Personal Tarot Trait for May 13, 14 and May 15, 2015 – Judgment, King of Cups and 7 of Cups

Personal Tarot Traits – Relating Personal Daily Experiences to a Daily Tarot Card

If I’ve read it once, it’s been the same number of times that match the number of tarot books on my shelf.  Most all authors mention pulling a card a day to learn about the cards.  The other morning during my usual wake up routine (no longer hit the floor running like in the good ole’ days) when I let guidance come in and do a waking dream for the day ahead… well, there was a directive in the form of an idea laced with intensity.   Draw a card at the beginning of the day and reflect on its meaning and then revisit the day-card combo at day’s end.  That’s the treasure at the end of the rainbow so-to-speak.  It gives insight into the that world of divination for adding layers or additional traits applying meanings and deeper understanding to the cards, all of which can be drawn from those layers when doing future readings.

Let your personal life teach you the cards!  So that’s what this post is all about.

I have three days /slash/ tarot cards to begin this journey with.  Will I be able to make posts like this daily or regularly?  (my inner question as I type)  The answer:  time will tell.  But no time like the present as they say so let’s get going with what we’ve already got!

May 13, 2015:  Judgment

Judgment Herbal tarotThe highlight of that day that relates to this card is one in which I assumed how something in my life would likely play out and I was wrong.  One could say “judged” wrongly how something would likely turn out.  It regarded a work out and if you are someone who regularly exercises, you know how this goes.  There are times when you feel like you maybe shouldn’t work out–you feel tired or think that you will not do very well.  But you drag yourself to the gym anyway or if you are a runner/jogger, you lace up your shoes and head out the door anyhow.  Right?  And then it turns out that you end up having the best workout than you’ve had in months!  That’s my personal tarot trait for the Judgment Card.  This card is about being “called” to “restructure” the “self”.  And it was a day when several personal best were achieved with my exercise goals when beforehand I almost skipped the gym because I thought I was too tired.  The end of a plateau was reached and everything got kicked up a few notches.  Next time I draw this card in a reading, I will consider this experience in my card interpretation.

May 14, 2015:  King of Cups

King of Cups and JamesThe highlight of that day was my musically inclined grandson!  This card does often represent a male energy and also water or emotion.  One divinatory meaning relates to a fondness for the arts!  My grandson sings in the honors choir, sings on stage in high school plays, plays saxophone in the marching band and that night was featured in an oboe solo (an oboe which he taught himself how to play by the way).  It was the day of the in the spring concert on May 14, 2015.  I will think of a sensitive and artistic male and my grandson anytime I pull this card in the future.  The concern in which he played a solo oboe part was a huge highlight of that day!   The King of Cups represents ambitious male energy and this another quality of my grandson.

May 15, 2015:  7 of Cups

7 of cups Herbal tarotOn this day—a pleasant surprise occurred as highlight of the day!  My daughter tied up a loose end for me.  She cleaned out the remaining items of my storage unit, moving them into her own which we planned to share.  She saved me the efforts which was such a nice thing for her to do for me–an unexpected pleasantry!  Whenever I see this card, the first thought is this:  anything is possible.  The 7 of cups also relates to the truth that the outer world is a reflection of the inner world.  I’d had cleaning out that storage unit and getting my stuff into hers for recent days and then it gets done and I didn’t lift a finger while I did imagine or visualize it.  I will be sure to add “things that come unexpectedly” as a trait for this card next time it comes up in a reading.  My daughter was a the gym and I was on my way there when she called and said, “I have a gift for you on the front seat of my car.”  And when I saw the lock to my unit there, I knew exactly what she had done!

Do you recognize yourself in the outer world? 7 of Cups

7 of cups collage image


Earlier this morning… a thought.

What I am attracted to in the outer world… this is me seeing myself.

What I actually do attract (like it or not)… this is me seeing myself.

Do I recognize myself in the outer world?

I am attracted to water.  I love to swim (laps at the local Y).  This water is me.  I am the water.  This is one way to see myself in the outer world, to recognize myself.

I am NOT attracted to smirk-y, snark-y judgmental types and like a smart cat or kitten, choose not to surround myself with that energy.  But I’m loosing the point, or am I?

What is attracted to me (like it or not) or what I energize with my attention, this is me seeing myself.  That, too, is ‘me’.

Hmmmm…. this must be showing along the path somewhere as something common in the archtype of life.

If this thought was a sign, I might think PISCES.

If this thought was a tarot card, it would be 7 of Cups.

What comes to me and what I’m attracted to in the outer world both represent me, who I am.

I am going to contemplate this for the rest of the day.  Consciousness!  Relationship to the world!  Today I will recognize myself in the outer world.

Divination Message April 9, 2011 Time For Difficult But Self-Loving Decisions; Venus/Scorpio/7 of Cups

 Making Difficult Choices That Are Self Loving

The Broadcast from the Cosmos that I’m receiving today has to do with 7 of cups energy – – many possibilities… making a choice or a decision without knowing beforehand how it’s going to turn out… but making a tough choice, regardless… while doing the best you can!  That was a mouthful.  The bottom line message from the universe is that when you do this – – when you make a tough decision or choice in faith, it will turn out well. But the important thing is to actually make that choice or decision and not to let the decision  be made ‘for’ you by withdrawing or hiding from whatever is going on now–on the day you read this, whichever day it may be!   

And further, the message is to realize that the way you envision regarding the outcome of your decision carries authority and weight in the universe. Life is about choice and choosing through the envisioning process as well as taking action, not turning away from the choice or decision that is before you now.

Often times we forget or negate the envisioning process as it relates to outcomes. A further message with today’s broadcast has to do with understanding that making certain choices also involves UN-choosing other scenarios.   

The idea is about making either no choice or making wrong choice.  It has to do with cautioning you about energizing wrong pictures–the one’s you do not wish to manifest.

Sometimes in life, we have to give up certain things to have others.  And usually we want to give up that which is unhealthy for us and replace it with what is emotionally, physically, mentally,  and spiritually healthy instead.  The choice is about letting go of what we didn’t need or shouldn’t have because is wasn’t furthering our evolutionary goals or purposes.


I am thinking of an image that I often see in my mind regarding this type of communication. If we want something better in life, we have to let go of what we don’t want. It sounds easier than it is sometimes.

 I see it as a vision of a hand holding something and while reaching for something else and with that vision comes the understanding that we have to let go, release what is in the hand, in order to have the hand be empty or emptied so that what we desire can come in to the empty hand, ready to receive.

The feeling is almost like let go of what you don’t want, so that’s what you ‘do’ want has room to come in!

Venus in Scorpio

The astrological symbolism that relates to this card is the archetype of Venus in Scorpio. So we have to talk about the archetype of Venus (love) and Scorpio (depth of power).

Often times, the archtypical energy of Scorpio in the psyche or soul is one that contains deep betrayals of trust and traumatic psychological wounding.  Scorpio energy is also (as it rules the 8th house, and Scorpio is ruled by the planet Pluto) about lessons of powerlessness and power – – or misuses of power.  When we apply that energy to Venus, which relates to self-love, we can see how the seven of cups is about making a choice not out of wounded-ness, but instead out of self-empowerment! 

So the message today has to do with making healthy choices and releasing any type of addictive behaviors that do not enhance the soul’s evolution. Tuff stuff! 

We all want to remain secure emotionally and sometimes we do this by remaining in situations or in engaging in behaviors that we


know are not healthy or self-loving, because we fear it may be even more painful than what we are currently facing. The Venus quality to this card and this energy and today’s message is about self-love and making choices that enhance that energy.


Today is Saturday, and yesterday life got in the way of me making a blog post. And that’s why this one is coming out today… And it may be because somebody out there needs to hear this message today whereas yesterday, it may not have been as effective. I am someone who trusts divine order in these matters…

Remember, the best way to love others, is to love self-first and that is not selfish; that is actually what must be done first in order to both give and receive love and in order to live a healthy life.

Wishing you a peaceful weekend!