Integrating Spiritual Experiences into the Personality

Integrating Spiritual Experiences into the Personality

Integrating Spiritual Awakenings into the Life of the Personality

Do you see what’s going on?  I mean really? There’s a burning desire within me to write about this maybe because until now I only partially understood what’s been going on.  Maybe that’s what you are (or have been) too and that’s why this post.  Let me give a few examples of what is intended.  Let’s say you watched all three Lord of the Ring movies.  But even if you haven’t, hang in there, okay?  Remember how Sam, Frodo, Pippin, and Merry came back from their adventures returning to the Shire and the looks they got from the hobbits from those who never left?  Remember how Frodo and the others looked at one another?  They had to find some way to come back now after their long journey and live normal lives.  Right.  See where I’m going here?  Integration back into the work-a-day world with others can be difficult.

My gosh, I’ve written about my difficulties with that for years but wasn’t fully aware that its a process now in which many others are also struggling.  Increased sensitivity to sound and noxious energy is one part of it. Yet the other part is continuing to meditate in the world of men and beasts after being in true solitude and withdrawal for an extended period.

Some people go on retreat, some for as long as a year.  For myself, it was a much longer period of time overall.  Not that I didn’t have to deal with real-world concerns in spurts but for the most part, I do recall at least 2 solid years of meditation throughout the bulk of the day.  I was, for all practical purposes, withdrawn from the world of the ego/personality and spent a good deal of time in states of . . . well, let’s just say in states in which the self that deals with earth living was out of the picture.

I pictured myself remaining in that state until the end of days.  Yet, the personality/ego needed to integrate all the spiritual meditative states and bring them right into the face of loud neighbors, barking dogs, mean humans and the whole gambit of aversions.

My meditations took on a new format at that point.  My mind was being critical, judgmental, aversive, impatient, intolerant—you name it.  Woah, my spiritual practice took a huge hit!

I began to really dislike myself and felt like all my spiritual work was destroyed.  My mind, in meditation, was running in 10 different directions and it wasn’t easy to pull myself together, so-to-speak.

At that point, thoughts of becoming a nun of some type or other or hiking the Appalachian Trail on a permanent basis were prominent.  I began to resent my family to whom I came down of the mountain (literally from the high Country of the Appalachians to the flatland) to serve.  I wanted to go back, desperately.  I didn’t want to integrate.

Many times when my energy tangled with a difficult human I’d find myself really angry at myself instead of realizing it’s okay to stand up for one’s self in a way that is direct and at the same time kind.

My point in writing this is that people who view themselves as on a spiritual path upon which they might have had profound spiritual experiences feeling great love, peace, and unification/oneness in meditation or on retreats should give themselves a break.  Like Frodo and the others and even like Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey, it’s a path and may take a while to come back to this temporary earth home after having really gone HOME.  No matter if that going HOME was brief or for years, it is my current understanding that our job now is to apply what we experienced to our ego/personality and integrate that within the earth world.  It’s a journey and self-acceptance is a huge part of it now as we pull the mind back into the unity consciousness it once knew.

Memories will arise triggered by life experiences and people outside of times of spiritual withdrawal and we can watch the mind and learn about our patterns and tendencies.  In that awareness, we can diffuse their energy.  But it doesn’t mean we’ve lost our prior spiritual state, nor does it mean we have done anything wrong.

It’s just a deeper level of spiritual awakening and not a failure in any way.  That’s what I’m trying to convey.

I hope these views and opinions of mine will find their way to those who might be able to understand and benefit from this little post.

Driveby Painted Rock – Sign of Progress

Maybe this is a vent in disguise but I’d like to think it’s more of a hopeful sign.  Just wanted to put it out there in the cyber world.  Should have snapped a photo.  Didn’t so you’ll just have to believe me.  Here’s the deal. I’m down off the mountain now living at the foot of the foothills.  However, my residence was in the Appalachian Mountains for many a year, near 20 give or take.  Point is the contrast.  I wanted to write something about the whole Jesus thing.  Around here there are these huge boulders placed in front of schools and there are messages painted on them that change from time to time.  Once when my granddaughter was in elementary school, her mom and dad rented the rock to paint a big happy birthday message to her.   It’s a ‘thing’ around here.

So the thing is that in driving by the other day,  caught sight of a huge rock in front of our local high school which read HAPPY HOLIDAYS and beneath it were various symbols of various religions.  I felt encouraged by that.

Christians, it seems to me, way too often assume everybody else is or should be just as they are and we get the Jesus thing shoved in our Jewish, Buddhist., Hindu, Druid, Taoist, Islam, Shinto, Wicca … you get the idea… faces!

What about the contrast, the point of this blog post, that was mentioned above?

Well, when living in Appalachia, in my desire to tend App State University, the local college, in reviewing my transcripts,  indicated I needed a few more electives.  Turns out I didn’t but that’s another story.   Point is that when walking into a classroom there was written on the board in huge letters, JESUS LOVES YOU.  Not only that but one day one of the local Baptist ministers was standing outside the main building trying to give away Bibles.

Here’s another example.  In the small mountain community, there was — and then there wasn’t — a yoga studio.  I inquired about it and was told that the landlord would not rent to the yoga people because his minister said not to do so since yoga relates to the devil.  True story.  I know it sounds unbelievable, but I wouldn’t lie!

Anyway… what a distinct difference between those examples of religion in the Appalachians and the painted rock outside of the High School yesterday!  An acknowledgment that the acceptance of differences in humanities theology is alive and well (at least down here in the foothills!)

Amen.  and PS – if I get by that rock again before it’s painted over into a different message, I’ll grab a photo with my cell and post it here.

Tree Lovers, Unite! Repello Muggletum!!

I will use Repello Muggletum (the Muggle-Repelling Charm) and will also call out Protego Totalum (protective spell) around the two large trees still left standing near the road. The rest are gone, massacred. And now I have the view out my front window of what appears to be either a football field or airplane landing strip. I’m not sure which.

The ‘once-was’ forest across the highway now looks horrible and causes pain in my body when I glance out. When the bulldozer and that other earth mover machine (the one that has the long arm with teeth at the end) come near those two trees left standing, I carry on within my mind and heart, “No, no please, not those!”

I will now use the muggle repelling charm. It has worked for a few other unmentionable protective needs and with all the Potter fans lending their energy to those thought forms, why not use them?

And why didn’t I think of that before this morning? Overcome with the shock and awe of it all I guess. We live in the Pisgah National Forest, don’t we? I want to scream those words out to the muggle neighbors. Why, why, why?

The view out my front window is changing drastically day-by-day and I pray that by the end of next week they will be done with whatever that lord over the land intends. So many trees died this past week, such sorrow.  Maybe today will be the end, the last day and the earth destroying machines will go away.  What about the deer?  Their path goes through there.  They will be out in plain sight there now.  How many animal homes have been thoughtlessly destroyed this past week?

I’ve never seen such disregard for the sacredness of nature from people born and raised in the Appalachian mountains!  Of all people, outsiders like me (born off the mountain–commonly refered to by locals as being “from OFF”) don’t understand how people raised on the mountain have such dislike for trees.  It is the local mountain people who like their lawns manicured and free of trees like Floridians who love the golf course look on their property.  The old guys up here love to get on their riding lawn mower tractors and atop their land–trees get in the way of that past time.

What are they doing across the highway?  Will it be an air strip or a football field? Perhaps a golf course? Oh, pray not! Yet, a few transplanted Floridians actually did that up here near the entrance to the Blue Ridge Parkway. Can you imagine? No, don’t! Imagination is too powerful. Forget that.

Lots of folks up here clearcut the trees—nothing is uglier. Who, in their right mind, would rather stand in the middle of a recent clearcut field as opposed to the middle of a large oak/maple/poplar forest?

But these aren’t ordinary muggles… they’re Appalachian Muggles after all and so that makes my point exactly—the point about right mind I mean.

But then who’s to say which mind is right? Mine or theirs? What is sacred to me and what I find reverence for is merely something to be mastered and lorded over and destroyed at will by them.   “Look how I have changed the land and how powerful a lord I am to have hired Bulldozer Bob and his friends to rid the land of trees”, they say.  And they feel about the same way about the animals.  The first deer killed during deer shooting season is featured on the front page of the local newspaper with the animal hanging over and around the killer’s neck–the bigger the antlers, the more powerful the hunter and if the local paper can find a youngster who made the first kill, all the better for the front page.  It sickens my heart and I try not to think about it, and I usually don’t like to “go there”, but I am blogging out to cyberspace to ask for your help to save those few trees.  Just reading this and feeling in alignment with my thoughts is all that’s needed.  Thoughts are powerful.  Spells and charms and incantations are simply thoughts.  And the more that gather together for one cause, the more power it adds to the thought intention.  So this is why I’m blogging about it today–I’m not just venting or beee-atching to play with my ego.

What I know about the Appalachian folks here is that they do not pay land tax on those acres that their ancestors stole from the Cherokee if they plant Christmas trees or some type of crop on the land. It’s always about money and power over or lord-ing over, isn’t it?

Fine. I am calling out to the universe for protection for those two trees by the road that I’ve become so accustomed to looking out at. Yesterday, I was talking to a friend on the phone and one tree nearby started to rock and momentarily I forgot about the carnage creators across the road. Then I realized I was watching another tree come down—another friend leaving, as if waving goodbye. And I ran off to the den where I could not look.  I will miss all of them, trees are my friends.  But these last two I hope to save.

Please if you read this help me to energize my protective charms, spells, thoughts and prayers for those two last trees?

Stay away from them you clearcutting deforesting muggles! Repello Muggletum!!!!! Protego Totalum!!!!! Stay away from them you Horcruxes!!!!! Repello, Repello, Repello!!!

Salvio hexia Repello Muggletum!!!!! Keep away from those last trees!!

Salvio hexia Repello Muggletum!!!!!  Protego Totalum!!!!!! Expecto Patronum!!!!!!