Angels in Everyday Life Show Up in Divine Timing

angel whispers2Do you think that sometimes an angel whispers in someone’s ear, inspiring them to encourage someone at the right moment?  Have you ever been inspired by those divine forces?

Well. there I was yesterday after fighting off all kinds of resistance and procrastination.  I’ve gained  5 pounds over the month, so sayeth the scale which had been purposefully avoided! I needed every ounce of energy to stay focused on moving — yes, again!  Same phone number and nearly the same address too.  You see, a heavy smoker moved into the apartment next to me–and it was a hellish 6 months (including wheezing and coughing) until another unit opened up.  In fact, I should thank the smoker now that I look back because I ended up in the best unit here — in my opinion anyway.  But there was a lot of frustration and expense and consequent knee injuries.  I was pushing my body harder at the gym because I was (sounds crazy now) trying to keep myself from the detrimental effects of 2nd and 3rd hand smoke.  I was stressed out and pushing harder in my workouts let me release my intense feelings, but also caused me to re-injure my knee.

I’ve been here before with this knee.  I think there’s a meniscus issue there that’s long standing from which I have recovered numerous times.  The time before this one involved jumping waves at the beach and walking on the uneven surfaces of the sand.  The following day we walked around the ‘Broadway at the Beach’ — a Myrtle Beach park with rides and attractions that involved a good deal of walking.  I was in pain!  My knee screamed at me toward the end of that day.  But I recovered.  I’ve recovered numerous times and will again—yet, this time it’s taking a good deal longer!

Anyway, about the angel that showed up.  Well, who knows if we’re talking angel really but have you ever noticed that just when you really seem to need some encouragement, someone shows up and offers some?

It’s happened many times of course but I am writing about the most recent very strange yet encouraging experience that happened yesterday at the gym.

When these things happen they are often accompanied by a really surreal feeling — it feels unearthly or dreamlike.  And then you know that it’s not the person per se but the energy that is moving through that individual from someplace higher or beyond.

Like I said, there was procrastination about going back to the gym and it took courage for me to get there since I didn’t even know if I could get up the two levels of stairs without looking like a cripple.  I managed though without looking too injured–or at least I think so.

I walked to a spin bike and set the seat and height and handle bars wondering if I could even swing myself onto it — I did fine there too.

But…. I felt fat (that 5# gain, remember?) and old — that part bothered me more than the weight.  But I was determined to try to do what I could, even if I pedaled slow for 10 minutes.

Just as I mounted the bike and started to set the straps on my feet I looked up and a man was walking close to me and I smiled at him.  He started talking to me saying that he thought I was really progressing and loosing weight and this kind of thing, emphasizing the positive change that had occurred with me over time.  I thought, Who the heck is this guy? I’ve never seen him before.

I began to suggest to him that he must have me confused with someone else and he insisted on how impossible that was saying that he’d been watching me for a while and does not have me confused with anyone else.

He offered to shake my hand and in that exchange he said to keep up the good work.

Suddenly, I felt very glad about having worked through my procrastination and resistance and showed up at the gym!

I know some higher being or an angel was speaking through him, motivating and inspiring that person to approach me at that moment when I was feeling most disheartened, apprehensive, overweight and old!

I was being reminded about my previous progress and encouraged not to give up.

Thank you to the Divine Forces at work in our lives! And for the humans who allow themselves to be inspired by them.