Daily Divination 7-29-11 Dispersion; Know Thyself; Enlightenment and Lighten Up with a Smile – I-CHING Kua 59 with Astrology and Tarot Keywords

 A man who has not passed through the inferno of his passions has never overcome them.

–Carl Jung

Denying one’s own feelings and thoughts is no way to create unity with one’s spirit or have a reunion with higher self. This is similar to shutting down and disconnecting. Is every feeling and thought we have going to be saintly or light-filled? And is it supposed to be? Look around. If we’re human living on planet Earth, probably not every thought and emotion is saint-like; but to suppress or deny what we think or feel is tantamount to separating from ourselves. It also creates a state of living in denial—a false world, an illusion. The religious fundamentals will try to tell us we should only have “pretty thoughts” and anything short is some sort of dirty angel or devil at work or there’s something wrong with us. Yes, there it is, they’d say, we are all imperfect sinners and then they spew their whoopla, which is usually what their preacher told them to say while out evangelizing.

But back to the conditioning that indoctrinates us into an idea that we must always be a particular way—a way in which we deny our own soul. That’s the start of the delusion which left unchecked can lead to a superiority complex or fundamentalism that is dangerous. If we bypass the opportunity for self-reflection that self-acceptance of our thoughts, feelings and tendencies can provide, we close the door to our own self-improvement and evolution and move into the fanaticism realms of life.

When we have a feeling or thought (pretty or not) that comes up, and we allow ourselves to examine it, trace it back to where it began, we can take our first step to healing and true self-improvement (and empowerment)—not suppression or repression.

Whatever is repressed becomes distorted.

I’ve been thinking about all of this today and it wasn’t until now, early evening, that I’ve had the opportunity to do an I-CHING draw. Its Kua 59 called “Dispersion”. It is about dissolving and disintegrating energy through uniting with it and understanding it for the purpose of restoring harmony. Ho! And that’s exactly what I’ve been contemplating today.  My Moon is transiting my 12th House today closely approaching my Mars/Pluto/Saturn stellium — translation:  my mood is very deep and esoteric.  I’m having to dig deeply to attend to this blogging task because almost all of me wants to withdraw, escape and disappear.  🙂  THINK TAROT:  The Hermit.   Moving right along  anyhow….

A  few things came to mind as I typed those last sentences in that paragraph above. One has to do with a smile and the other with some wisdom from Carl Jung who said that we don’t reach enlightenment by envisioning beings of light but rather by bringing light into dark places. That light or knowledge-of-self is able to enlighten; but one has to be fearless and willing to look deeply into one’s self. Yeah, and into those dark places—fearlessly. And when I write the word “dark”, it refers to the places of ignorance or unconscious-ness that self-knowledge can lighten — shed light upon.

That seems to epitomize (to me anyway) the meaning of today’s message inspired from Kua 59/Dispersion. One could say to disperse rather than to repress. To repress is to live a life of delusion; one risks living a distorted life which comes about through an unwillingness to allow and understand one’s own feelings and thoughts in favor of playing a people-pleasing role in order to be accepted.

It makes me think of the planet Mars and the sign it rules, Aries, which is impulsive energy; it learns from its reactions. That archetypical energy evolves through understanding its reactivity. If we don’t allow ourselves to have a reaction and then examine it, how can we possibly ever… ? Well, think of it as the doorway into the unconscious–to the soul.  That’s the message from and the lesson of Mars/Aries.

I’m not supporting a wild idea that we all run around taking everyone’s head off; I’m only suggesting that we not beat ourselves up if we allow the thought or feeling room enough to surface so that we can examine it and learn from it. Besides, sometimes we just need the release—it’s not all that unhealthy once in a while after all.

Another part of this idea of dispersion has to do with lightening up and that’s where that smile that I was thinking of a moment ago comes into play with today’s message. Here’s what I mean and by the way I’m talking about a smile that is sincere, not one stemming from smugness or one that has grown out of a distorted reality or feelings of superiority. I’m talking about one of those ‘home-grown’, down-to-earth, true-to-life types of “I know who you are and I know who I am and I love us both” kind-of-smiles that has nothing whatsoever to do with ego.

Talk about dispersion! When you’ve received one of those smiles from another, you know it and lighten up immediately. This Kua is about lightening up as well as dispersion. The unity of a smile can restore harmony, dissolve divisions and revitalize you, can’t it? How many smiles like that have you given and received lately? Many, I hope! Keep up the good work says Kua 59 of the I-CHING and stay true to that energy within you and others!

That kind of smile comes out of us spontaneously when we know who we are; but we will never know unless we allow ourselves to understand our thoughts, feelings and reactions—something we can’t do unless we allow them. That’s how we grow and evolve and it’s why we’re here in the first place—at least this is my truth for today.  Know Thyself!


Astrological Keywords

Leo – you are the center of your own universe but avoid forcing your reality onto others; avoid living a theatrical life for the purpose of getting people to like you; avoid the tendency to become the actor in someone else’s creation for the purpose of attention; realize you cannot play god in someone else’s life

Virgo – be willing to “discern” your own thoughts and emotions

Libra – avoid people –pleasing and projecting onto others or allowing others to project onto you

Scorpio – become the psychological detective to your own thoughts and emotions; probe deeply into your thoughts and emotions for the purpose of self-awareness and evolutionary growth

Tarot Keywords

The Magician — employ the power of creative transmutation

The Hermit – reflect on your life experiences; find your answers within

Strength — have the courage to face challenges and face fears; using your inner power

The Tower – this card relates to Mars/Aries (see above); experiencing an inner awakening by releasing old defenses and delusions; being willing to be socially unacceptable in order to be true to self; awakening to one’s inner truth; sudden self-awareness

The Devil (Pan) – looking at self to see where we are not in harmony with nature and natural law; the need to lighten up (Pan) and not be too serious; ability to face one’s self

Wheel of Fortune (Medicine Wheel) — restoring harmony; being natural; bringing spirit into flesh (not separation of spirit and flesh which is a patriarchal christian fundamentalism issue)


Daily Divination 5-16-11 Relationship Imbalance & Projections of the Anima/Animus -Moon in Sag


When we are not feeling whole and balanced inside of the self, it can be because we are projecting our energy outward. 

Take the example of a male who is projecting his anima outwardly onto a woman making her the focus of what he actually needs to balance within himself.  So what I mean is that the feminine energy within himself, if not balanced and realized within his whole psyche, he will put onto a woman in his life, expecting her to hold the energy and fulfill the inner feminine role ‘for’ him instead of doing it himself. 

 For a woman, it is often her animus or male energy that she projects outward onto a male instead of holding it within herself.  

These are parts of the psyche coined by C.G. Jung.  In some of his work he calls the anima/animus a spirit guide.

In cases of these imbalances or lack of connection to one’s full psyche or soul, the individual makes the “other” in their life the de-facto god or goddess. 

And in relationships these imbalances of the psyche or soul causes one to be one’s own worst enemy which brings us to the 9 of wands that I drew today to inspire the daily message. 

The message today involves not being distracted from the knowledge of and connection to the intimate divine ‘other half’ within. 

It is necessary today to use any difficulty presenting itself, especially in relationships, to reflect on the inner state which has predisposed you to the conflict or disharmony in the first place. 

It is important to work on feeling whole, balanced and grounded and no “other” can do that for you, no matter how much of the energy you have projected upon them to carry and hold for you.  And…

 Actually, if you have enough sense of humor about it, and can stand back far enough, you can see how males project the anima on a female and then fight with this feminine part of the self in order to integrate it.  If this doesn’t cause you to laugh,one can at least smile at what is going on.  The same is true for women, but in reverse.

Of course we do this with all unconscious parts of the self… we project onto others and then fight with it  in order to become conscious of it so it can be integrated! 

Projecting outward one's unconscious qualities

 It’s all a process of returning to wholeness but in a very unconscious way of course.  I could write a book on this but for today, as I am behind my time, this is it for now.  Thus, the Cosmic Communiqué for today…  or so goes my illusion. 

PS– the motif of this card is the same archetype as Moon in Sagittarius.  Moon often represents the emotional consciousness or unconscious energy and Sag relates to personal belief .. think of the arrow being shot into the air… projecting the unconscious outward, which is what this message is about. 

I wish I had more time to correlate  the astrology with this card better, but there’s a bottom line.  By the way, the Moon moves into Sag tomorrow.

‘See you tomorrow…

Daily Divination 5-14-11 Relationship Communication Issue Culminating – King of Wands – Venus & Merc in Aries Grand Finale!

Yesterday the Ace of Wands and today The King… whatz’ up with that?  Seems like the cosmic messengers still want to talk about vision, inspirations and fire again today—hot topic.

Controlling all that fire and heat and guarding against over-reactivity is the gist. And using that control for inner motivation and decisiveness is the message. I cringe when I hear people blaming others or life itself when they become angry.  It serves to remind me that, whatever it is that’s ‘gotten my goat’, has nothing to do anything outside of myself. 

My mother took particular satisfaction out of ‘getting people’s goats’—she told me so on many occasions.  According to the urban dictionary, the saying “Get Your Goat” supposedly originated from the early horse racing days, where goats were kept with nervous race horses to keep them calm before the race, and if you wanted to beat the competition you would get their goat causing their horse to become agitated and unable to race. 

And speaking of one getting one’s goat…  Since the start of spring this year, I’ve had a female cardinal hanging around outside of my home.  She taps on the windows with her beak off and on throughout the day from dawn to dusk.  Sometimes I wonder if there is a connection between her and my mother (who is now in spirit world).  This bird seems to be aware of my presence in the home and will move from window to window depending upon what room I’m in.  She’s obviously some representation from within my own psyche trying to get my attention about something.  Stay tuned, I’m still trying to figure this one out!  Anyway, back to the topic.

It’s not a bad idea to double-check our self with our Self when someone’s getting our goat—note the capitalization of the word self.  Carl Jung referred to what a group of natives called the Great Man within as the Self; both were referring to the Soul, the total psyche.  What I mean is that the whole business of goat getting and reactivity is never about you and ‘them’ or ‘it’.  My suggestion is to try on the idea that it is ‘really’ about ‘you and You’ or ‘self and Self’ or ‘Ego and Soul’

Yeah, I know it’s easier to blame and project, but it is just an avoidance technique.  The King of Wands (or Rods) message today is to examine what it is within you that may require a course correction; in other words, is there a better way to use the energy?  Ever notice that when you feel angry, it seems that most everyone else you meet that day is angry too!?  Do you think that’s an accident in a world of ‘like attracts like’?  And the opposite seems true as well; when you’re in a good mood, you perceive that most everyone else is too—right?  And then there’s the real kicker… you are in a foul mood and come across someone who is bubbly and happy and you resent the heck out of them.  Have you ever been there and done that?  It doesn’t take that much contemplation, reflection or insight to figure these things out—the outer world reflects the inner.  But what of that happy person that you hit upon when you’re not?  That is the Self reminding you of your true nature right in the midst of your opposite experience.

And to be fair, we have to add into to this a mention of expectation.  It’s the same deal but just plays out differently.  I used to brace for my mother’s goat-getting attempts and when I went into her environment vowing to myself that no matter what she did or said, I would maintain my center and peace.  I was expecting her behavior and true to form, she didn’t disappoint.  But after a time, I stopped with that air-of-expectation, quit bracing myself and the whole thing shifted—my goats stayed right where they belonged!  That was so many years ago that now I can look back laugh about it—my mother was a great teacher for me in her bizarre ways!  She was quite a character and if any part of her psyche is, by any chance, inhabiting this female bird, then she still is! 

The King of Wands in tarot relates to Aries (my mother’s Sun sign by the way) and this is the archetype, if we’re discussing a person, of someone who enjoys the feeling of power and control and uses it freely.  As mentioned above, this energy can be used in a very positive way for self-motivation, courage, determination and decisiveness. 

 In some cases, goat-getting types (whether that’s you or someone else around you) are folks who are experiencing a certain degree of anxiety or emotional pain that they cannot seem to control.  We could also, find these King of Wands/Aries/excessive fire energy folks are who have digestive or stomach disorders of some type.  Balancing ‘heat’ or the inner fires aids with healing and this helps so reduce argumentative-ness too.

This archetypal energy is about drive and focus (proper competition) and creating inner motivation as well as being able to hold the focus in order to program visions on a master level.  Mastering thoughts!  Directing one’s ‘own’ destiny rather than everybody else’s!      

Fire signs are Aries, Leo and Sagittarius; although I’ve been writing here mostly about Aries which is the fire sign most associated with the King of Wands. 

When this energy is directed properly, innovative ideas and visions are acute.  Venus, Mercury, Jupiter and Uranus are all in Aries at the time this blog post is being written. 

Venus—the planet of relationships—is currently culminating her energy, closely approaching the 29th degree which is known as a “critical degree” or Anaretic degree.  Issues in relationships, as they relate to Aries/fire, are peaking and there is a sense of urgency about resolving the energy that has been building.   

Right on the heels of Venus, at the same degree, is Mercury; so communication issues in relationships (passionate or possibly angry in nature) would typically be coming to the forefront today and over the next few days as well.

Both Venus and Mercury move out of Aries and into Taurus on Monday May 16th; so look for an energy shift then.  

Take a breath and see what life is showing you about how you relate with others and how you manage your own focus.  As much as you may feel as though it is all about ‘the other’—it really is about you and You!  The other is only helping you see what it is that you need to resolve within yourself.  

By the way, issues of money may be part of the dynamic as well, since Venus rules the 2nd house of material possessions.  So heated discussions about finances  may be part of relationship dynamics–that would be no surprise.

A good affirmation for today involves something like, “I use the culminating fire energy today to be aware of directing my fire properly and acknowledge my ability to direct my own affairs and energize my own personal visions.” 

And then try to think of others warmly remembering they are playing a role for you, as always, to direct you back toward your own inner path.  No matter what your relationship status—married, separated, divorced or single—you are walking your own soul path, always, and should allow others to walk theirs. 

I hope something here will be helpful to subscribers or others who come to this post. 

Meanwhile, my  troubled, tapping feathered-friend has been at it with her beak-banging on the window the whole time I’ve been writing this post! 

I’m letting her have her experience (do I have a choice?) while I have mine. 

 What’s that ole’ song, ♫  “… you’ve got your troubles, I’ve got mine.”  ♫

I see that worried look upon your face
You’ve got your troubles, I’ve got mine
She’s found somebody else to take your place
You’ve got your troubles, I’ve got mine
I too have lost my love today
All of my dreams have flown away
Now just like you I sit and wonder why
You’ve got your troubles, I’ve got mine
You need some sympathy, well so do I
You’ve got your troubles, I’ve got mine
All of my dreams have flown away
And so forgive me if I seem unkind

You’ve got your troubles, I’ve got mine

I’d help another place, another time
You’ve got your troubles, I’ve got mine
You’ve got your troubles, I’ve got mine
You’ve got your troubles, I’ve got mi-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-ine