart.  The Moon rules the 4th house and is often associated with “emotions”.  We often say that men who are able to allow themselves to be emotionally sensitive and compassionate are “in touch with” their feminine side.  Women have a male side as well and when the male/female energy is balanced-within  in either  men or women, we are said to have attained  “the marriage within”, merging the anima and animus, as Jung would call it.

Jung identified the anima as being the unconscious feminine component of men and the animus as the unconscious masculine component in women. Jung stated that the anima and animus act as guides to the unconscious unified Self, and that forming an awareness and a connection with the anima or animus is one of the most difficult and rewarding steps in psychological and spiritual growth. Jung reported that he identified his anima as she spoke to him, as an inner voice, unexpectedly one day. 

The High Priestess and the Moon itself represent the archetype of knowing that there is a uniting consciousness to all of life—this unity consciousness includes the subconscious and intuition.  We find that many religious institutions (i.e. patriarchal religions) fear this unity part of individuation—thus the purpose for dogma.  Why? I don’t have time today to list all the reasons–I defer to history which speaks for itself.

My sister mentioned reading some catholic religious propaganda over the weekend which outlined the types of sins to confess to a priest in a confessional—one of those being having used tarot cards.  This troubles her a great deal and we talked about it; she is right on the verge of individuation and truly spiritualizing, yet the dogma still has ahold of her.  Of course, most people who read this blog would know what The High Priestess would say about what my sister read! 

The deeper wisdom is within my sister and she will gradually tap into it and her own High Priestess; she may then find the role of the catholic priest and confessional less important and have a more joyful and uplifting guilt-free experience in her church-going efforts.  She’s not quite ready to cut out the middle-man and stand on her own spiritual feet, so-to-speak.

When the subconscious is allowed to move and flow, we can get in touch with our true nature.  Guilt and fear (two major religious power and control mechanisms)  keeps us from being in tune with our inner knowing.

Today’s message is not about christian-bashing; it’s more to do with getting in touch with the feminine Moon energy, the emotional side, so that a heart opening can occur, the unity of life can be revealed, and the answers within can be revealed.  One needn’t call upon a catholic priest for this, but The High Priestess within.

Oh, I tell you!  An entire book could be written on this subject/topic, and many already have been.  The few paragraphs above are not all-inclusive on this subject matter, of course, nor intended to be.  For now, this is just a wave and hello from The High Priestess and the Moon reminding you that the feminine is just as important in spirituality as the masculine or patriarchal.  Balance the two and the veil is removed and the “bride and bridegroom within” become one.   

Bottom Line:  Be receptive to your intuition, trust your inner voice, let what is within flower–go beyond dogma, go deeper and be still!


Astrology of the Soul, the Psyche and Misconceptions

The Hermetic axiom, “as above, so below”, describes a universe all of whose parts and dimensions are integrated into and intelligible whole. –R. Tarnas

Many folks misunderstand astrology, totally and completely.  Here’s my contribution, my effort, to clear up old out-dated misconceptions on this topic. Prior to any attempt to bring clarity to counseling astrology (and please notice that I did not say fortune telling), can we first agree that creative and responsive intelligence, spirit and soul, meaning and purpose is everywhere?  If you decide that there’s at least some truth to that statement, then we have a baseline to proceed.  Maybe we do.  I type, you read and decide.  Deal?

Further, I’d assume that we could we also agree that there still exist many on planet Earth who have a narrow understanding of self as it relates to the whole and whose approach to life is manipulation and control of the natural world (nature) for the purposes of attaining security (albeit a false sense of safety) and creating a barrier of containment against which they attempt to protect the self against the vast unknown?  If you agree it may be because you, too, have been witness to those who would falsely empower the self through strengthening personality (ego) in such a way that they solely rely on their own “wits” so-to-speak.  And we often see in the small will, in order to control and win out against the vast unknown of which there is so much fear, that mere reflection or contemplation of the universal energies is avoided like the plague.  Thus, the avoidance of astrology is apparent too.

There are those, however, who have (via soul evolution) expanded their consciousness to such a level that meaning and purpose is everywhere in their world, especially in the stars and planets to which we are inevitably connected. Wait!  Is she saying that if I don’t accept astrology that I’m not evolved?  No, I’m not saying that.  All I’m saying is that those who are more evolved are more likely to see the interconnectedness of all things, including astrology.  There’s no ‘convince and convert’ here; my intention is to clear up misconceptions.

Generally, fear dissipates when the consciousness expands.

How that expansion happens is a whole other topic altogether; but, generally I see it this way. We could say that the small ‘self-contained bubble’ of narrow consciousness becomes punctured by life experiences. Sudden shock, unexpected experiences cause a new way of seeing life and our beliefs, out of the necessity of evolution, change.

The old belief system that was containing the self, that narrow view of self in relation to life, is released into the flood of the expansion itself.  Then the belief system becomes restructured, after recovery from the shock has occurred, and this new system is larger, more expanded than before.  We could call it the forces self-reflection.

This is the process of evolution and the more attachments we have to our narrow beliefs, the more dramatic the shock seems to be.  This is apparent through observation of life generally.  These dramatic expansions and contractions and further widening perspectives are part of the evolutionary experience to expand consciousness.

As that occurs, we are brought to the realization that opened this essay:  That there is creative and responsive intelligence, spirit and soul, meaning and purpose is everywhere.  At this level of understanding, then, we can begin to embrace a new appreciation of things like soul astrology which does NOT have a fatalistic or futuristic premise but rather one that is interactive and revealing of one’s own inner psychology.

We find that many who have become disenchanted with controlling, patriarchal, fundamentalists types of organized religions (this almost has to happen as the consciousness expands; there’s no way it cannot), feel a sense of loss when letting go of the old paradigm.  This disillusionment is necessary as we move out of the Piscean age; yet there are those final “hanger-on’rs”; the result of which we see in the current religious wars on the planet.

Others, those who are not hanging on, seem to feel an underlying anxiety and disorientation which I believe is the result of old lingering human made beliefs in an idea that we live in a meaningless cosmos without connection or order.  This destabilization creates a deeper search for meaning, just as it has over and over throughout the ages as human consciousness evolution has occurred.

Those still hanging on to the old paradigm falsely believe that the universe is not conscious and has no purpose.  It is just there—separate from us; dead to us!  They feel lost and small and abandoned; and so latch on to something to feel secure, yet find eventually that the particular something also lacks meaning and ultimate purpose.  The ego begins to shatter and has to realign, restructure as it is realized that the old paradigm of being superior to nature, to the cosmos can no longer be held.  Where does this idea of superiority over nature come from?  Let’s just frankly put it out there and say it clearly.  From our acceptance of a human made belief in a “god” who sees us as inferior to himself and lacking in intelligence and purpose.  The cosmology that we are moving toward as an evolving humanity is one in which we see ourselves as worthy and as mysterious and magical as the universe and the multi-verses themselves—a part of the whole and not “less-than”—a union and unity from which new creative energy can emerge from the depths of that connection.

In the face of that, we still see the consensus religious preach that astrology, the connection to our ability to regain our sense of worthiness and purpose, as something to run from, be fearful of and avoid.  There are other reasons for misunderstandings about astrology however and so now let’s look at those.

Let’s start with the obvious one.  The daily newspaper-type sun sign predictions and blurbs.  Many people will read the one or two sentences and sometimes relate to the words—this seems to be enough to have folks believe that there just might, maybe, something ‘to’ this astrology stuff.  But most people find the information to be invalid, misleading and frankly hogwash.  You cannot, then, fault folks for dismissing astrology altogether because of that.  I, too, felt that way once:  if astrology cannot even get my sun sign information right, the rest of it would be really mess up; so, forget it.  It’s all nonsense. The truth of the matter is that one cannot possibly get a ‘read’ on an individual psyche from one piece of a very large pie.  The Sun is huge; yet the degree and the placement with other planets will affect its unique archetype.  Just reading a Sun sign report alone is never enough and often very misleading. If we saw it in relation to a community, the Sun could perhaps be compared to the community center but there’s much more to the community than that one building or place.  Here’s another quick example, if someone’s Sun is in Aries but at the 29th degree, they’re essence is likely to be more Taurus-like (the next door) or perhaps a combination of both.  A newspaper blurb isn’t going to know this information about an individual and thus that person doesn’t relate to the Aries Sun, they “feel” more like a Taurus.  This would even be truer if they also have a number of other personal planets, like Mercury and Venus, in that sign as well.  So it’s no wonder that Sun sign horoscope blurbs are so often un-relatable and have given astrology a bad rap.

Anyway, back to the astrology as it relates to the evolution of consciousness. I believe that there exists within all of us an underlying desire (albeit still unconscious in some of us) to bridge the gap or chasm between the psyche and the rest of the universe.  A deeper look at astrology with its partner psychology (soul astrology) can begin to bridge this connection.

So it comes to pass that, when we pursue an inquiry beyond a certain depth, we step out of the field of psychological categories and enter the sphere of ultimate mysteries of life.  The floorboards of the soul, to which we try to penetrate, fan open and reveal the starry firmament. – Bruno Schultz

As you probably already know, in the course of Carl Jung’s career he was increasingly drawn to a study of synchronicity and also to the ancient cosmological correspondence between planetary positions and the correlations of the events of human existence.  He believed, as many in our culture are now more readily accepting (soul astrology), that the universe is so ordered that the movements and patterns of the heaven’s planets and stars are synchronously correlated with human affairs in such a manner as to be both intelligible and meaningful to the human mind.

In a letter to Freud he wrote, “My evenings are taken up very largely with astrology.  I make horoscope calculations in order to find a clue to the core of psychological truth.  Some remarkable things have turned up…”   Eventually, his interest developed into a major focus of investigation, resulting in devotion with great passion to astrological research.  He stated: Astrology represents the sum of all the psychological knowledge of antiquity.

Actually, it’s quite easy to see the correlations of the outer planet’s aspecting one another as they relate to historic human events over generations.  The connections are quite astounding and have made believers from the most intelligent skeptics.  I didn’t know it until recently, but Jung’s research into archetypical theory, synchronicity, and philosophy of history as it relates and correlates to his astrological studies influenced many of his most significant theories and formulations.  In his last decades he used the analysis of birth charts and transits as a regular and integral part of his clinical work with patients in analysis.

Other high caliber intellectuals like Plato and Aristotle, Hipparchus and Thomas Aquinas, Dante, Kepler, Goethe, Yeats to name just a few, also supported astrological theories. Affirmation and acceptance of the multidimensional nature of reality, holistic understandings of reality, the deeper acknowledgment of a deeper spiritual dimension of existence and the appreciation of the mythic, symbolic and archetypical meanings in human experience correlate with ancient thought systems.

One only needs to, him or herself, directly experience the astrological signatures that are obvious in their own life.  The proof is in the pudding as they say.  Then one is renewed and refreshed and hopeful after seeing that astrology posits an intrinsically meaning-permeated cosmos focused on the human life as the nexus of that meaning.  One can rejoice then, really rejoice.

One also sees the psychology of astrology.  Soul astrology is not predictive and disempowering.  Rather it is archetypical in nature; we could say archetypically predictive.  It is based on the discernment of archetypical dynamics and their complex unfolding in time.  The planets and stars do not have power over us—they represent energy which can manifest dependent upon choice and how one consciously interprets and acts upon life.

There is a long-standing issue surrounding astrology regarding the question of fate versus free will.  Soul astrology offers a valuable insight.  It describes the archetypes of human experience as it relates to any planet or combination of planets (aspects).  All planets have both a positive and negative side to them just as human consciousness itself does.  The planets are contained within our consciousness—as above, so below. Soul astrology can indicate which archetypes are active as part of a pattern of psyche and behavior and educate one on the higher side and shadow side of any planetary archetype.

The greatest benefit of soul astrology is that it can help to bring what is unconscious into the light making it consciousness.  This is what the evolution of consciousness is about.  Once this happens it frees the conscious self from being a puppet of unconscious forces. There can be, as a result, an opening up and higher levels of communication between the conscious mind and the unconscious.  This, as you can see, has less to do with predicting future or becoming disempowered.  On the contrary, it can be very empowering.  One can understand the patterns of one’s life and through the guidance that the planets and chart points offer, and one can have a clearer glimpse of the direction of the soul, working more in harmony with that direction.  These are often pointed out by the north node of the Moon as well as the polarity point to Pluto in the natal chart.  The emotional past of the soul can be described and transformative self-understanding can be achieved.  While the past life details cannot be described in exactitude, unless the astrologer is also an intutitive/psychic clairvoyant, the emotional past can clearly be described via the archetypes.  Clients will be able to validate those soul feelings that are still running as emotional patterns in the current life and in counseling soul astrology through the opposite polarity archetypical description, the client will know how to work through breaking the pattern so that healing and evolution can occur.  It’s fantastic stuff actually!

Nothing is necessarily spelled out in a literally predictive manner in soul astrology, but instead the benefit comes from the intelligible pattern of meaning of the archetypical forces being disclosed.  As these disclosures are offered by a soul astrologer who reveals the meaning of the archetype of the planet/signs/houses of a natal chart, the application of that meaning in one’s life can bring forth those moments of “ah-ha” as the light bulbs go on and one suddenly hears, “So THAT’S why!”

Then the past begins to not only make sense but begins to be released like fresh air blowing through a suddenly open window—the window to the soul. As one’s life experiences begin to correlate to the archetypes present in the natal chart itself, one could nearly cry with the beauty of it seeing the divine plan acting out, perhaps not in its entirety but enough to give one faith, once again, that we ‘do’ live in a meaningful cosmos with consequence and purpose.  The haze of confusion clears and clarity dawns in ways that one would not have imagined possible.

The greatest misunderstanding is that planets “cause” circumstances or events; they don’t any more than the hands of a clock “cause” a specific time.  The planetary positions are indicative of the cosmic state of archetypical dynamics.  As already stated, each planetary archetype contains within itself both positive and negative charges and forces; it is up to each of us to determine how we use these forces.

More importantly, if we know what those forces are, how they have worked in the past (patterns created) and how and where we can apply the energy currently (planets, signs, houses, aspects), we can make the unconscious more conscious and work in harmony with our inner and outer world.

The stars are like letters which inscribe themselves at very moment in the sky… Everything in the world is full of signs… All events are coordinated… All things depend on each other; as has been said, “Everything breaths together.”


Discerning Ego Consciousness ~ Saturn Uranus Opposition

The Tower ~ Uranus


 Discerning Ego Consciousness on the Psychic Path


Current Aspect: Saturn-Uranus Opposition  exact on 4/26/10, affecting us for the weeks ahead

For clarity purposes:  This aspect is affecting us all no matter what your birth data… these two transiting planets are aspecting each other in everyone’s chart.  And they have been, meaning we’ve dealt with this opposition in late 2008 (Saturn was opposing Uranus on Nov. 4, Presidential Election Day).  Think back, what else were you dealing with around that time?  We also dealt with this opposition twice in 2009–on Feb. 5th and Sept. 15th.  So here we are again; same energy playing out a familiar theme.  We will face this energy once more this year–in July, on the 26th. That will give you a few hints.  Inner world changes of consciousness play out, many times, in outer world events and circumstances when necessary.  That is, if we don’t deal with the changes internally, the outer world demonstrates the needed change.  What follows are a few additional thoughts about this energy; specifically,  how it could play out in certain areas.  

Sometimes the gates to the underworld or what we could call the subconscious open and a radical change in our thinking and/or our outer world experience occurs.   (All of our outer world experiences are due to our ‘inner world order’.)   When our subconscious breaks through, a collapse occurs so that we can suddenly realize how wrong our previous ideas about our reality have been. Shadows become released.  We might even say to ourselves something like, “How could I have ever thought that?”  Suddenly we know better!
With the current opposition of Saturn to Uranus, we’re positioned in consciousness for these kinds of potential breakthroughs.  But, if we cannot let go of our old reality long enough to let them come through or if we cannot relax our grip on illusion, often times something shattering happens to help us see through that illusion.
The breaking down of false or outdated images that we’ve had of ourselves does happen periodically. Self images or illusionary reality structures that we’ve held for a long time suddenly become outdated and obsolete.  They need to be destroyed so that progress and soul growth can occur and so that our mind can be opened. The current Saturn/Uranus opposition (exact on 4/26/10) is just such a time.  
The ego draws boundaries within which it can feel secure.  And feeling secure often involves a certain amount of self-denial.   Of course, anything that we deny in ourselves, we project outwardly onto others.  These are both good qualities and the opposite–but either way, life periodically forces us to let go of a falsely created reality and take back those projections.  In other words, over inflation or under inflation gets adjusted, like the tires on your car.  At least the potential is there for that to happen and if we resist, the tire could blow.  Hopefully that doesn’t happen in a way that’s embarrassing–ego’s blow, tire’s blow and that’s the way life is.  I’m sure you’ve noticed… pardon the tongue and cheek there.
Anyway, I’m talking about mental images or pictures that we can make in consciousness and label our reality which are… well, they’re unreal.  Sometimes we love the illusory pictures that we make of our reality so much more than reality itself.  This is called illusion.  
Sticking with the subject of “foregone conclusions” that we make about reality, it is known that our thoughts create these realities.  I heard Byron Katie once say that the brain’s job is to collect data to back up what we declare our truth is.  In other words, we create a reality out of thought, then back it up by gathering memories, wishes, fears and anything else that resembles the illusion that we’re trying to protect.   Then we point to it and say, “See?  There’s the proof that this reality is valid.” These realities can be positive or negative in nature ranging from ideas like “I’m the best” to “I’m a failure”. 
These ideas actually keep us away from the truth.  Our egoic intellect is not all that interested in perceiving objective reality (that which we could camera or video check).  Instead, we’d rather cling to what serves the ego or gives us a perceived advantage over life.  And always it is Saturnian–meaning old, comfortable and very familiar.  Uranus comes along to shatter that ego-consciousness.
Many times we know that we are deceiving ourselves about our life. We can feel it; we know something is wrong or that life needs changing, but we persuade ourselves (using thought) that everything is either wonderful or horrible.   Wonderful or horrible becomes routine, a habit.   Change brings with it feelings of insecurity and who wants to feel insecure?   We shore up our ivory tower and stay comfortably inside our illusion. Whether it’s good or bad fiction doesn’t matter.  We stay there to keep from looking at the shadows.  We’d rather project those outward and stay safe in our illusion.
But life insists on change and growth.  The reality that our ego has made itself so comfortable within, if it is false, collapses.  Something happens.  And we suddenly find that we can no longer defend our old reality without looking like a complete fraud to ourselves.  Again, that old reality doesn’t even have to be anything that makes us happy; many people create a suffering-type of reality making negative obsessions and clinging to them as much as an inflated illusion of the opposite type. 
An intense and surprising experience (Uranus) is often required to get us to see life in a different way and to let go of that patterned structure (Saturn). 
Carl Jung says that the more condescending or pompous people are, the more dramatic the Uranian experience will be.  He wrote:  “An inflated consciousness is ‘hypnotized by itself’ and can, therefore, not be argued with.  It inevitably dooms itself to calamities that must strike it dead.” 
Bursting through boundaries that are too narrow and breaking out of outdated and encrusted structures of thinking can be liberating. We may have created a reality that is too black and white–so then color emerges, creating insecurity and upheaval.  The picture changes and it’s confusing and uncomfortable to say the least.  But following these breakouts of color there is liberation and inspiration.  Divine justice eventually destroys what is out of balance and illusionary so that we can “get real” enough to take the next step in life.

I’ve learned that to have no rules (Saturn) with regard to my psychic development is the best way for me.  There are a few things that seem to be true not only in my career as a psychic but also in my life generally.  As I observe and correlate consciousness and experience, it has become apparent to me that in any moment in which I’ve decided that I have “the key” or “THE Truth” with a Capital T, something happens to blow my theory completely out of the water.  I’m age 62 now; maybe I have a little wisdom to share here. Here’s a little of it.  While we need ego and structure in life (Saturn), we must work with the flow of life gently so that we do not become too attached to our ideas about reality. 
I’ve seen this play out in my own life and also in the lives of others; you probably have too.  It seems that the moment we think we’ve got life figured out, it makes a fool out of us. So what do we do?  If we keep our path (our truth) very wide, meaning our thinking very open, we suffer a lot less.  Constricted paths are always a bit harder to travel.  Narrow thinking always means that we always have to be putting on our ego-armor to defend it, for it will certainly always be challenged.  If we keep our boundaries soft and our path wide, keep our consciousness open by realizing that we don’t ‘know-it-all’, there’s less of a necessity to break down the ego-structured illusionary reality.  Besides, then we have space for more knowledge, insight and inspiration to travel along with us.
Until next time…  Namaste!