Personal Tarot Traits – I met the King of Swords yesterday

Personal Tarot Traits – Relating Personal Daily Experiences to a Daily Tarot Card

King of  SwordsThe King of Swords stood before me in all his glory.  So much so that I wanted to turn my eyes upward and say aloud, “Good one guys!  Perfect in fact.”

I drew the card that morning and then nearly forgot about it entirely until I stood before the guy.

His sword was ready for action and act it did!  What sword?  Well his mouth of course, his words–cutting, direct, and analytically attuned.  He did not roll his eyes or shake his head because we didn’t understand the “rule” that he was  delivering… I’ll give him credit for his stone cold facial expression throughout our entire conversation.  He spoke in a calculating way without a hint of empathy.   But was he actually taking pleasure in his adamant conveyance of the rule?  He was very goat-like in his delivery too.

Swords are associated with words and this guy was the King of Swords, remember?  I’m not sure if all King of Sword types are this way but there was little to no body language along with lack of facial expression with his words.

I didn’t have to stretch very much to relate the card that I drew with the male before me.  He seemed to be flaunting his experience working at the desk and while he did appear to know the rules inside and out, he seemed a bit arrogant about his intelligence as it applied to this one question we were asking.  Really?  Geeze.  (You had to have been there I guess.)  The King of Swords personality does usually include descriptions like:   intellect with poor delivery (no bedside manner so-to-speak).

The King of Swords types of the world want to create and maintain order and seek authority positions of one type or another.  Sometimes we see professionals like surgeons or lawyers carry this kind of energy in their persona.  This man was nowhere near carrying that level of authority yesterday (I like the image on the Herbal Tarot deck *(above) what seems to indicate that–King of Swords sitting down); he was at the local YMCA  after all…  pointed out by another employee as “the man in charge”.

Many times we associate King of Swords energy with someone who is the “defender of truth”–but at the level he was working at yesterday it was more comical than irritating. Manipulating people is the M.O. (modus operandi) of the King of Swords.  The energy of someone who sticks to their guns and is difficult to get around.

No matter which way I posed the question or the scenario, this guy had an ego that was unbend-able.  King of Swords!  There he was standing before me giving me today’s blog fodder!  The King of Swords is not prone to bending rules or accommodating the concerns of others and can get a certain pleasure out of saying “no”.

PS — since our family has two memberships we were asking about my granddaughter coming to swim with either her aunt or grandmother  🙂  Thanks to the guy and the universe working in harmony with my intentions for the experience though.  🙂  I may ask again some other time when I run into a Cup — any will do… King, Queen, Knight or Page. 🙂

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The other morning during my usual wake up routine (no longer hit the floor running like in the good ole’ days) when I let guidance come in and do a waking dream for the day ahead… well, there was a directive in the form of an idea laced with intensity.   Draw a card at the beginning of the day and reflect on its meaning and then revisit the day-card combo at day’s end.  That’s the treasure at the end of the rainbow so-to-speak.  It gives insight into the that world of divination for adding layers or additional traits applying meanings and deeper understanding to the cards, all of which can be drawn from those layers when doing future readings.


When the Moon Transits the 10th House

Moon in the 10th House


The 10th:  the house of achievement and fulfillment in one’s life.  The true vocation — not the job; that’s the 6th house.

I was just about to think that the Moon in the 10th house has nothing to do with anything occurring in my life right now–when duhhh! How obvious could it be?  Let me explain.

When  the Moon transits the 10th house it hits the emotional psyche or the part of us that relates to what we do here!  Our work, our career, our cosmic job description!  The 10th is ruled by Saturn/Capricorn which relates to “society”, the public.

You know this, right?  That you can sell shoes and still be doing your cosmic job description, right?  I mean we do what we came here to do no matter what our J.O.B. happens to be and we do it whether we can help it or not really.

Anyway, how could I not get such an obvious connection with my life right now?   Today I’ve been revisiting/evaluating my prior job experiences, my writing work and some other things (details not as important as the archetype meaning that I’m getting at here).  Career and how we are viewed by the public and how we view our own role in the world–that’s the 10th house.  Its what and how we are doing what we are here to do.  Well, you get the idea.  It’s the authority connection to–the 10th.  Saturn links to “the boss” or the conventional authority figure and often that archetype relates to “father” or “dad” which is another connection that Saturn /Capricorn have as far as archetype meanings.

Do I want to change it up, mix it up, flip it or turn it all around.  Do the Hokey Pokey shake it all around?  Those topics, that subject, has been dancing around in my heart the past few days, especially today.  Psychic work, astrology work, writing the novel and being of service to the world in the ways that I know how to.

I’ve been thinking about how I see myself in the world and evaluating my ability to be of service in other ways today. And actually that’s  right on time with a Moon transiting in the 10th house of career and the public image.  The opposite polarity, the 4th house, relates to self-image while the 10th relates to public image.   My entire day today was consumed with these thoughts and actions–thus the earlier duhh!  How could I not realize this connection right off–it took me a few minutes thinking well, the 10th house Moon has nothing to do with ‘me’ right now.  Nothing could be further from the truth.

Okay. What about you?  Generally speaking when the Moon transits the 10th house it is time to dedicate yourself to getting ahead in the world, either in your current career or setting things in motion toward your ultimate goals.  Authority of any kind can be an issue, either your own authority in the world or that of your boss or parents.

The soul’s wish to leave a mark in the world to bear fruit in the community somehow in a meaningful way would be triggered emotionally when the Moon moves through the 10th.

Issues of social ambiance can trigger the emotion too.  The Moon is sensitive to issues of social atmosphere in the 10th house.  Do you think this fits?  My sister just asked me if our other sister could come here at Thanksgiving.  More the merrier?  Not in this case! A religious nut and a Psychic in the same house?  Use your imagination.   Talk about right on time too– a great example of Luna transiting the 10th!  Thanks to the Angels for that great example actually.

Status or as they say over the pond STAY-tus is another thing the emotions could be sensitive to when it moves through the 10th house.  These things are good to know because while everything happens for a reason the emotional intensity in that area will back off when the Moon moves on in a day or two.  It’ll be back there next month but the great thing about the Moon and life in general is that… well, as my mother would often say, “This too shall pass.”

Our sense of life mission will be prominent in our heart when the Moon moves through the 10th.  We may feel that our emotional needs involve stepping outside of a “job description” to more of a calling instead.  We may, at this time, struggle with whether or not we are going to accept any kind of social external definition of our identity and we may be emotionally challenged to align the external sense of self with our internal.

Responsibility is also an archetype here.  Some days I do not have a client to work with but I still work.  I blog or use that day to write the weekly newsletter or work on my writing project–my “someday it’s going to be a novel”.   I make myself accountable or responsible to offer something to the community at large whether it is always noted or acknowledged doesn’t matter.  Any writer writes because they have to.   People who are ingrained in the standards of society don’t always understand this and this is what I mean by external and internal self worth.  Do I measure my worth in the world against my bank account?  That’s a great 10th house Lunar transit question.   And its a bit harder to grapple with when the Moon is here–the emotions they can clobber you about that if you’re not careful and aware.

The 10th, you see, is about standing alone just like the planet Saturn that rules here does.  And it can be lonely sometimes when those “You and Me against the World” feelings kick up.  Remember that song?

Responsibilities to pay those bills can grow and loom large when the Moon moves through here too–any responsibilities for that matter take an emotional hit from the Moon.  But the emotional triggers can help to make changes where those are necessary.  Everything happens for a reason and it’s not circumstances that upset a us, it’s the view we take of them as someone smart once said.

The more you know about the lunar cycle, the more consciously you are able to work with the energies of the psyche at that time, the more you are able to use the energy to your

advantage or at least the more equipped you are to understand yourself.  And if you know when the Moon is moving through someone else’s 10th house, that helps too.