New Year Divination with Nine of Cups with Knight of Wands

Tarot Guidance Divination  for the New Year

I am thinking of the approaching New Year as would not be an unexpected thing to do on the 28th of December.  I pulled two tarot cards at random with the intention of receiving some guidance through divination:  Nine of Cups and Knight of Wands.  What strikes me abut this card combo relates to taking a moment to bask in the light of achievements for the year in review.  There are no other humans on this card nor are there any houses or cities within view.  There is an aloneness.  People throughout the year may have disappointed you and while you may have felt that at times that life itself let you down hard, still you managed at the very least and attained some things too.

The Nine of Cups here seems to suggest to take the time to forget about everybody else when you review your year and focus on that which you did achieve or accomplish — or at the very least, focus on what you managed to survive.  Get away from the family, the crowds and find a place to be alone to do this type of reflection.

The Knight of Wands is reminding us that life goes on, change is inevitable and to muster up your courage and passion and march forward into the new year with boldness.  Look for times to do the carpe diem thing — find those moments when you can seize the day.  The Knight of Wands seems to be telling us that there are no blockages or limitations to our future but those that we, ourselves, believe or allow to continue.

Both cards indicate emotion (cups) and passion/motivation (wands).  The past year (2016) was a 9 year (numerology, adding the numbers).  Nine is a number of transition, endings, letting go.  This upcoming year (2017) adds to a 1 and thus is a 1 year of new projects, new beginnings, new attitudes, and thoughts.  The wands part of the King of Wands refers not only to passion and fire energy but thought-energy.  Knights are always about change in some way of course.

FORWARD LOOKING BOTTOM LINE:  Look for a new attitude or way of thinking in 2017 that develops as a result of the transitions experienced in 2016. Take inventory of the emotional progress made this past year and bring that courage and boldness into the new year!

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