Weekly Horoscope – Transits for August 22, 2016

This week’s Main Players:   Mars conjunct Saturn and Mercury conjunct Jupiter

Weekly Horoscope

Mars conjunct Saturn August 22 – 26, 2016

Youth/Mars and Adult/Saturn.  This is back to school time in most places and the skies align with the sign of impulsive, immature Mars meeting closely with stable, mature Saturn.  Both signs are in Sagittarius which is generally thought to be the sign related to optimism, growth and also education.  As above, so below.  It seems pretty clear to me!  We would all sense the effect of this transit through the first 7 to 10 days of September.

Generally, we would all, in some way, likely be considering some new philosophy or belief (Sag) and some way to apply it to some new discipline or work (Saturn).  It may feel exciting and we may feel great passion about it (Mars).

In every sense, this is a positive aspect, unless you have been much too unruly and out of control–the “Lord of Karma” i.e. Saturn will be implementing the law of cause and effect.  You will receive what you deserve one way or another.

Sustained growth through patient endeavors — that’s one theme for the week!  If you are able to discipline yourself and you persevere, you will react with patience in the face of any challenges this week.  Otherwise, it could be a time of frustration.

We can find our Mars-like energy being curbed in one way or another by Saturn.  Mars-energy wants to run helter-skelter but Saturn-energy wants to slow things down and direct that energy.

Mercury conjunct Jupiter August 20 – 25, 2016

This transit will last longer than the dates above.  In fact, due to Mercury’s retrograde period, it will pass back and forth over Jupiter for a few months.  Mercury will not move entirely out of Jupiter’s shadow until the last week of October.  So this energy will fade in and out for a good number of weeks at which point both planets will move out of the constellation Virgo and into Libra.

But, let’s just look at this week as these two planets both connect in the sign of Virgo.  These two planets are opposing one another in the natural zodiac and relate to the natural houses 3 and 9.  Mercury relating to left brain and Jupiter the right brain.  Now those two planets conjoin and this bodes well for merging both hemispheres especially in any area where we provide service to humanity–that last being a Virgo quality.  Mercury rules Virgo so is very strong in this sign and therefore intellect will be very closely linked to our intuitive (Jupiter) nature.  Jupiter likes to expand so it would be fair to say that this is a period of time in which the universe supports endeavors that expand the intellect.  This is a compliment to the other aspect addressed above–Mars conjunct Saturn.

Details (a Virgo quality) supported by left brain Mercury and mind-expanding Jupiter supports returning to school or increasing study in some area.

Legal matters (Jupiter deals with ‘the law’) should be fortunate if handled skillfully and  thoughtfully.

Higher levels of mind may be sought out and therefore spiritual matters may seem much more interesting now.

It’s a favorable time for positive communication and “good news” in important matters. Don’t over-commit in anything that you may feel enthusiastic about — Jupiter can take optimism too far sometimes.



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