When the Moon Transits the 10th House

Moon in the 10th House


The 10th:  the house of achievement and fulfillment in one’s life.  The true vocation — not the job; that’s the 6th house.

I was just about to think that the Moon in the 10th house has nothing to do with anything occurring in my life right now–when duhhh! How obvious could it be?  Let me explain.

When  the Moon transits the 10th house it hits the emotional psyche or the part of us that relates to what we do here!  Our work, our career, our cosmic job description!  The 10th is ruled by Saturn/Capricorn which relates to “society”, the public.

You know this, right?  That you can sell shoes and still be doing your cosmic job description, right?  I mean we do what we came here to do no matter what our J.O.B. happens to be and we do it whether we can help it or not really.

Anyway, how could I not get such an obvious connection with my life right now?   Today I’ve been revisiting/evaluating my prior job experiences, my writing work and some other things (details not as important as the archetype meaning that I’m getting at here).  Career and how we are viewed by the public and how we view our own role in the world–that’s the 10th house.  Its what and how we are doing what we are here to do.  Well, you get the idea.  It’s the authority connection to–the 10th.  Saturn links to “the boss” or the conventional authority figure and often that archetype relates to “father” or “dad” which is another connection that Saturn /Capricorn have as far as archetype meanings.

Do I want to change it up, mix it up, flip it or turn it all around.  Do the Hokey Pokey shake it all around?  Those topics, that subject, has been dancing around in my heart the past few days, especially today.  Psychic work, astrology work, writing the novel and being of service to the world in the ways that I know how to.

I’ve been thinking about how I see myself in the world and evaluating my ability to be of service in other ways today. And actually that’s  right on time with a Moon transiting in the 10th house of career and the public image.  The opposite polarity, the 4th house, relates to self-image while the 10th relates to public image.   My entire day today was consumed with these thoughts and actions–thus the earlier duhh!  How could I not realize this connection right off–it took me a few minutes thinking well, the 10th house Moon has nothing to do with ‘me’ right now.  Nothing could be further from the truth.

Okay. What about you?  Generally speaking when the Moon transits the 10th house it is time to dedicate yourself to getting ahead in the world, either in your current career or setting things in motion toward your ultimate goals.  Authority of any kind can be an issue, either your own authority in the world or that of your boss or parents.

The soul’s wish to leave a mark in the world to bear fruit in the community somehow in a meaningful way would be triggered emotionally when the Moon moves through the 10th.

Issues of social ambiance can trigger the emotion too.  The Moon is sensitive to issues of social atmosphere in the 10th house.  Do you think this fits?  My sister just asked me if our other sister could come here at Thanksgiving.  More the merrier?  Not in this case! A religious nut and a Psychic in the same house?  Use your imagination.   Talk about right on time too– a great example of Luna transiting the 10th!  Thanks to the Angels for that great example actually.

Status or as they say over the pond STAY-tus is another thing the emotions could be sensitive to when it moves through the 10th house.  These things are good to know because while everything happens for a reason the emotional intensity in that area will back off when the Moon moves on in a day or two.  It’ll be back there next month but the great thing about the Moon and life in general is that… well, as my mother would often say, “This too shall pass.”

Our sense of life mission will be prominent in our heart when the Moon moves through the 10th.  We may feel that our emotional needs involve stepping outside of a “job description” to more of a calling instead.  We may, at this time, struggle with whether or not we are going to accept any kind of social external definition of our identity and we may be emotionally challenged to align the external sense of self with our internal.

Responsibility is also an archetype here.  Some days I do not have a client to work with but I still work.  I blog or use that day to write the weekly newsletter or work on my writing project–my “someday it’s going to be a novel”.   I make myself accountable or responsible to offer something to the community at large whether it is always noted or acknowledged doesn’t matter.  Any writer writes because they have to.   People who are ingrained in the standards of society don’t always understand this and this is what I mean by external and internal self worth.  Do I measure my worth in the world against my bank account?  That’s a great 10th house Lunar transit question.   And its a bit harder to grapple with when the Moon is here–the emotions they can clobber you about that if you’re not careful and aware.

The 10th, you see, is about standing alone just like the planet Saturn that rules here does.  And it can be lonely sometimes when those “You and Me against the World” feelings kick up.  Remember that song?

Responsibilities to pay those bills can grow and loom large when the Moon moves through here too–any responsibilities for that matter take an emotional hit from the Moon.  But the emotional triggers can help to make changes where those are necessary.  Everything happens for a reason and it’s not circumstances that upset a us, it’s the view we take of them as someone smart once said.

The more you know about the lunar cycle, the more consciously you are able to work with the energies of the psyche at that time, the more you are able to use the energy to your

advantage or at least the more equipped you are to understand yourself.  And if you know when the Moon is moving through someone else’s 10th house, that helps too.






Astrological Squares: Frustration that Forces ACTION! Here’s Personal Examples

SquaresSquares force action to be taken and all planets (IMHO) are like spirit guides.. . well, truth be told, not “like”–are.  That’s how I see it.  Anyway…  Squares can cause frustration which then causes action—and all of it is in harmony with our life purpose and goals.    

Today, in my personal chart, the transiting Sun (in my 12th house ) is making square and semi-square aspects to  my natal Chiron and natal Uranus.    Uranus has to do with group energy since it rules the 11th house. 

Well, we can go on with astro-babble but the bottom line is that something has come out into the open (my Sun transiting in the 12th) and makes difficult aspects to Uranus and Chiron.

 Venus is making a conjunction to my 11th house natal Uranus so a certain ‘invasion of the body snatcher’ energy is happening.  The purpose is so that something can be realized and released. 

My grandson and I shared a similar experience  this week.

He has had, just as I’ve had, someone who was a bit of a thorn-in- the-side.  Like me, he didn’t fret much over it but when the level of frustration became too high he dealt with it quickly and in the moment of the height of frustration (square causing action born of frustration) and then he released it.

I tend to avoid confrontations—I have a Sun and Moon in Libra in my birth chart.  Therefore, I want to be the nice one and every now and then the universe sends me someone to challenge the tendency that I have to avoid speaking up for myself.  But then that’s what most squares, semi-squares, and sesqui-quadrate  astrology aspects are about!  They force us to take “action”.  AND, If a good number of squares are happening in your life all at once and then you toss in an “invasion of the body snatchers” aspect like a conjunction—Look out!  That confrontation-avoiding Libra energy will turn into its polarity— Aries!  The frustration of all those squares and semi-squares and so forth will be released!  They were earlier today… and then I looked at my transiting chart and I get why and how it relates to my life lessons and my evolutionary goals.

This upper classmen (sophomore) who marches behind my freshman grandson at his high school marching band practice this week has been calling out “Left, left, left, left…” each day.  This is what my normally quiet and reserved grandson said he did when he couldn’t quite deal with the frustration anymore.  You see it was causing him to mis-step and was distracting.  In between steps and notes right in the middle of band practice he yelled out, “Stop saying LEFT!” 

“Then what happened?” I asked.  Nothing, he said.  “He stopped. “

 And there it was, life continued on and he marched without the upper classmen shouting—end of story.  Actually, my grandson looked at me when he said, “He stopped” as if to say what else would happen? 

Of course, that’s not always the case; there are some people who want to make big drama out of things.  I’m trying not to be one of them…. LOL. 

In my case, I said something similar to someone in a group too and really nothing more needs to be said. 

I wanted to blog about  it today because sometimes a person has no choice when the frustration builds to a level where a release is needed, one happens—and the coolest part is that we can actually see it in the transiting chart. 

Is it unspiritual or unlady- like or “un-anything” to call people out on their stuff and to protect one’s creations and career?  Some may say it is but I’m going to blame today’s Venus/Uranus conjunction.  (Venus transiting my 11th and sitting on top of my natal Uranus in the 11th and all that Gemini energy….triggering that 3rd house natal Venus in Scorpio…. )

Oh, and did I mention the square, sesqui-square and semi -square from Sun and Venus to natal Chiron and Uranus?!  Or that my transiting Jupiter in my 10th making an inconjunct to Chiron?  As a psychic I knew what was going on with certain people and as a psychic I trusted the impulse to act today just as my grandson did with his band-mate.
Whatever.  I’m going to do like my grandson did with his thorn-in-the side-frustration with his sophomore nemesis; we can’t let people keep us from being in step with life.  Sometimes we have to speak up—for better or worse.  And sometimes astrological aspects support that and if you are familiar with your natal nodes you can see why!  I love astrology. That’s all I’m sayen’.  🙂

PS– one of my grandson’s lessons is to stop putting everyone elses needs before his own; his speaking out the other day is shown in his chart his 1st house Jupiter/Gemini TRINE to natal Venus–speaking out for his own needs was easy (trine)  for him that day and supported as well.   He also had a few Mars squares, but you get the idea.

My apologies to readers for using this blog as a vent from time-to-time (as I just have). 

I want to share how happy I am at this new location:  I love the cathedral ceiling in my little one bedroom apartment rental and the walk-in closet and nice pantry and also I love that we have so many people from India living here and did I mention how I love the swimming pool?  If not, I do.  I will catch  up more another time; life is especially busy right now. 

May all people be at ease and happy and abundantly fulfilled!  

See you nex time….

Daily Divination 6-3-11 Doing the Great Work of Your Life! Here’s Help from 3 of Pentacles, Mars in Capricorn

Mars in Capricorn is the same archetype as today’s tarot card, 3 of Pentacles. Today’s cosmic communiqué relates to having the courage (Mars) to do the great work (Capricorn) of your life.

Suddenly, I am hearing in my mind the old Nike commercial slogan, “Just do it!” This is an old observation or one that I reference a lot and that has to do with the occasional psychic student who laments that they are not progressing and after investigating their habits, eventually admit they are not practicing regularly.

To do the work means to do the work. It’s pretty simple in mundane terms; but sometimes, emotionally, one needs to draw upon inner courage. Why courage?

Perhaps there is a fear of failure or fear of risk taking and it takes courage to overcome such fear.

The part that Capricorn plays is about getting REAL.  Getting real is an archetype of Capricorn and Saturn energy. So we could add, getting real about the fears or to borrow another slogan, “Feel the fear and do it anyway.”

The archetype of this card involves perseverance (Capricorn is ruled by Saturn—the forte’ of this energy is as the Dalai Lama puts it, “determined effort!”).  I love the way he say’s those words, the energy that comes through his vibe when he speaks those words is quite the message!

Such a great combo – Mars and Capricorn!

Exuberant, passionate and courageous Mars united with grounded, focused and patient Capricorn and patient is a powerful combination.  This epitomizes the meaning of the 3 of pentacles.

So Mars gives the impetus, push and impulse and Capricorn gives the determination and perseverance. Put them together and you have the energy of today’s message!

Tap into your passions (Mars) and use determined effort (Saturn) and “Just do it!”

You will eventually reap what you sow.

We mustn’t let minor frustrations and irritations get the best of us.

There is a flower essence that is helpful for those who are easily deterred by setbacks. It is called Gentian.

Even a picture of this flower kept near the work area is helpful to open the 6th chakra so that insights into one’s skills can be appreciated and to help one see their way through difficult work situations.

One can use the flower essence and meditate with the energy of Gentian to bring positive results as well.

Acknowledge your mastery of skills and release the small irritations and setbacks that are simply a part of life.

Be willing to face reality (Capricorn/Saturn) and realize that the challenges and disappointments of life can be used as a source of strength and courage (Mars).

If you are working “too hard” at it and seem to be getting nowhere, consider taking a mini-vacation to clear the energy and go back to it and try again. It’s amazing how well that works!  We don’t do our work very well when we are out of balance or overly tired.

I wish you a wonderful Friday!  See you tomorrow…

Post Script– another message is to examine your issues with “control” or “losing control”  and as a final note let me add that sometimes we need to lose control or let go of our “need to control” in order to be successful with some things in life that we’re having trouble with.  Where might you be too controlling when it comes to your work or career issues?  If you find that loosing control a bit more (in a positive way, of course) could be helpful for you–just do it!  This would apply especially do doing psychic work; it’s best to release control and just flow.  Yet with  any career issue, we benefit a great deal when we can just flow or channel creative energy without being overly conscious of our personality self–that is letting go of control in a positive way.  Hope this PS helps someone out there is cyberspace.