Financial Worries, Fear and the Taming of the Ego-Shrew: Here’s Help to counteract fear and worry

Angel Card of AbundanceCalming the fear – taming of the shrew ego – that’s been tonight’s business.  Am I going to be able to pay next month’s rent while still being able to give my daughter a small (and I do mean small) wedding gift?  Mid-August through mid-September is customarily a slow time with people getting children (and themselves) back to school and college.  I’m not irresponsible when it comes to money.  And anyone who knows me also knows this is ‘the big one’ that I seem to have to deal with every now and again:  survival (money) issues!  O and Lo am I ever so weary of that shrew cropping up now and again at the worst possible times!  Like now.

How do we counteract gripping fear and worry?

And make no mistake, it does have to be counteracted—it can be cripplingly immobilizing and can create near panic.  O maybe it’s not financial issues for you—perhaps it’s your family issue or your health issue or your career issue or some timing issue of some type. No matter—fear is fear; and I’ve learned hope is the flip side of it and isn’t all that helpful in its essence either… hope is just another game of the ego-shrew.

That claustrophobic and trapped feeling that fear instigates can feel pretty intense!   So what to do?

Well, since I just did something that helped, it occurred to me to blog about it in case it may help someone out there in cyber world with their fear in some way too.

Help!  I’m afraid, I’m scared, I’m worried, I’m freaking out… “Holy hemmed-in Batman, what do we do?”

First, it’s best (having learned from experience) if we can catch ourselves before we sink too deep into those feelings.  And that feeling (you know… you’re familiar) is similar to being cast in concrete and drifting into the deep dark ocean.. the abyss.

You know when it’s happening and it’s no use trying to escape through demonstrations of anger or blame and it doesn’t help to try to dull the senses through alcohol, food or drugs—that’s only putting a band aid on it and then you feel worse when you have to rip that bandage off!

The best way to catch that feeling and shift it is to simply think of the part of the universe called potentiality or god or space or expansiveness—start to get a visual of a huge blue ocean or pink sky or the vastness of outer space (think far out where there are 10 galaxies before you).

Now breathe that in and deeply too! And then breathe out the claustrophobic feeling right into that visual of open space.

What helps me is to bring purpose to my suffering of fear by thinking about others—other humans.  People who are in the same situation as myself who are also feeling this way and so now I breathe out for them the claustrophobic fearful paralyzing feelings of despair and fear and I breath it out for myself too—for all of us.

And for all of us I breath in that expansive sky, ocean or place in the universe where the group of galaxies are—whatever visual works for you.

I think it’s good to realize that the expansiveness is full of potential—full of good energy that can make our desires manifest—and with that thought, breathe it in deeply for self and for others.

That first step helps you to feel so much better and gets you out of the grip of the downward spiral.

For myself I find it comforting to grab my divination tools—that helps me focus the energy that I’ve just connected with especially now that I am emptier of the fear.  Not everyone would do this; but because I am a psychic by profession, I happen to have divination tools and I use them to have a talk with myself on all levels that myself exists and with all the Divine Assistants who are… well, assisting.

If you don’t have divination tools like tarot cards or runes or a pendulum or angel cards, simply get a paper and pencil and start journal-ing and in the process of journal-ing, ask your Self one question at a time and intuit the answer—write it all down even if you think you’re making it up; if you are open and sincere, that’s all you need to be.

You will find it is comforting and centering to ask questions and to let the divine intelligence answer.

Pause every now and then and do the expansive breathing and visualization—releasing limiting feelings and breathing in freedom, safety and the type of assistance you require.  Ask and don’t be surprised when it is given.

The ego-shrew will still try to take hold from time-to-time throughout the process, but we are taming the shrew and will not tolerate that interference—just breathe that shrew away! 

Tonight I used my cards and received the informational replies to my questions which felt reassuring and I now feel much calmer.

I asked if my financial situation will improve and received the Yes indicator from my tarot cards and then at the end of the question and answer session I thought to pull one Angel Card and after giving it the good shuffle, I felt the energy indicator (energy surges within me) to stop the shuffle and turn over the top card.

Review:  My overall concern this evening (truthfully, it was gripping fear) had everything to do with money/finances and my shrew-ego had been goading me to worry over my ability to pay next month’s rent, remember?

I had to smile and lean back onto my pillow when I saw the card that came up—it was the Angel Card of ABUNDANCE.  I feel better.

I hope that something written here helped you to feel better too.

Daily Divination 9-21-11 Change and Energy on the Increase! May You Experience a Flowering! From I-CHING Kua 42

Strange! It seems these days that everywhere I look, the scenery is changing. Of course, its fall and the trees are changing and the environment has a new daily color. Outside my front window, the farmer across the way has taken to butchering nature (my words of judgment I realize) and changing the view out of the bay window to which I now realize I’ve become much too attached. Trees are falling and I’m breathing deeply and trying not to notice—but I do. Even my own view of myself in the mirror seems to be changing these days… but I say this in a positive sense. No matter. That’s what life is—it’s what it’s about: CHANGE. I wrote a bit about that in this week’s psychic newsletter if you’d like to have a look. But now, back to the regularly scheduled BLOG post… an imaginary drum roll happens in my head as I toss the coins for today’s I-CHING daily divination message.

We have Kua 42 here, the I-CHING message of INCREASE. What is the meaning? The universe will help and support those who make the efforts, take active steps and make application. And if the efforts one makes are those that help others (not just the self), then all the more support is given.

Today’s message is to persevere despite the times when we feel as though we may lose heart. Tough times always pass—nothing stays the same forever—so, continue to remain true to your highest ethics and integrity!

Wow, as I look at the flowers on the card, even though I am typing this at the farthest point away from the sound of the bulldozer and big digger equipment just across the street, I still hear the sounds of the machines and destruction. Maybe there will be beautiful flowers in the spring in the field across the street, just like in the picture. I have this vision of myself going out one moonlit night in the wee hours and tossing wildflower seed all about the field that was once, mere days ago, a lovely forest. Perhaps the landowner needs a crop there for financial reasons or perhaps he has agreed to sell the trees for a price. I will send love and blessings to mother earth there—that I will do just as soon as I heal from the destructive machinery sounds. So today’s message from the I-CHING that means INCREASE applies to what is going on across the street. The land owner, it seems, is looking for an increase to come from the destruction on the land. I know how it feels to seek increase and will feel compassion for him and for nature itself and hope that he does see what he wishes. I will take today’s meanings—the keywords for today’s I-CHING Kua 42 and wish all of that for the land owner who is changing my view out of my window. I wish these things for not only him but for everyone who reads these words and for myself. May we all enjoy the following:

• An increase that we can share with others

• Reaping of rewards for all of our efforts

• An overflow of abundance

• A “flowering” [image above] that comes from all of our efforts

• Fertile fields, fertile grounds

• Encouragement from the universe by way of support for our efforts

• May we experience a time of upswing

• Prosperity

• Great progress

Additionally, may we all apply our personal will wisely for these benefits to occur! May we all have increases that are good and true that uplift ourselves and others as well. May all of our opportunities land on the mark and none fall short!

Today, can you give someone a few flowers from your field? Is there an act of caring that you can afford to offer another?

Be the best you can be and help another be their best too, and this is how the flowers grow…

Meanwhile, the sky opens and it is starting to rain which seems in alignment with my own feelings as I listen to Bulldozer Bob out there and that other kind of earth destroyer… the kind with the big teeth on the end of the long arm that bites deeply into earth mother!

I am going to get in my car and drive away from here until nightfall when the machines will no longer be working. I’m going to a trailhead and hike deep into the forest and talk with Nature Goddess and nature spirits.

And thus ends my attempts to offer the cosmic communiqué for the day.  Just remember that today (and almost always) the universe will support attempts at increase if you make the sincere efforts and include the good of others in those attempts.

As for me?  What is the loss of a few more friends (the trees) if will bring the landowner some increase?  I am trying my best to feel this way… it’s hard.

Daily Divination 8-2-11 Prosperity and Radiance! Are You in The Flow? I CHING KUA 14 with Tarot and Astrology Archetype Correlations

Using resources wisely—ask Washington DC about that! Today’s message is about PROSPERITY inspired by the I-CHING Kua 14. Prosperity has radiance; it is a grace, an energy, which can be used with positive or negative effects. The energy of money can be either nourishing and supportive or small-minded and self-indulgent. Boy O boy! Don’t we see THAT debate being played out in Washington right now?

The I-CHING wisdom states that  fortune smiles upon us when our vision and plans are in harmony with the flow of the Universe. I think the important word in that last sentence is “flow”. Fears about not having enough always stop that flow—trust me on this one! It’s one of my life lessons! (My natal North Node is in Taurus in the 10th.)

When we have ideals that are in harmony with a compassionate and “flowing” universe, the resources are available to us. Miserliness and greed don’t seem to be part of natural law and the flow of the TAO.

On the other hand, we know that with abundance comes the responsibility of being good a caretaker of resources—acting modestly but not selfishly seems like good common sense. The question is whether or not we act in accordance with what is the highest and best within us. What attitude is in honor and in integrity? It involves compassion and sharing what we have with others when the opportunity presents itself.

The current debates in our country (United States) and throughout the world about finances and the economy bring forth an opportunity to examine our own feelings about finances, wealth, personal economic issues.

Today’s message brings forth the suggestion to examine our own attitudes about finances, prosperity and wealth and our relationship to others where money is concerned.

Relaxing one’s fearful attitudes and maintaining a hopeful and relaxed mind while neither hoarding nor being greedy helps us to stay in the flow that supports prosperity.

Today, the message is to take heart and know that we are all abundantly blessed and with that inward inspiration, outward manifestation becomes apparent. Is this a truth that you are living?



Ariesinitiation of action without fear; freedom; creating an identification structure

Taurus – money; value system; relates to 2nd house of “what is valued”

Cancer – feeling secure, safe, comforted (comfortable) and nurtured by life; emotional connections to safety; emotional immaturity

Leo – looking for validation outside of self; seeking outer world gratification and acknowledgment (in this case, through financial success as a validation of self-worth)


The Star – being hopeful and relaxing the mind; staying in the “flow”

The Sun – blessings; success; take heart; joyousness and happiness; universal blessings; the sun illuminates all things without judgment or preference—equality

Magician – outward manifestation of inward inspiration

Justice – making discriminating choices

The Emperor – achievement of goals; being responsible

Judgment – Living one’s inner truth; knowing we are more than our physical body and physical possessions; being receptive to the flow; awakening to over-indulgences