Psychic Predictions for New Year 2016


First the collective and then the individual influences appear below.  I’ve separated out the individual influences according to Sun sign.  If your date of birth is on the cusp of two signs, read both signs.


One trend in the psyche of the collective will relate to relating to people of common interests.  Technology that supports this collective desire will increase.  We may see more “Facebook” or “Twitter” et al types of Internet offerings.  The collective as a whole is gravitating toward a time when telepathic communication is more active and being woven into technology.  I’ve been seeing in my New Year’s predictions for years now – the human mind and computer mind merging for purposes that extend beyond game technology.
There will be Keep on reading!


Psychic Predictions for 2015 — Happy New Year

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Psychic Predictions for 2015
by Joy Star

Psychic Predictions 2015 CollageThe first day of the New Year here is sunny and cold, no—freezing, to be exact; at 32° F. and there are feelings of optimism covering the earth, permeating the mind and hearts of those open to these plentiful vibes.

The numerology for the 2015 year totals to an 8 and this is a vibration associated with material and business success and increases in prosperity.

There have been upswings in the economy during 8 years; 1934, 1943, 1952, 1961 and 1970 were all 8 years.  (Include with that list 1997 and 2006).   However, there can be minor instability at the start of 8 years because reorganization takes place at the start of 8 years. Large scale plans are set into motion in 8 years and material progress occurs.  [Source:  Kathleeen Roquemore, It’s all in your Numbers]

Moved! Yay

Back to a personal note now, I’ve just (in this past week since Christmas) moved into a cute and cozy little apartment that has the appearance of being its own little house—a one level end unit. It is a quiet little rental community here—individual buildings spread apart on the side of a hill surrounded by wide open grassy areas bordered wooded areas and trees kindly left by the 1970 builders. Trees remain in and around the campus giving the place the feel of a campground. I’ve yet to hear either of my neighbors—both elderly females in a one bedroom unit like me. In comparison to the living conditions experienced since moving from the mountains, this is heaven and appreciated fully as “heavenly is-ness” by me.


I am asking, through my connection with Divine Mind today, for a few predictions for the New Year. (Family came to visit last evening, New Year’s Eve, and we went to dinner. I’d been so tired and quite relaxed after a series of days of moving and organizing things in the new apartment that my meditation was very short and sweet and I fell into deep and restful sleep just after midnight. Therefore, no list of predictions as in the past years, but for a few minor ones which are quite personal.

However, now I will ask for several general predictors for 2015 using my tarot cards which I planned to unpack today anyway. So let me get those out and give a good shuffle and draw two.
Predictions for 2015

Ten of Swords and Queen of Cups – an interesting combo here and one insight is that this will be the year of “the woman” or the “yin vibes” (intuition, gentleness, compassion, empathy) will receive it’s “due”, if you will, becoming more recognized, appreciated and valued.

The bleeding stops (if you will) this year as well. Wounds of the past—whether financial, emotional, or material—begin to heal. With any deep wound, the first thing we need to do is to “stop the bleeding” and that’s the theme for 2015 as well. Excessive dependencies (bleeding) will stop and self-acceptance and courage evolve.

Self-appreciation and giving one’s self credit helps to cauterize wounds of the past resulting in greater emotional control and a finer insight into the motivations and thinking of others. Again the feeling of increased intuition and optimism comes through these cards—the worst is over so let the healing commence (in whichever way it occurs)– financially, emotionally, spiritually and physically.

Even if the reorganizing and healing results in what appears to be (10 of Swords) painful or difficult in some way, the ability to hold the intuitive end emphatic view (Queen of Cups) involving the “stopping of the bleeding” in some way will overcome that appearance.

And a calm, peaceful, deeper-knowing sense of things rules overall (Queen of Cups). That saying “it is not circumstances, it is the view that one takes of those circumstances” will be the key to success in 2015.

There is a true “death of the old cycle” that really feels very clear; thus the optimism. It is as if the Ten of Swords represents 2014 and the Queen of Cups, 2015.

The days of too much worrying and over-thinking and painful analysis are over (generally speaking) and it becomes much easier now as we move into 2015 to embrace trust and faith.

It is through acceptance, trust and faith that the “light at the end of the tunnel” is seen and that describes the transition point and energy shift between the calendar change from 2014 to 2015 or from a 7 year to an 8 year.

On more mundane levels, issues of breathing or doing breath work help to ease the transition and there may be more interest in doing breath work or engaging in breathing exercises for health and meditative purposes.

In 2014 we may have dealt with situations that were painful or difficult and while that is true of any year, this past year involved misplaced confidence or trusting the wrong people—overestimating or underestimating. There may have been more obstacles than in other years and issues of the back or bones/joints may have been more prominent. But that’s in the past now. (Ten of Swords)

In 2015 VENUS tranquility rules our lives—this is my prediction

Venus is rising in the sky now and the Queen of Cups is traditionally connected to this planet.

The Queen of Cups is the yin energy relating to a strong spiritual base. Love vibrations are associated with this predictive energy as well and it feels right to mention that feelings of love for humanity and life itself will rise within us in 2015.

Attainment of spiritual power and higher consciousness is on tap for us in 2015.

Business – Career

In business matters, simple devotion to the career involving persistence (don’t give up the ship!) will result in success this year.

Summer of 2015 – Oceans, Water

I also feel that in the summertime of 2015 there will be great concern with water, the waters—perhaps oceans. Keep an eye on the oceans in June and July for something significant.

Additionally, people may want to visit their local area beaches or travel to the shores of their country for vacation or recreation more so than in other years.

I feel the healing energy of water will be paramount in some way in the summer months—especially late summer.

Outer Space

News of space or some finding or discovery about the planets or solar system occurs this year which changes people’s view of their life and the cosmos.

Some type of space travel by the business sector occurs as well. Also something about Mars makes the news this year.


People seem more willing to take risks or make bigger purchases—again, the level of optimism helps the economy generally.


April brings some type of big news that affects us all on a global level and it has a feeling of technology that comes with it.

So these are a few psychic predictions for 2015.

One last thing

This is a year in which you will know who you are—not just believe but truly know. Last year prepared you for this.

Dedication: May all living beings, without exception, have their needs met abundantly and experience the liberation that contented happiness provides.

Happy New Year to One and All with Love and Happiness,

Difficulties and Tensions Happen to Spiritual People and the Truth about the Number 11! Spiritual Flaccidity, Hunger Games and May the Odds Be Ever in Your Favor

Hunger Games
Hunger Games

Difficulties and Tensions Happen to Spiritual People and the Truth about the Number 11!  Spiritual Flaccidity and May the Odds Be Ever in Your Favor

Maybe it’s the Aquarius or Uranus part of me, but I’ve always gone the opposite way of the crowd.  And in this instance I’m talking about the crowd that thinks or believes that if you have a difficulty in life or tension in any way that you’re doing something spiritually wrong!  Natural Law, you know?  Nature as an example:  the flower, in order to grow, requires the resistance of the earth to push against in order to find the light, the Sun.  Of course, how often do we hear of the other example of the lotus pushing up from the mud to symbolize our life on earth—without the mud the lotus couldn’t grow!

Tension!  There’s been a lot of that this year so far but this is (for me) and 11 year after all – numerology.  Anyway, the soul needs the tension, the strain, the stress, the pull within caused by life on Earth for growth and development just as flowers need rocks in their soil against which to push in order to reach the sun.  If we avoid tension at all costs—the way that the spiritually elite white-lighter population does—we become flaccid of spirit!  And live in yet another delusional state!

We seem to learn and to grow though tension:  maybe that’s what an 11 personal year is all about.  Does the tension and stress of earth living keep the spirit from going flaccid or getting fat and flabby?  Don’t we have to keep in shape (even spiritually)?  And so don’t we need challenges or some sort of oppositional energy (Ha! Thinking in astrological language now) in order to draw us out of our otherwise sleepy white-light delusional haze?  I’m just asking, contemplating—that’s an 11 year thing.  The word “tension”, interestingly enough, is used in describing the vibration of the number 11; Google it, you’ll see.  Other “T” words associated with the 11 vibration are these:  trials and tests.  Surprised?  If so then you might be a white-lighter in need of some 11 “T” vibe reality.

I mentioned at the start of this post the Uranus/Aquarius aspect of psyche and guess what the number 11 is associated with in astrological terms?  Yeah, Uranus/Aquarius is the answer.  And in soul astrology when we look in a chart to find where the soul has experienced trauma or wounding, we usually have our eye scanning for the location of Uranus and what where Aquarius is located.  Anyway…

Any trauma or crisis creates divine possibility and probability for spiritual growth—right?  We can’t have a flaccid soul or spirit now, can we?

Like I was saying, we need that tension in order to grow—or so the theory goes.  Tension is the key to growth; we learn through tension and we exist through tension here on Earth.  Tension creates that oppositional energy that pulls our lotus-flower-self right up out of the mud!  Light does that, sun does that and who says that the light or the sun (the 11 energy) doesn’t come right along with exactly what we need to grow, including crisis and all those T words mentioned earlier?  I’m just sayen’—just contemplating the idea of the necessity of opposition, of the right amount of necessary tension to shape our souls, our hearts, our minds, and our spiritual journey here.

Take the Yin-Yang; within the light there is darkness and vice versa.  And as the white-light crowd goes one way seeking spiritual flaccidity and I go the other contemplating the necessity for oppositional tension, life goes on as it will despite our theories.  Are our experiences in life on Earth all about haphazard odds? Or is there a divine force of intelligence guiding those odds?  As they say in the book and movie The Hunger Games, “May the odds be ever in your favor!”

Meanwhile, if any of those T words are part of your experience (tensions, trials, tests, and trauma), don’t immediately jump to the conclusions that those white-lighter’s push about creating your reality and positive thinking and all the rest of that.  You don’t need a crash course in the Law of Attraction (gimmie’ a break!) and you don’t need to escape into the white-lighter nihilistic delusion either.  Simply realize the true 11:11 vibrational message:  there needs to be balance, yin/yang and avoid the flaccid spiritual extremes.

White and black are the colors of the numbers of 11 which is reminiscent of the yin/yang symbol—two sets of opposites, the world of duality—light in the darkness and darkness in the light.

The number 11 represents challenges; do people know this?

Here’s something I found online [] about the number 11:  This is an ominous number to occultists. It gives warning of hidden dangers, trial, and treachery from others. It has a symbol of a “Clenched Hand”, and “a Lion Muzzled”, and of a person who will have great difficulties to contend against.   [Based on Chaldean numerology]

My greater point is that great difficulties happen even though we wish that “the odds be ever in your [our own]  favor” …  despite that, sometimes struggle, strain and striving happens and like the flower pushing against the rock and soil or mud, that’s how we grow.  Don’t let those white-lighters make you feel bad – it doesn’t mean you’re doing something wrong! It’s only life on earth; it’s soul growth and maybe it’s the odds!  😉


I just remembered a few things.  First, I’ve not been blogging regularly and with this recollection, I (once again) vow to be more consistent.  Secondly, what ever happened to the 37 Verses of the Bodhisattva that I said that I was going to start doing?  Opps, see all of the above; it’s an 11 year!  However, with the above in mind, I did draw a verse number out of the basket here to add to rectify my delinquency.  I drew vow #23 which has to do with attachment and impermanence.  It talks about not holding on to anything — yin or yang, light or dark and those rainbows in life and not being attached to anything.  What do you think about how this verse applies to what I’ve written in this post?  Here it is:

When you encounter attractive objects,

Though they seem beautiful

Like a rainbow in summer, do not regard them as real,

And give up attachment.

A Change of Mind and Heart – Intuitive Interpretation Meaning of 11-11 in 2012

Photo of Snow Covered Porch of a Mountain HomeWell, here it is and so we’ve arrived at the famous, happy date of 11-11.  All the ducks are lining in a row flapping their wings about these numbers.  Does anyone REALLY know what this 11-11 means except for what other people have told them it means?  Dogma?!  I’m always on the lookout for it – and watch out, I’m going to get bare-bone’s honest – well, it seems like a good old human rumor as most consensus consciousness belief system’s probably are in the first place.  Now if we simply look at this day astrologically, then I can relate!  But then it seems like I look at ‘everything’ astrologically lately–like I’m wearing a pair of astrological glasses (if there was such a thing) and can’t take them off.  Maybe astrological contacts would be a better comparison.

I won’t go into the Mercury retro in Sag and Neptune direct (and of course in its own sign) and the total solar eclipse new moon next Tuesday and hold on, nearly there, nearly there—today on the famous, happy 11:11 the Moon has just crossed over (practically, like right now as I’m typing) ‘love me/love me not’ glorious Venus in her own sign, Libra (potent stuff).  If you know astrological language, then you realize what I just said.

If I gave all that 11:11 astro-babble a bottom line (and apparently now I do haven boxed myself into my own blog corner here) then that basic one-liner (or maybe two) would have to do with a new way of seeing things and processing our experience here.  Some folks call it a star gate or other new-age lingo for the fact that the heavens (as above, so below) are supporting a change of mind and heart.

I’ve been soooooooooooooooooooooooooo working with that whole process in my personal life.  Maybe if you follow my blog you know.  Yeah, and lately it’s as if my thoughts, words and deeds are not in alignment—they’ve been distinctly incongruent.   Like the scarecrow in the Wizard of Oz, parts of me are here and there and everywhere.  (Except when I’m doing a reading for someone or involved in their counseling session–I’m beyond the realms of my own life then.  What a relief!  ha ha)

Take the photo in this blog post—that snow-covered chair and footstool on the front porch there.  (Before you ask, I don’t know whose place that is.)  It’s beautiful and brings up those “Oooooh, I love that and it reminds me of once upon a happy time” feelings.  Yeah and that’s the Moon-Venus in Libra conjunction that just spoke.  But another part of the scarecrow straw (if you will) is somewhere else saying things like, “Are you kidding?  You KNOW how much colder everything is with snow layen’ on the ground like that!  Get real there girlfriend!”  So that’s an example of mental/emotional incongruence—as scarecrow consciousness tries to resolve itself.

But the whole “words” and “speech” thing—that’s a bit ‘here and there’ too.  Have you ever noticed how it wasn’t until you opened up to speak to someone that you realized your mood wasn’t a very flattering one?  I’ve done that so many times being that I’m a quiet person who lives alone and before you project how that could be a problem, it’s (for me) heaven.  I love my solitude.  Anyway, I sometimes start talking to a friend or a family member and realize that I’m feeling happier than I thought or perhaps a bit short-tempered or whatever.  It isn’t until we hear our very own words, our speech, that we get more deeply in touch with how we ‘really’ may be feeling!  That’s the only drawback in living alone but that’s why god made telephones!  And why people like me happily talk to themselves.

Then again this is why counseling is so helpful—many times people know intuitively that there’s incongruity between their actions, their words and their consciousness.  But it isn’t until trying to pull those all together while talking to someone else that one realizes this—except if one is totally out of touch with one’s self.  In that case the individual has no idea how distinctly contrasting parts of themselves really are!

On another note, lately I’ve been AGAIN turning in the wrong direction– how many times does it take before I “get” this one and stop trying to do this?  An astrologer would understand it if they saw my natal chart.
The bottom line is that certain people (and I’m one) simply cannot turn to another for solace or understanding or even mild sympathy for even a moment!  And this is not me going into a pity party—rather, I’m stating what ‘is’.  For some of us the door gets slammed in our face so that we can develop that relationship with the (for lack of a way of saying it that won’t offend) a Higher Power or Inner Divinity.

There are times that it feels like other humans even mock the  feeble attempts of people like me to turn elsewhere for solace and understanding.  Turning toward others seems to get us the big wagging finger of god in our face–figuratively speaking of course.  For some of us it’s clear and simple.  That kind of stuff is to be found within the self and that’s where we must go for understanding—no other human can possibly understand us, much less console us!  This past week I’ve received a few more reminders of this, mild but there nonetheless.

I can find myself reaching toward another lesson in those areas whenever I find that I’m trying to explain myself to another person—it simply doesn’t work.  I forgot.  I received a reminder.  Good old Mercury retrograde helps me out again! And its polarity partner, Jupiter who is also retrograde–they give wake up reminders to our belief and communication scarecrow parts.  Hey, it’s all good because when I get those reminders it brings me back into myself—and I pick up those scattered parts, get real again, and begin to feel more congruent.  It’s all good like I said.

I went for a walk yesterday and instead of looking at trees and creeks and mountain vistas, my view (since I’ve moved) encompassed cars and concrete and apartment buildings.  But I really do like being able to just lace up my sneakers, open the door and with no muss and no fuss and put one foot in front of the other without having to drive a few miles.  That’s what I had to do in the mountains—walk at a designate place by the creek.  It was quite scenic actually.  Otherwise, you walk at your own risk on mountain roads.  People have dogs running free on their land (as they should be) and they bolt toward any stranger walking by in their protective efforts.

So its all  ‘6 of one and half-dozen of another’ as the saying goes.  So now I try to look at the sky and clouds as I walk, ignoring the concrete and cars as much as possible.  There is a little pond/lake body of water on campus here with a large grassy area around it and a fountain of water shooting up in the center with park benches and picnic tables around.  If you can get over that fact that you are surrounded, albeit at a fairly good distance, by rows of apartment buildings and in view of a good number of human eyes, then this is a nice place to get away from the concrete and cars for a stint of time.

The common-link expanse between this Hogwart’s-like apartment complex in the foothills and my heart-home in the mountains is the sky.  I do think that where we live or reside (or the places that we’d like to) actually describe that which our own soul or the energy that is most compatible with it.

I have been thinking about the reversed Lunar Nodal Return I’m approaching (within orb now).  If you read my posts, I’ve mentioned it before.  The axis that is triggered is 4 -10 in Scorpio-Taurus respectfully. 

If you understand the natal lunar nodes, this whole post may make astrological sense.  Although there are ‘family versus career’ issues being intensified, how it is playing out for me in another area has to do with the inner world (4th house) and the outer world (10th house).  They say we are supposed to ‘balance’ our nodes and maybe that’s what I was doing a bit of when walking in the concrete car-park-human-jungle while gazing up at the sky; and remembering the same sky and clouds look down upon the mountains—common area, balance.

Yeah, I can see that I’m doing it again.  I’m blogging about this in an effort to be understood—AGAIN.  But, as always, it’s not the only motive.  I work through ‘my stuff’ –yeah, my stuff is an illusion but there it is anyway—here so that maybe another can see they are not alone in working through theirs.  Besides, something here may help another while, yes, I’m involved in this selfish attempt to gather up my Wizard of Oz scarecrow stuffing and unify.

“Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain”—I loved that part of the movie!

Thinking of it again right now, it reminds me of those folks we all know who are like the frantic frightened man cranking the wheel behind the curtain, afraid of being ‘found out’ or being seen by others as less than all-powerful with their face to the world huge and… well, suddenly I had the thought of that Christian preacher who was on all the talk shows (Larry King, CNN et al) lecturing the public viewers about the ‘abomination’ as it relates to ‘gay’ folks.  And then it turns out that this preacher has been gay from the get-go was totally exposed!

In sort of the same way, I turned to someone recently in a weak attempt to be understood and got the powerful image of the wizard of Oz—the man behind the curtain was well hidden and the words being to me in response were like “The All Knowing Powerful Oz has spoken!”   My bad for knocking on the door of the Emerald City and following the Yellow Brick Road in the first place!  There was that same lesson again!  (Yeah, but all I want is a bit of understanding and the universe replies, ‘you may give it all you like but do not look for it outside of yourself and most importantly not from another human.)  I don’t think everyone is working with this lesson but some of us are.  And if you’re one, you can totally relate to what I’m saying here.

After all, there’s no place like home and like Dorothy folks like me are here to remember and then help others to recall, we’ve never left in the first place and not to go looking for anything outside of ourselves for it.

Yeah, so there’s an 11-11 message for anyone who is looking for one.  If you’re a numerologist or inclined to look for meanings in numbers, all those 1’s have got to do with individuality, new beginnings and most of all INDEPENDENCE.  The number one is associated with Aries and Mars and fire and directness and the warrior – the number one calls a spade a spade and really doesn’t deal well with hypocrisy.  With all those 1’s we’d naturally think about the ‘masks’ we put on:  like the image of the Wizard of Oz and the man behind the curtain.   And we’d with all those one’s we think of creating some sort of unity with individuality.  Anyway with 4 one’s or 2 eleven’s we’ve got that one meaning magnified.

I don’t have a big finish or a theatrical conclusion.  I’m sort of disappointing myself because of it because I sort of like big finishes when I can find them.  But maybe that’s part of the 11-11 thing too, who knows?

All I know is today is November 11th and intuitively I’m feeling like the energy of starting over in somehow and in some way around all of us.

But what do I know?   Nothing you may say.  And I’d have to agree.  I’m in the middle of changing my whole mind and heart right now which is my interpretive intuition of what this 11-11 is about.

Excuse me, I see a part of my straw just over there and I need to go get it so that I can continue on down this illusionary yellow-brick road in tact.  All the while I’m remembering that there actually ‘ is’ a great and powerful wizard but the outer world has nothing to do with that one’s location.

How could I have forgotten AGAIN by turning to another human for understanding!  Nobody (and I do mean body) can understand us and where we’re coming from—not really.  The soul and beyond—can we find it there?  Yes but we have to go to the heart of the soul and beyond.  I could say that we have to go somewhere over the rainbow but like Dorothy found out (so many morals to that story!), it’s futile to go looking for any heart’s desire (whether it is to be understood or consoled by anther human) or whatever it is outside of one’s self.

For if it isn’t in the mind and heart of your own soul (your own your own back yard) — because if it isn’t there, then you never really lost it to begin with!   Take the word of a psychic who temporarily forgot — or not.

Oh and don’t write to me–I know 11 is a ‘master’ number; hopefully I’ve given a partial explanation as to why.

I’m really about “who said so?”  a lot more than I ever was before.  I live more or less by observation and correlation.

One final thing—I really feel that the soul relates to “somewhere over the rainbow” even if the intellect doesn’t.  I just had a memory flash of my daughters, sister, niece and I at a recent high school band concert.  One band started to play ‘Somewhere Over The Rainbow’.  I looked over at them and everyone had teary, watery eyes and that smile that comes over one’s face when the heart has been touched.

Well, gotta’ go now.  I have a to-do list and need to get my walk around campus in before the day ends.  Night time comes too soon on these progressing-toward-winter days. Buh-bye for now…need to be out in the sunshine.  I won’t have a change of mind or heart about that one, 11-11 or not.

How to Communicate with Spirit Guides – Divined Answer Using Cartomancy – Queen Spades, Queen Hearts, 5 Diamonds

Queen of Spades, Queen of Hearts, 5 of Diamonds

Do the cards give me the answer? It comes through my intuition and the cards trigger it. I wrote about this to some minor degree in this week’s newsletter. I wrote it today; it goes out tomorrow—as usual on Thursday.

I was just cleaning up my email which is a non-stop job anymore; like doing laundry and mowing the lawn. Life, in these areas, is endless and life is joyful (or not) depending upon one’s attitude about it—so I have learned. In the process of cleaning up the Email, I thought that I’d multitask. A young person wrote to me wanting more detail about how to communicate with spirit guides. The person wrote that they read the article on my website but would like more detail. So, why not ask the card oracle for help?

I will pull three (3) cards of a deck of regular playing cards—a method called cartomancy—and will use these cards to help the young inquirer with more detail. I’m new at the cartomancy method; let’s see how this goes.


Well, this is about truth isn’t it? And this kind of truth comes via the “school of hard knocks” so-to-speak. I just can’t help it, the Queen of Swords Tarot card (Spades are Swords) always speaks to me of truth seeking or having one’s personal truth that comes via life experience. One thing I could say here is that since the person who asking the question is young (he/she gave an age in their email) is that life experiences will be instructive as it applies to the question—with age comes the experience of detail itself. Symbolically, spades have to do with digging (think shovel) and so what I want to say using keywords is about digging for truth and perhaps I could say to this young person that it is important to dig for the truth about spirit guides and what psychic communication really is in the first place.

Cartomancy says this is a female with black hair. I would think that the Queen of any suit would be a wiser, older woman. One way that this person could receive more details about spirit guide communication would be to find a mentor; an older female to help and perhaps this older female will have dark hair. Whether the hair color is important or not may not be so relevant these days when so many females color their hair; the more important thing is that this older female (Queen of Spades) have some personal experience in the areas that are important to our inquisitor. Maybe this is a reflection of the person Emailing me since I do have experience and teach classes. It is why the class was written—it’s more effective than teaching one-on-one. I might also suggest that this person already possesses wisdom and knowledge in this area that has already been developed—the person wrote that they do receive some communication but would like to have more communication. In other words, I could say that there is already a wise-woman within you who has the answers to your questions about how to receive more detailed information about how to further communicate with spirit guides. I may direct her to pay more attention to her inner world and to connect with her own inner wise woman—to develop a belief in that inner wisdom is most important and the rest comes after that.

Pardon the pronoun usage–she/he — you do the translation as needed, alright?


Well, what do you know?! It’s another Queen—this time the Queen of Hearts. In instant cartomancy terms we have an older mature woman – this time, one who is blonde. Hair color aside, this is a very empathic, compassionate, sensitive and sometimes very emotional female. The suit of Cups is represented by hearts in the Tarot system. We could suggest to the inquirer that she find role models who have experience communicating with the other side (Queen of Swords) and who have learned a few things the hard way and developed their own personal truth. All of that is the Queen of Swords archetype. And we would also say as another role model to find someone to help her who is kind, compassionate, empathetic and already comfortable with using her intuition–The Queen of Hearts/Cups.

It appears that the Oracle here is suggesting that she find role models and from them she will receive the answer to his/her question about learning in more detail. A mentor can answer one-on-one questions. But even if that is not possible, this person could watch videos on YouTube or read books from the library that were perhaps written by psychics. I would suggest to this person to read the little book by Ted Andrews called How to Meet and Work with Spirit Guides. This person is someone who would fill the shoes of both Queens. Now, let’s turn over the last card and see what we have…


The first thing that comes to me is about change – 5’s always makes me think of change. Oh, and I am laughing here because that is what is written on the card itself now that I look at it. (When I took a class in cartomancy which was ‘like a hundred years ago’, I wrote meanings on the cards. What I am getting here is to look for new ideas, new ways to communicate—not just through “hearing”. Spirit guides will communicate through numbers, songs on the radio, animal behavior and they will even speak through other people’s mouths. What the young person who wrote to me needs to do is to realize that and open up to receiving communication from guides in more than one or two ways. I think the mistake that people make when they first begin to awaken is that they try to control the system. It’s not about controlling the system of the divine… it’s about being in harmony with it! That’s a completely different approach and so turning those ideas inside out in such a way that one is not asking how they can control or dominate the conversation or communication but rather how they can become the antennae to pick up the signal. That realization comes with maturing and life experience.

Another thing that I might say to the person who emailed me is that he/she is not alone and that other kids are out there who are having the same questions. It may help the person to talk to his or her friends and see that others are in the same circumstance. The cartomancy hand out says, “Happy family” and “Success in Business”. I’m not sure how business success would apply to our question here but there may be issues of family for our inquirer to consider. Perhaps he/she would like to think of spirit guides as her happy family as to not feel so alone. It is important to connect with an earth family and earth friends too and not live too much in one world or other – in other words, balancing earth world with spirit world and not having one family be more important than the other. If one’s family isn’t open to these matters, perhaps friends are and one can make a small family-like community with these common interests. Balance is important; we mustn’t lose touch with our earth life.

Lastly, there may be something that this individual needs to change in order for the communication to increase or further. Perhaps this change has to do with learning to develop inner stillness. Sometimes we are being communicated with more than we realize and until we still our mind we cannot realize it. Dreams can be important also in communicating change or what needs to be changed for increase awareness to happen.

WE are only as cut off and alone as we believe that we are. Inner values must be honored and embraced and acknowledged and we don’t have to run around telling everyone about it; it’s an inside job for the most part. Except for the 5 of Diamonds happy family you let in once you make any needed changes so that inner stillness can occur. The fact that you are asking these types of questions at such a young age is very encouraging. I didn’t start such inquiry in myself until much later in life. You’ve got such a great head start. Find mentors or read Ted Andrews book and then make some friends with similar interests and compare notes – experience will be your very best teacher.

PS – see in the image on the tarot card how the person is outside of the church/stained glass windows?  This symbolism indicates that all you have is within you; there’s no need to feel like an outsider.  Not only that, you probably won’t find the answers you are looking for inside a church!

(And they say the Universe has no sense of humor! – really?!)

Regular Deck of Playing Cards Give Cartomancy Reading – Cartomancy versus Tarot – Past, Present, Future Reading of Elbow Question

This is an experiment with using a regular deck of playing cards for purposes of divination.  I have a single question/issue here.  I’ve never used playing cards to do a reading with before, but there’s a first time for everything!  I don’t have much time today, so this will have to be a quickie! 

Here’s a past, present and future 3-card spread.  We should be able to get ‘down and dirty’ with that one since time is an issue today.  I was going through some papers that I need to file while looking for something and came across a little hand-out that I received from a class in “Cartomancy”.

Okay, so let me think of a question or issue…  something that has been on my mind lately has been my right arm/elbow.  It started to hurt last summer after marathon weed pulling and yard work type gardening sessions. I’m sure pulling on my lawn mower didn’t help either but I’ve mowed my own lawn for many years now.  I’ve never really recovered and while taking up yoga recently while holding some postures, I see that my right arm is noticeably weaker as compared to the left. 

I know that the subconscious mind and higher mind know what’s been going on with that elbow.  I just need to bring it to my conscience mind—thus, divination!

Let’s try this method for fun and see what additional insights about this elbow we can gain using the cards to bring forth information about the past, the present and the future of this elbow.  I guess my greatest concern would be around being able to regain the strength in the right arm and elbow again.

So, let the shuffle begin…. 3 cards… past, present, future.  Ha!  Just remembered that I need to take the joker out of the deck before I do the shuffle…. Here we go. 

Past:  9 of Spades

Well the first thing I’m thinking of has to do with how yard work relates to the gardening tool, a spade.  And YIKE, 9 relates (via numerology) to a transition, death, ending, permanent change.  Spades are used for digging in the garden.  Well, I pick up my card and look at what I wrote on the 9 of spades card itself.  On the card I wrote, “warning, papers, accidents”.  Does this mean that I had a warning and did not heed it and thus had an accident?  Gosh, I do remember it hurting like blazes at first, nearly like a muscle pull.  On the hand out paper it says, “Bad luck in all things, depression and low energy, destruction, deaths, extreme anxiety.”  Well, that’s pretty negative!  Isn’t it?   I don’t think that I need to go much further; after all, I already know the past.  I’m going to go with “a bad luck accident” in my interpretation.  I may look at the tarot suit of swords as a comparison.  The 9 of Swords in tarot is about worrying too much—that’s one interpretation that I’d give it.  One insight I’d give here to myself here is that my worry about the elbow (I did fret about it quite a lot because it has been limiting—hurting with nearly every moVement) may have prolonged my suffering.  Too much fretting kept the pain going perhaps.   Okay, let’s look at the present. 

Present:  8 of Diamonds

Okay, my first impression in just turning over this card was positive.  The red color of the diamonds is energizing and 8 is a strength number and indicate success.  And my elbow is getting better; it hurts less with activities since the start of spring and warmer weather.  I am strengthening it with Yoga which it seems to agree with more than with pulleys or free weights.  The yoga exercises are “closed chain” (physical therapy lingo from my days as a physical therapist) and the elbow and arm are responding slowly but I do see progress which is encouraging.  So, the 8 of diamonds could be indicating the success in the present.  Diamonds in playing cards relates to the suit of Pentacles (Coins) in the Tarot divination system.  Earth, earthy, materiality –that’s the archetype.  Hands on earth with yoga postures—that’s one way to interpret the earthiness of the suit of diamonds here and the numerological 8 which relates to strength and success adds to the interpretation.  I think the 8 of Diamonds, thus far, confirms what I already know and that is that what I am doing about the issue/problem/question about the elbow is positive.  But now, let’s look at what I wrote on this card in the cartomancy class that I took so very long ago.  Ha!  Well, I wrote “spending money”.  Well, I did buy a new yoga mat to do my yoga outside and a while back an elbow brace.  Let me look at the hand out to see if there’s more but before I do that, what is money? Energy.  So I am spending energy doing yoga.  Hmmmmm.  Honestly, it says “a marriage and travel late in life.  Financial ups and downs.”  I don’t know what marriage would have to do with this—I’m happily and contentedly single.  Ha ha.  I’m going to interpret that “marriage” reference to the marriage of the left and right arm being equal, merging in that respect.    Well, the ups and downs part may be a little message to me that there may still be good days and bad days with this elbow discomfort, but overall the progress is positive.  When we compare the tarot 8 of Pentacles which is the counterpart to the 8 of Diamonds in that system, we see someone working (image of someone working) on the card.  The card is about making efforts and those efforts being rewarded.  Sounds good so far.  Now, the future prediction… shall we go there?  Remember, I want to know if this arm is ever going to be good as new or at least back to the non-injured state (if not better than it was to start with).

Future:  10 of Diamonds

Okay, so here we have another coin or earth card.  I think of 10 as a successful number.  We always hear, “On a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being the best…etc.”  So far, so good I think.  On the card I wrote, “small money”.  Hmmmmmmm.  Maybe this means that I will always have to maintain some (albeit small) effort to keep that arm in shape and pain-free.  Yet, on the other hand what the hand-out says about the 10 of Diamonds is this:  Money and travel highlighted.  Fortunate changes.  Well, yay! Sounds good to me!  Fortunate change is exactly what I wanted to hear and now I can hold a vision of this arm being pain-free and strong.  In the Tarot divination system, the 10 of Pentacles is one my favorite cards.  I would especially love it to come up when I asked about money in the future. 

And, that’s that.  Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m way overdue for my daily yoga session. However, I will do my work out today with renewed hope and increased optimism!   

I learned a little bit about cartomancy by doing this reading; I hope you did too.

Tarot Guidance for Planting Hydrangea Bushes! 3 of Wands, Planting by the Moon Sign and Cycle! What’s Gemini got to do with it?

Connolly Tarot - 3 of wandsI turn to the tarot this morning to ask a practical question about planting three (3) Hydrangea bushes.  They are very small now and should go into the ground soon.  I’ve been debating about putting them in large pots versus planting them in the ground around the circle driveway.  My daughter and grandson are coming in three days and can help me dig the hole in the sometimes rocky ground.  It is on my mind today about how to proceed about these Hydrangea’s.  Can the Tarot help us with such practical, mundane life issues?  Let’s see!

Ha!  Well, it’s interesting because I drew the THREE OF WANDS (sometimes called RODS).  This sort of let me know right from the get-go of looking at the card that I’m tuned into the right issue based on numerology if nothing else.  The 3 WANDS clearly relate to the 3 plants (Hydrangea bushes) in question!  Its meaning also includes planning ahead and using foresight.

In the picture on the Connolly Tarot Card there are green leafs growing on the 3 wands (no flowers) but on the Hanson Deck we see flowers budding on the end of the wands. 

Anyway, this card is one that typically announces that help is available – “Someone is willing to give you assistance”.  This is clearly represented by the person in the boat with his hand on his heart who seems to be conveying advice. 

I will be going to a garden nursery today and will seek the advice of an experienced gardener there about the soil and while I know to get peat moss for the bottom of the hole that I must dig, I’m not sure about the soil.  That (soil information) is practical guidance and information I will seek from someone willing to help.

In the Hanson Tarot Card as it is with many other decks, we see the person waiting for the ships in the distance coming in while the man on the shore waits.  I think that I should wait for the help of my grandson and daughter—after all what’s a few more days?  I need to gather some local advice about the soil and get some supplies—peat moss, wood chips, some sort of border/boundary material to keep the grass out and then the right bag of potting soil if there is such a thing.  All that comes first. 

There’s also the Moon sign to think about—when to plant things based on where the Moon is@!  I know it’s not good to plant during the FULL or the NEW Moon—currently, it’s neither.  The Moon is waxing and 38% toward FULL so this seems to be OK as far as the cycle goes… energy is building, not dying or waning. 

Hydrangea bushes

Yet, I found this on google, “When you plant in an AIR sign, the Moon’s influence is channelled into the blossom growth. Plant all flowers and flowering plants.”  Yeah, maybe I should go ahead and put them in the ground today.  Hydrangea are flowering plants!  They should get into the ground before dark today because around 7 pm (EDT) the Moon moves into Cancer.  If you plant stuff like melons, grapes or high water fruit plants or lettuce and watercress, cabbage or spinach and stuff like that, when the Moon is in the water sign Cancer, it’s recommended.  I do have a concern about that area getting too much water as it is! 

I totally better get going!  Using foresight and planning, I’ve considered the Moon sign and getting some advice by someone who is willing to give me assistance (a local gardener at the nursery in town).  While it wouldn’t be the end of the world to wait until my daughter and grandson arrive and plant while the Moon is in Cancer, just drawing this card and stopping to remember the Moon cycle planting methods had been helpful.  I’m planting today!  I want those plants to FLOWER and if planting when the Moon is in Gemini will help that—I won’t wait!  Like I said, better get going!  Opps, I just realized one other connection—3 hydrangeas, 3 of wands and Gemini (where the Moon is today) rules the 3rd house in astrology! 

Psychic and Numerological Predictions for 2012! Review of 2011 and Predictions for 2012! Happy New Year 2012!

Find out how 2012 will be for you personally and review your 2011; read psychic predictions for 2012 and enjoy a New Years Eve Hike!  Read how accurate my own personal year numerology was for 2011 and review your own.  It’s all here in this blog post… and Happy New Year!

Ready?  Here we go.  First, let’s look at the numerology for just the year of 2011 for just a second and see how we did.  Why? Numerology gives us a general feeling for how the year will evolve globally, or for everyone. Let’s start with 2011 first though; adding those numbers 2+0+11, we have 2+11=13=4.

[[[No time to read?  Want to just jump right into your own personal year? Scan down this post until you see that bridge picture and read the text beneath it. ]]]

The year 2011 was a 4 Year

Well, the 4 year has to do with the foundations of our life being stable and well-constructed; otherwise, it is like a house of cards collapsing. Yeah, so I guess that holds true, doesn’t it?  Think Wall Street and the mortgage issues.  They say that 4 years are years to correct errors of past mistakes and give plans a good going over to be sure they are well made.   Just consider the stock market and global economic pictures and the bail outs and these types of issues—in that case, I’d agree that generally speaking 2011 being a 4 year is consistent with numerology.

What about 2012?  It’s a 5 Year

So in the same spirit of numerology, let’s take a look.  Add ‘em up (2+0+1+2) and we get a 5 year and that is CHANGE.  Let it be good change—Amen!  So we could see ourselves letting go of routines and doing the same ole’, same ole kind of thing!  This is a year in which we will be looking at things from a new angle, getting rid of old outdated ideas and beliefs, and do some unusual things and view some new scenery.  Five years are also good years to keep the mind and body active and to channel energy properly and into good uses.  In other words, restless?  Go work out!  Bottom line word for 2012 is change.

Just a footnote on the paragraph above, even though 2012 is going to be the year of change in many ways, you may enjoy this next prediction or NOT based on your political views and PS I don’t have any myself and wasn’t even asking the question but in a small list of psychic predictions for 2012 that I received in my New Year’s Eve meditation, I received that Obama would be re-elected.  Time will tell how accurate that is—however, we look at change in 2012, apparently it does not have to do with the presidential seat.  That is, if my prediction is correct, some things stay the same.  Well, not EVERYTHING can change all at once, can it?  We’d have no stability AT ALL if that were so.

I only received about 5 or 6 predictions for this year—apparently I wasn’t all that enthused about receiving any at all, but some trickled in anyway.  I’ve done the same thing the past few years and did get some correct.  I can’t even remember last year’s New Year’s Eve predictions… let me go find that blog:  HERE:  If you go there, you can find this page again by going to the HOME page (link at top) OR find the title of this blog post in the right margin–either way you will find your way back.  I don’t think I’d win an award for any of those predictions;  however, a few of them hold true.  For example…

The “Who would have ever thought…?” prediction had to do with the huge protest in Egypt I believe and the people up in arms and it not being the tea party could have to do with the teacher’s who protested and all the “occupy” movements.  The explosion/natural disaster related to the thing in Japan with the nuclear power plants—the rest, I don’t know.

So, let me go forward now with the few things that I received for 2012—and none of it had to do with the end of the world on 12/21 by the way.


  • Something about pharmaceutical products for younger looking skin makes a breakthrough that is popular.  (Yeah, I know that we already have plenty of that on the market, but this seems like something new and revolutionary.)
  • I could see train tracks in the sky or like transportation similar to the monorail in Disney World… like monorail public transport.  Anyway, it looked like people traveling in the sky.  Could it be over-head bridges for cars to drive on? Maybe; I can only say for sure, tracks in the sky which was a “vision”.
  • There is something about the oceans again; fish dying and this didn’t seem like an oil spill but some sort of chemical reactions in the oceans… I could see white fish being washed ashore.
  • Obama for a 2nd term as the US President, but I wrote about that one above.
  • Purple or violet—like as having a meaning as a popular color for some reason.
  • Taiwan – a disaster of some sort; some sort of earth change thing; perhaps an earthquake or something… or volcano?  (I hope this does not happen and if we can all take a breath and see this area safe and calm for 2012, that may help.)

And that’s all I got.  However, I did get a few personal psychic predictions for myself – the details of which I will not bore you with. Apparently, the state of my own life took priority over global predictions this year.

How well did numerology predict 2011 in my personal life? 

Last year, 2011, was a 9 year for me personally numerologically.   I seem to remember something about endings which is usually a 9 thing!  Now I’m going to go back and look at the 9 prediction and see how it panned out for the year that just ended and this will either boost my faith in numerology or not.  I’ll look at the upcoming year which for me personally is a 1 year.  But first…

Want to know how to do this for yourself?  All you do is add together the following numbers:  the number representing the month of your birth to the number that is the day of your birth and then add that to the sum of the year. It’s easy, just add up all the numbers… don’t let the next paragraph or two discourage you or confuse you… it’s as easy as pie!

 So if you are born on November 18th for example, here’s how that looks:  add in order to 11 + 18 + 2011 to get the number for last year.  Don’t reduce 11’s, 22’s or 33’s if that’s what you end up with.  Those are master numbers.  So in the case of a person born on November 18th, we add 11 + (1+8=9) 9;  and so 11+9= 20 and in numerology we’d ad d the 2+0 which of course is 2.  And to that we add the year 20 +11 (2 + 11= 13 which equals 1 + 3=4).  So now we have 2 + 4 and that of course is 6.  So, someone born on November 18th would have had a 6 year last year—Capish (understand)?  You could have added the numbers 11 + 18 + 2011 in various ways, but in the end, you’d get a 6, right?

So what about that same person in 2012?  Do the math 11 + 18 + 2012, and that would amount to 2 + 9 + 5 = 16 and then of course we’d have to add together the 1 and the 6 of the number 16 and we’d get a 7 year for 2012 for that person.  NOTE:  Don’t assume that if one year is a certain number, the next year is the next highest number since we do not reduce a number at the end that is 11 or 22 or 33—those are master number, remember? And those years have special meanings.  SEE BELOW

Alright so how well did the 9 prediction for my personal life in 2011 do?  How accurate was that 9, looking back? 

 Referring to the notes that I have on 9 years, it is about cleaning in the attic and basement!  Well, that’s a hoot!  Literally, because the muggle across the street tore down a barn and uprooted the earth with bulldozers, every field mouse came to this house to seek shelter from the winter cold.  Yeah, the attic and basement had to have an terminator exterminator deal with clearing that energy.  I blogged about it right before Christmas–if you’re adventurous enough to read it you can find it by scanning down the blog home page.  What else, let’s see.  Some things passing out of my life is another 9 year prediction—my mother had just died before the New Year last year.  Her passing out of my life did cause a certain weight gain and me now becoming the family matriarch caused other shifts of energy.  I bought a life insurance policy to cover my own funeral, made a will for the few mere possessions I have and the living will and all that other happy jazz.  In many ways I did clean up my own attic and cellar metaphysically—doing a few life reviews but I’ll spare you those details too. I did get rid of an old unsuitable relationship too; this being in my own mind and heart as well—so it’s true, I did clear a lot of mental debris with old relationships – with “him” (he who should not be mentioned, ha ha) and with my mother.  They say that 9 years are about getting your life in order and in many ways I prepared for my own death in 2011 and I also released a few old habits that needed releasing.  Yeah, I see that the 9 year does resonate and correlate!  The 9 year is a time for endings and they shouldn’t be sorrowful; that’s what they say.

So what about my personal number for  2012?  Well, it’s a 1 year—new beginnings! 

New starts, new ideas, new anything!  It is a time to develop a plan for what I want for the next 9 years.  Funny.  I’ve already been working on that plan to some extent.  Whatever is begun in a 1 year can have a good effect on the next 8 years.  Maybe I can start writing that book now!  A 1 year is good year to just be yourself and not really care who cares—if you get my meaning.   It is a good year to go your own way, to take a stand, to push forward knowing it is not the outcome but the journey—for not everything will manifest in this year but what is started will manifest over the next 8.  I’m good with that I think.  It is NOT a relationship year and I don’t care about that—I’m very much on the solitary path and actually prefer it to the other alternative.  It is a good year to self-promote (they say) and a good year for independence and freedom.  It is a year to keep things moving at a brisk pace–yeah, I have these visions of myself going back to jogging which are not practical now but nonetheless, it is a strong desire for at age 64, I’m thinking I’ve got some more good years left so “keeping things moving at a brisk pace”–the bottom line is that my notes for a 1 year are all in alignment with my personal intentions.

Good!  A 1 year has all got that Mars/Aries feel about exploring and letting self be impulsive and breaking free in many ways.  That is what I did yesterday, the last day of the year (photos below) and I feel like its set the tone for my 2012—and actually I didn’t do the math or think about what year this year was for me numerogically.  I just rather spontaneously yesterday, on my way to somewhere else drove up to the Blue Ridge Parkway (the part that isn’t already closed for the winter) and discovered a trail, and hiked for over an hour in the wilderness communing with the trees and birds (those few birds that are year-long residents).

I totally enjoyed the spontaneous decision and the adventure that I had all by myself in nature… this is the same energy tone as that 1st house Aries/Mars energy in astrology–it relates as an archetype to a 1 year.  I’m loving this!

I  totally tapped into my pioneer spirit yesterday and explored just as the notes on the 1 year say below—and I did not even begin to think what type of year this was going to be based on numerology until a few moments ago when I began to type this.  You see how we all intuitively do what is right without even knowing we’re doing it?! Divination systems like numerology just help us validate our path…  helps to validate that we’re right on track, right on target according to the clock of divine timing!  You got to love that, don’t ya’?

If you would like to know what year 2012 is for you  in a numerological way, I will see if I can post the information here if I can find it in my flash drive. Yes, found it!  Just add your birth month number + your birth day number +  2012.  For your personal number for 2011, same thing but add 2011 to the birth month and day.  Got it?  Easy.  Just remember not to reduce an 11, 22 or 33; the definitions for those numbers are below.


Our personal year is the vibration that influences our life for any given year.  Here are the yearly influences for all the numbers.  Add your birth month number to your birth day number and to that add the numbers 2+0+1+1 (the year 2011)…. So, add 4 to the month and day of your birth.

NOTE:  if the total ends up being an 11, 22 or 33, stop there!  Those are master numbers and have their own meaning (which you will see listed below all the other numbers).  And always do the actual math if you are looking at past or future years; the years don’t always follow in 1, 2, 3 order.

Ready? Here we go…

1 Personal Year

This is a year for beginnings, new starts, new ideas, new anything.  Develop a plan for the next 9 years and begin to work on it now.  Be yourself and go your own way with determination. Don’t allow others to overly influence you.  What you start this year may not fully manifest, but don’t let that stop you.  The energy this year for you is about independence and self-promotion; keep that in mind regarding relationship issues. Don’t repress the pioneering spirit that you have this year.  It’s a perfect year to explore.

2 Personal Year

Last year was busy and you need to factor in rest and quiet into your schedule.  It’s a good year to study and acquire knowledge to help you with plans you conceived last year.  Companions and associations with others is featured—network.  Build friendships and stay in harmony with everyone.  Proceed quietly on the path you have chosen.  Attend to details; remain patient and calm and wait for opportunities to come while remembering that before the plant appears the root has to form.

3 Personal Year

Things you have been working on for several years are beginning to make their presence felt.  The influence is social and artistic; do things you enjoy.  Entertain when you can and accept invitations as well.  Be active, but keep everything on the light side and in balance.  It’s a good year for a vacation or holiday.  You may be tempted to start something new, but be sure to complete what you started first.  This is fairly carefree year when responsibilities won’t weigh too heavily upon you.

4 Personal Year

This a year to really knuckle down and get back to really working on your goals so the energy is one of being productive and organized.  You will likely be busy and following a schedule; make self-discipline a rule and avoid any tendency to be lazy.  You are building a future this year and if you want to be successful, you’ll have to make sure that all is well constructed. The more the effort, the greater the rewards!

5 Personal Year

This is a time for changes and a ‘real’ vacation.  Let go of routine that you’ve been used to and try something different.  Look at things from new angles, discard old ideas, do something new and even unusual.  You’ll find opportunity in new scenery—be it places, people, things or situations.  Key word is change.

6 Personal Year

Home and family are highlighted. Make them the center of your life and attend to your responsibilities.  The influence this year is on things that belong to you.  Finish what you start and do everything well; this isn’t a time for half-way jobs.  Take things as they come, establishing a rhythm and harmony in your life—avoid haste.  Plan time with your loved ones and maintenance of your possessions; you will be spending a good deal of time at home.  Counsel, guide and assist others when needed.  Do things for others who can’t manage for themselves.  Give of yourself, for that is where much of your opportunities are this year.

7 Personal Year

This is a year of inner-reflection, study, development of resources and self-analysis.  Plan to use time alone constructively; analyze your thoughts and actions, take stock of your capabilities and decide how to put them to good use.  This is a growth and preparation year when the ‘inner you’ should be developed to the fullest.  Look over your life and determine what is of ‘true’ value and what isn’t.  Pursue studies which interest you and become well versed in them.  If you will let things come to you—not reaching for anything—much will come your way, including money.  This is a spiritual influence; so deep introspection and searching is typical.  Don’t concern yourself with business or material matters any more than necessary.  Leave your social life for some other year and the only major changes you should make is in thoughts and beliefs.  Relax and examine your life closely.

8 Personal Year

This is a year for business, for all material matters and one you can be very successful in.  Through effort and activity you can achieve great things.  Take the lead, be forceful and determined, and go after what you want.  Deal with everyone fairly.  Get your affairs in order, including finances and keep everything well-organized. Work at being a good manager and do everything efficiently.  Form a plan of action and then see it through; don’t let little things stand in your way.  Be dependable and thorough. You can have anything you want if you have the nerve to go after it.

9 Personal Year

Time to start “spring cleaning” in preparation for a new lesser cycle—and don’t forget the attic and basement.  Get rid of all that is finished and is no longer of use to you.  Also, things are likely to just pass out of your life now.  It’s a year which should be full of love, friendship and happiness as long as you don’t try to make it too personal—or go to the other extreme either.  Artistic activities are featured.  Take time to do things for others.  Get your whole life in order and make any changes that are indicated.  Be patient with others.  Enjoy the outdoors and surround yourself with beauty if you can.  It’s not a time for beginnings but endings—and they shouldn’t be sorrowful ones.  Realize you are going on to new and better things!

11 Personal Year

The influence is that of inner growth, a time of evaluation and reflection when much illumination can be gained.  The vibration of this year helps us check our motives and ethics and set new standards where needed.  Spiritual and metaphysical interests including psychic development and study in these areas can be beneficial.  Question if you are living up to your ideals and if not, make the adjustment.  Business matters aren’t necessarily favored and may have their ups and downs.  You can come up with new ideas but will use them later.  Opportunity will come to you; no need to go out hunting for it.

22 Personal Year

Now is a time to put your ideas into action, unless they are too ego-filled.  Anything you do for ego gratification purposes is not apt to be very successful.  If your main motives are for the good of others, then charge ahead because you will have power behind you.  Keep thoughts positive—expect successful results.  Keep others in mind when making your goals or the power of this vibration will work against you.

33 Personal Year

Best forget yourself completely this year, for this year truly doesn’t belong to you.  Direct all your energies toward the benefit of others; don’t worry about compensation.  You work for The Universe this year and It pays well (good karma).   It is also a year to seek truth, inner peace, understanding and illumination and then share it.  Give love and understanding to all.  This can be a beautiful year for you if you make it that way for others!

And on that spontaneous, adventuresome and independent personal year hike that I did yesterday that set the tone for the new year, here are a few photos—poor quality because they were taken with my cell phone, but you’ll get the idea maybe.  Maybe Uranus conjunct the Moon in Aries yesterday had something to do with it, but anyway…  throughout 2012 I hope to have more spontaneous hiking adventures like this one of just discovering a trail and heading out upon it for an hour or two!  For December and now January, we’ve been very lucky to be experiencing such mild and amazing weather!  (As I type this, its raining–otherwise, I’d be out hiking now.  But yesterday was amazingly beautiful as was the entire time just before xmas through to the end of the year.)  I hope you will enjoy the photos; its beautiful in the spring and summer, but winter has it’s beauty too.  I  hope you will enjoy going along with me on my hike via the photo’s below.  I actually took these to show the trail for my grandson who just got  mountain bike for christmas, but will share here too…


MILKY QUARTZ CRYSTAL ALL ALONG THE TRAIL BENEATH MY FEET - the vibe is totally awesome. I love these crystal mountains!

  –>> And the Sun starts to set behind the mountains bringing an end to my New Year’s Eve hiking adventure on the last day of the year 2011.  The End   

I hope that you found your PERSONAL YEAR numerology prediction above helpful…