Tool of the psychic: Rhodolite for channeling, meditation and intuition

Rhodonite Collage ImageRhodonite, sort of like Garnet–I love stones!  (crystals)  My mother did too.  She’d often pull along side the road to pick up a stone to examine the treasure closely.  My brother and I got used to the feeling of the car jerking over to the shoulder of the road—bump, bump, bump.  She’s going to get (yet) another stone@!  Part of my childhood that drew my attention to them in the first place. She was as excited (or more) than the rest of the world about the Moon Rock that the astronauts brought back with them, eventually making the trip to see it at the Smithsonian.  Actually touching a real Moon Rock–huge!  Anyway, thanks mom for reminding me of my connection with rocks and crystals at such an early age–she was a rock hound for sure!

Like many others, Rhodolite is thought to help with intuition and aiding with meditation and channeling.  I’m revisiting the crystal kingdom and realizing that many of my personal collection of crystals aid with the psychic work that I do–tools of the trade.  I was drawn to the crystal to purchase — or did the crystal select me like the wand chooses the witch or wizard.  Moot point really.  Anyway, my crystal book says that rhodonite is known as “the stone of inspiration”.  Every psychic should own one!

PS–don’t mistake rhodonite for rose quartz because of the pink color (some people do); rhodonite usually has gray with it.

Crystal Divination – Hematite for grounding into the body, making peace with it

Image HemititeImage HemititeI got to thinking today about all of us on Earth here in a body and specifically about how it is when the body simply can’t do what you’d like it to anymore or at any time really if it’s temporary.  Forgive me; it’s just that  I saw a picture of my X-husband today and it sort of freaked me out.  Am I going to look like that in 11 years?  (He’s got 11 years on me.)

I wanted to swim today and (due to some type of body betrayal–the flu? what is it? cleansing? clearing?) turns out it was a no-swim day.  Oh, how I wish that I had a pool of my very own in my very own yard that could be used when and however; but alas, it’s the YMCA for me!  Oh, please. Don’t misunderstand, I’m so grateful.  The thing I’m writing about is my thought of inclusion, everyone, the Buddhist prayer that starts with, “May all beings be …. ” and then usually we hear happy or free of suffering after that.

Whatever the experience is for me, there’s never a feeling of being alone with it because there is a global understanding that there are others who also have this same frustration, worry or suffering just like me.  Of course, then there’s a feeling immediately like “Oh, yes, let me help those over there…” which prompts my own internal mantra that goes something like, “may all those who are not able to do what they would like to do right now feel the love and support of Life… and so on”.

Yeah, sometimes it is disappointing–Life.  But there always others who suffer equally or worse and we think of them and we become liberated ourselves.

I feel like drawing a card… doing a divination… about this.  No, let me draw a crystal.  Which stone can help us when we feel frustrated because our body won’t do what we’d like it to do.  Oh, well look here!  I drew Hematite out of the bowl.  Good ole’ Hematite… for grounding!   And Hematite helps you to sort thing out in your mind.

I’ve heard it told that if someone has a fever, you can place hematite on the head to cool the body, draw out the heat.  Personally, I’ve never tried that.

Hematite facilitates the attainment of peace and inner-happiness–that’s what my crystal book says and that sounds good.

Hematite kind of helps you to ground in the body and be okay with it — in whatever state it’s in.  Hematite is also thought to support your goals and intentions.

Personally, this stone has always made me think of water… but then today, everything seems to do that.  I can’t help it that when this body hits the water and begins the swim that I feel like an eagle in the sky!

(I know how that feels; I drank eagle essence once.  Don’t ask.)

Maybe I can swim tomorrow.

Meanwhile, may we all ground into our physical bodies (no matter the condition) and make peace with it… and may all beings without exception experience happiness and the causes for happiness and may that expand in their experience.

Crystal Divination – Botswana Agate for focus on detail and toxin release

Botswana Agate collageBotswana Agate!  I drew a stone today as part of a divination exercise for my life.

This particular stone is known for its ability to energize the auric bodies and helps the body rid itself of toxins.

It is said to be able to counteract poison no matter if those happen on the physical, emotional or intellectual level.

I find this divination right on–in view of my recent (and still a bit current) physical symptoms of headache, body ache and nausea.  Some sort of toxin sounds pretty plausible to me.

Living alone in the mountains for 15 years not exposed to humans or places living in or around many humans habitats, it’s not all that far fetched that my immune and nervous system is still trying to adjust to living in so-called civilization now.

Quiet mountain seclusion meets big city and when they mix… toxic?!

Anyway, the Botswana Agate… this stone also has qualities of energy which aid a person to concentrate and focus; that’s good because for my next trick I’m going back to work on the new, soon to be website.  I like the waves in this stone; makes me think of swimming!  The water!  I do miss the water right now.  We swam before we talked and before we walked and breathed but we forgot!

Anyway, all agate stones (and there are many varieties) are believed to generally balance the emotional, physical and intellectual bodies.  I think of all agates as good stones to have around when one is doing any kind of writing.

Anyway, this stone helps one when paying attention to details is a must!  Oh and it’s usually purple and gray.  By the way, psychics do readings for themselves all the time and this has just been one for myself.  I asked why I’m dealing with these certain physical symptoms right now (headache, nausea).  I’m going to put this stone in my little pouch and wear it around my neck for the rest of the day.  No more eating out for a while, and I’m going to wash off my veggies and fruits better–just in case.  For now, going to get more water–whatever the toxin is, I’m trying to drown it! LOL

Moonstone and Her Qualities, Properties and Colors for Psychics and Astrologers

Moonstone ImagesMOONSTONE!

I wear one in a ring and think of Goddess Energy (the Goddess Diana) in association with Moonstone.  And of course all that the Moon itself represents, including the Divine Feminine and Intuition!

In my thinking, Moonstone relates to the subconscious mind and helps us to connect with it, and the soul itself.

It protects, it is said, all  those who wear or carry it when they travel at night.

It does change it’s light when the Moon is full or dark–and it reflects energy just as the Moon itself reflects the light of the Sun, thus it’s connection with intuition.

I see the changes in the light of the Moonstone in the ring that I wear based upon the phase of the Moon.

Moonstone can be blue, gray, white, peach, yellow or rainbow color–the stone in my own Moonstone Ring is the white/grey blend of the moon itself.

Moonstone is also thought to cleanse negativity from chakras.  And it is thought, naturally, to enhances the feminine (intuitive) qualities.

It’s a good stone to have along with you during pregnancy and childbirth.  Personally, I think all astrologers should wear or carry Moonstone, especially when interpreting charts.  And every psychic should want to own one or several.

Moonstone is abundant in the area of the mountains where I’m from in North Carolina.  It is from the FELDSPAR family.

As for me; I wouldn’t leave home or go anywhere without it–a Moonstone lives on my left pink-y finger and has for many years.  We could call it the “stone of divination”, and so I will.

By the way, in Palmistry the small finger is associated with COMMUNICATION (the Mercury finger).  I didn’t plan which finger upon which to place a Moonstone ring–it was the finger that the ring fit at the time before I knew the first thing about Palmistry.  Since I am a psychic, I find that association supportive and synchronistic.  By the way, the sign associated with the little finger is Libra, and that’s my Sun, Moon, Venus and Neptune sign.  Well anyway…. before I get carried off into doing Palmistry, better get back to work on my new website!


Moonstone Ring

Moonstone Ring Image

Animal Friends, Leopardskin Jasper, and NN Libra and relationship patterns

Leopard Skin JasperAh yes!  The little darling did it again!  “Aunt Joy, I didn’t think you had any friends.”  Well, of course, can you blame her?  I mention one of my friends at dinner in the restaurant–I was referring to a human friend by the way. Anyway…

She’s 17 years old and friends at her age are the end-all, beat-all and collecting the numbers at any price for popularity and all that is typical of that age I suppose.  Yet, myself at 17, I had my books and spent a lot of time to myself and as we trace this timeline backward and forward from that age, same deal!

I often talk about the trees being “my friends” and the birds too and then of course, my crystal friends–the stones I’ve been Facebook-ing about and in wrote about in my newsletter earlier this week.  My  niece joins most of the rest of consensus humanity (the mass-mind of a shallow society) with values completely different from my own and dare I say nearly opposed from  fringe dwellers (at least in consciousness) like me.

Well, she stopped my mind in it’s tracks at that moment with her comment about never seeing me with a “friend”.  I realize that most others who have the same world and “other-world” view as myself are like hidden gems and most I’ve found (or they have found me) through the Internet, my website, as clients or psychic class members.  I suspect there have been many lifetimes that my soul spent up on mountaintops or alone in the wood where I feel most at home with nature and animal friends.

So this innocent, thoughtless (or was it?) comment from this high school-er relative got me to thinking.  How does someone respond to that kind of thing?  I was stopped in my mental tracks by her words because I realized the pattern of people simply not knowing who I am–not that I’d expect any selfish minded, self-centered teenager to take the time or trouble to figure that out but how could I even explain it during casual dinner conversation?

So, I didn’t say much and tried to joke it away later in the conversation:  “Well, what do I know?  I don’t even have any friends. ha ha”

I have to say that when an animal says hello or recognizes me, it brings me feelings of happiness and sacredness (really sacredness is a really good word to describe it)—feelings that rarely happen when a human says hello when passing by.  I’m thinking of dogs who stop to say hello–this used to happen more often in the mountains where they weren’t leashed.  But even now here in the heart of the crowded human city when a pet owner walks by with their dog on the leash, we connect.  The pet owner fades back and blurs out in my experience and the dog and I connect!  Instant friend!

Each of my 3 daughters has a cat–one daughter has 3 cats and those are my friends too!

Those are the local friends within the community; but I do have online friends… many for years and years!  And telephone friends too.   Not that I need to defend or explain this—yet there it was again in the face of her comment.  Totally misunderstood—again!    Its a pattern of course and that feeling of being “an alien from a galaxy far, far away” (to borrow a phrase from the movies—wasn’t it Star Wars?) —anyway, that feeling is so familiar and has some emotional pain woven into it at points.   But then, it’s right on time–isn’t it?

I mean that astrologically it is–this whole friend ‘thing’ and relationship ‘thing’–now that the transiting Lunar Nodes are moving through Libra/Aries.  I’m sure there will be more of this kind of thing rather than less and I’m telling myself that I may as well get used to it.  As you  likely know, the archetype themes of Libra/Aries have to do with independence/freedom versus relationship.  And suddenly I hear Barbara Streisand’s voice in my head singing “People who need people, are the luckiest people in the world….”.  Honestly, frankly, truth be told—I’ve always hated that song!  I guess that could be pretty revealing, right?

Well, so today thinking of all this, I thought to close eyes and to do a CRYSTAL READING for myself, pulling a stone out of the bowl–the vibe of which I was hoping would give me some help.  After all, the title of this week’s newsletter was CRYSTALS HELP.  Anyway, guess what stone it was?  LEOPARDSKIN JASPER!

This is the stone that I think of as relating to communicating with the animals.  This stone relates to kindness and gentleness which is how I experience most all animals–they are kind and gentle and help us to be as well.  But mostly, since I was thinking today about how animals really make better friends than most humans (those ego-inflated humans with their agendas which rarely include unconditional love and acceptance)… mostly, I felt that with eyes closed drawing this stone out of my crystal bowl was a smile and recognition from the animal kingdom and my own animal totem.

For the record and in the interest of disclosure, being human myself (sometimes regretfully–ha ha) the unconditional love and acceptance example of animals is one that I could emulate more too.  I do like the example of cats however as they will intuitively walk away from humans with vibrations that are harsh, mean, aggressive, ill-disposed or  unfriendly.  Cats are selective about their human bonds–me too!

Funny thing though–if I should at any time find myself longing for anything or looking at my desire-nature, never is there wish for more friends.   I suppose it’s an emotional security thing, you know?  Most humans long for what they believe will give them emotional security, more happiness, and less pain.  I have a short list in that regard and more friends simply isn’t on it–and there’s no elitism or snobbishness with that or anywhere on the side.

I think, too, that as a psychic and medium, there is a continual awareness of having a full life with my friends in spirit world.  For example, right now, I feel the room in which I’m typing this filled with spirit beings, crystal people and …. well, the room is full, and in that sense my life is full and would a simple minded teenager understand that?

Spirit friends:  I can see them, feel, them and know I am surrounded by them–just like many other fringe dwellers who would be stumped, as I was, by that comment.

So, I will take my Leopardskin Jasper and place it in my pocket and carry it with me today and smile my secret smile knowing I’ve had a wink and a nod from those of the Animal Kingdom–the very best kinds of friends!

Excuse me now–because its time to water my plant friends!

Petrified Wood Metaphysical Reflections and a Past Life Stone

Petrified Wood Collage

What a combo!  Trees and crystallized quartz! PETRIFIED WOOD was once a living, breathing tree.  Some kind of powerful, special energy has to be in those stones, right? 

I once visited the Petrified Wood forest in Arizona; amazing place, that! They say that over 200 million years ago, trees and logs washed into an ancient river system and were buried quick and deep by massive amounts of sediment and debris. Minerals, including silica dissolved from volcanic ash, absorbed into the porous wood over hundreds and thousands of years crystallized within the cellular structure.

The Petrified Wood in the national park in Arizona is almost solid quartz!

(no more tree left but for the shape)

Very earthy!  Makes sense then that petrified wood crystal stones are connected with the root chakra.

Doing PAST LIFE readings?  I like to hold Petrified Wood and also Amber–both known for being formed so far in the past.  Petrified Wood makes you think how sudden dramatic and sometimes frightening change can happen so quickly but result in such magnificent beauty.

Some say that if you have an aging issue, concern or problem that petrified wood can help.  I like to hold this stone when I am working with the intention to create a change that is quick yet permanent—fossilized and cast in stone so-to-speak.

Sometimes in life we do bury things quickly and deeply such as traumas in the same way those trees and logs were quickly buried into the earth but then became uncovered or rediscovered eons later revealed to be such a beautiful stone, changed permanently.  Petrified stone reminds me that some of the most beautiful aspects of humans resembles crystallized trees or petrified stone—one form changes to another—something that happened quickly and was buried deeply results in something really beautiful when it surfaces.  Yeah, okay, the opposite is true–certain other attitudes and behaviors can become crystallized too.

Speaking of which, I think in psychological terms about everything–or so says my teenage niece who thinks way differently!  I’ll leave those details mercifully aside.  She, her mother, and I went to dinner the other night and 2 minutes into the dinner conversation she sighs, rolls her eyes and says “Do we always have to talk about deep psychological stuff Aunt Joy?”   

I can say what I want on my own blog however, and just did! So go petrify that you br___  (bright and beautiful child!)  Thought I was going to say something else, didn’t you? (…  talk about burying emotion)

Anyway, I enjoyed remembering my visit to the Petrified Forest in Arizona.  Being there was like being in a huge outdoor church—yeah (sorry) was raised Catholic, nuns and all.  

But you know?   You felt like you should whisper as you went through the forest—awe inspiring and sacred place for a psychic like me!