How to Handle Paranoia, Suspiciousness and Uneasiness that comes from Fear of Loss or Betrayals of Trust – Ace of Pentacles Offers Wisdom

Before you even read this post, I must offer the Buddhist perspective which is something that can alleviate this suffering of uneasiness or fear.  That perspective goes this way.  There is no “I” to feel suspicious, paranoid uneasy or fearful.  The “I” or the “me” is the ego which suffers, clings and self-cherishes.  The ego is also the mirror for the projection outward of what is inside of self.  So the paranoia etc. has to do with afflictions of the ego-self from past which are misconceptions or what they would likely call the ‘karma of thought’ … or mental afflictions, obscurations.  Meditating on these concepts and also visualizing the lightbody… the clear, lumionous, pure lightbody can also alleviate the suffering of ego clinging–i.e. paranoia, jealousy, etc.

It happens, has happened and will likely continue to happen at one time or another to all of us on some level.  I’m talking about being double-crossed, betrayed, stolen from and other human-on-human offenses—either in this lifetime or another.  Those types of wounds go deep and create within the human soul wounds that become triggered from time-to-time and to some degree.  And those old hurts create a certain phobia, uneasiness, paranoia.

We may say things to ourselves like,  “They did it to me once and by gosh they’re not going to do it to me again if I have anything to say about it!”  Maybe you were stolen from by those you placed your trust in and shouldn’t have and now the soul is on a certain hyper vigilance when it gets triggered.  Call that paranoia if you like but what do we do about it?

I turned to the tarot, drew a card with issue in mind and asked, “How do we best handle it when we have these feelings?” 

What I think of first is this saying we’ve often heard, “Fool me once, shame on you.  Fool me twice, shame on me.”  But is that the right attitude to take?  Let’s see what wisdom we can derive from the ACE OF PENTACLES.

As I look at the card, two things come to mind.  One is about being grounded and another is about starting over as in new beginnings.  These are two archetypes of the combination of PENTALCES and ACES.

I am laughing at those keywords “grounded” and “new beginning” – it’s as if the oracle is clearly saying that the way to handle the paranoia is to find a way to ground in the NOW and to remember that each moment is a new beginning.  We, as humans, carry the past with us to some extend for it is all in our soul.  We’ve learned some hard lessons and don’t want to make those painful mistakes again; thus, the paranoia.  Something inside of us says, “Oh, no!  Not again; let me strike before someone strikes me first–or at the very least, I should take protective measures.”

Discernment is a big lesson—knowing who to trust and who NOT to trust.  We can get that confused.  How do we sort it out?  Well, turning to an oracle or using intuition can be helpful.

I’d say that when our stomach muscles are gripped, there is something trying to get our attention.  Are those feelings an over-reaction to be ignored or a warning to be heeded?

Sometimes we have to get some distance in order to know for sure which is which. We should not ignore these suspicious, uncomfortable feelings nor should we become a slave to them.

One way out of it is to apply a method called “The Work” by Byron Katie which is asking the self a the question, “Can I know for sure this is true?”,  “How does it feel when I think this thought?”  And “Who would I be without this thought?” 

The Ace of Pentalces also relates, on an archetypal level, to nurturing the mind/body/spirit on a deep level.  A good healthy meal, an enjoyable exercise of some type or a good old-fashioned nap could help—that or whatever seems to nourish the soul.  Sometimes, for me, that’s watching a movie.

If the feelings of paranoia or suspicions about something or someone create the level uneasiness that is relieved by taking an action toward self-protection; take that action if it nourishes the soul and then let it go.  Let that self-protective measure or action help to put an end to the phobia and the uneasiness that suspicion has caused.  Then go do something else; let it go.

By the way, PENTACLES relates to material matters or materiality.  So money/finances and loss/gain is part of the dynamic; so the oracle is giving specific information about what causes some of that and that is fear of the loss of money or someone taking from us what results in income in some way.  Survival stuff.  There can be also a fear of “loss of self” which is the ego fearing its demise.  Not possible but that’s paranoia. 

The roses in the image of the Ace of Pentacles reminds us of beauty and also the pain of the thorns.  Our fellow humans – some can be so beautiful and others can stab us with their thorns.  Or maybe we can stab ourselves sometimes too if we let our suspicious natures get out of hand.

Lastly, the angel with the money sign on this card seems to remind us that we must keep ourselves in as positive state as much as possible in order to receive the material gifts available to us.  And, worst case scenario, the oracle reminds us that life is full of new beginnings and help is available.

What will help the most to overcome these emotions is gratitude and the use of common sense; so counteract paranoia by focusing on your blessings and as I started with, by “getting real”—as best as you can anyway.

Know you are safe, protected and that you have total security.  Remember WHO really provides for your needs … i.e. a Higher Power.  Even if you don’t fully believe it, fake it until you make it.  It helps to believe we’re not facing this life without some sort of Divine Support.

One last final note—sometimes feelings of “fear of loss” can motivate us toward greater achievement.

I hope this little post helps someone out in cyber world.


Daily Divination 9-12-11 Take a Gentle and Soft Approach Today – Pace Yourself. I-CHING Kua 57 and Pisces Full Moon

Lovely! The Gentle, Kua 57. That was my plan for today, being gentle with myself and a friend wrote and delivered a message in her email communication—“listen to your body and pace yourself” is what she wrote. Those were my exact thoughts as I planned for my day today.

Maybe I overdid it on Friday and the weekend with yard work and the like, but late in the day yesterday was not a happy time. But then, the HUGE FULL MOON (did you see it over the weekend?) was/is in PISCES until like 3 AM’ish on Tuesday morning. In other words, the full day yesterday and today we’ve got a FULL MOON PISCES going on. I could go into that Pisces Moon archetype but already have, been there done that if you want to read it CLICK HERE, but suffice it to say that one archetype of Pisces that I feel when the Full Moon hits the sky like a big pizza pie is CONFUSION, emotionally—EMOTIONAL CONFUSION and also a desire to ESCAPE anyhow, anyway, anyplace. (An archetype of Pisces can be escapism–that’s the darker side of Pisces.  All signs of the zodiac have yin/yang light/dark–but that’s life and I’m sure you know that.)

Yeah, so there it is and maybe that’s why I’m getting the message to be gentle and the I-CHING for today directs us to Kua 57 called,

“The Gentle” or “Gently Penetrating” (The Penetrating Wind).

Maybe some keywords will help with today’s cosmic communiqué. The message for today has to do with…

  • A soft approach
  • Faith
  • Moderation
  • A subtle but deep influence
  • Understanding
  • Nonviolence

So that gives us a picture of the quality of energy that is being advised for our highest good for today. And, as I always write here, no matter what day or time you come across this post, it applies to NOW for that’s the only time there really is. Yeah, I think I won’t go into that one any deeper—most people get that the past is only memory and the future is speculation and all there is—-is, “isness” or NOW. I went into it anyway—notice?

The energy message for today is ALSO about penetrating into the consciousness of others to gently influence them. And in doing this for one’s self, gently penetrating into the walls of resistance within one’s own self so that one can go into those dark recesses—those places we don’t want to go to because we may see things about ourselves that we don’t like—and to bring the light (of truth) there. Yet, do so GENTLY being as kind to one’s self as one would be to a stranger in need. (Oh, and it goes without saying, but I will anyway, that one hopes you are the type that would be kind to a stranger in need! – LOL).

When we try to bully ourselves (or others) into change of any sort, the goal should be to GENTLY create willingness and enthusiasm. Anything more can arouse resentment and resistance.

I’d like to type that last sentence a 2nd time because it is just that important to emphasize. I see that within myself so clearly and in so many ways! Thus, the message to pace one’s self and be gentle with one’s self (and then accordingly it will overflow into being gentle with others; it always starts with the self first, right?)

Patience, perseverance and GENTLENESS…. That is how it is to pace one’s self.

I’m loving today’s message—it’s really SPEAKING to me (can you tell?)  🙂

So whatever you are trying to achieve in your life—whether it concerns just one’s self or includes others/another—keep the overall goal in mind at all times, however it is a most important function to remember that success comes through taking small steps, achieving minor goals, noticing minor details, and very modestly. In other words, those things we often hear like, “day by day” and “one step at a time” as well as “one day at a time”–and in some cases (perhaps like today?) ONE MOMENT AT A TIME and E-Z does it.  It’s Monday after all and it’s a FULL MOON… and in Pisces no less… so we will feel like we’re walking in circles a bit anyway–slow down least you dizzy yourself and take a tumble.

I really like the image for Kua 57 (above)… it reminds me about the divine feminine principles and the strength of the yin, gentle energy. Kwan Yin!

Actually a FULL MOON in PISCES really connects to gentle Kuan Yin spiritual and feminine (12th house of astrology–Pisces/Neptune rulership) energy.  I couldn’t help it; I had to toss in another astrology archetype while I had a chance.

Progress through the day slowly, steadily and silently—that’s today’s GENTLE message! It’s how I awakened today; vowing not to leave the bedroom until I came up with a plan for the day and all I have been describing thus far has been IT. The feeling with my plan was… well, now that I think about it, reflecting back to the start of the day, I remember hearing in my mind the phrase, “SILENCE IS GOLDEN”.

And this next part is for my friend who delivered to me the “pace yourself; listen to your body” message. This message is especially for YOU my friend and if this message feels right, then it applies to YOU (the reader) too…

THE GENTLE remains in the background, happy to be doing its thing without drawing attention to itself. It’s the way of least resistance that is active and modest at the same time. Gentleness is flexible and free, not burdened by the maintenance cost of keeping a high-profile. Your focus should be on being adaptable as you tune into the subtle and shifting currents of change. Stay alert. In this way it will be possible to act assertively and decisively when and if the right time arises. Don’t worry about making progress; be willing to wait. Being patient and surrounding yourself with a sense of spaciousness are prerequisites to perceiving the meandering course of TAO that will bring the right conclusions to your efforts in the right time. Clear away any mental debris that might be creating doubt about this. Stay on the path of least resistance—this is the most intelligent and beneficial approach for you right now.

See you tomorrow… I’m off to proceed with my gentle day!