Psychic Predictions for New Year 2016


First the collective and then the individual influences appear below.  I’ve separated out the individual influences according to Sun sign.  If your date of birth is on the cusp of two signs, read both signs.


One trend in the psyche of the collective will relate to relating to people of common interests.  Technology that supports this collective desire will increase.  We may see more “Facebook” or “Twitter” et al types of Internet offerings.  The collective as a whole is gravitating toward a time when telepathic communication is more active and being woven into technology.  I’ve been seeing in my New Year’s predictions for years now – the human mind and computer mind merging for purposes that extend beyond game technology.
There will be
increased awareness or at least developing interest within the collective regarding the connection between physical illness or manifestations in the physical body and issues from the past that they have not released.  Emotional healing and physical healing being one and the same becomes more obvious in the collective mind.

The purpose and power of the individual person will be challenged by financial and material requirements and desires for independence and freedom mixed in.  This can result in new careers or a new way of functioning in society.  I see flashes of people starting business with others or working within small groups of others—working together for a common goal.  These goals seem highly humanitarian in nature; service oriented.  It is in service to community that financial gain is found, generally speaking.  Unique services which are provided to fulfill the need of a particular sector of the community, whether that community is global or local—this is where purpose and success (and power) can be found in 2016.
Anticipating other people’s needs will lead to blessings in 2016.

Emphasis on “togetherness” will fulfill both the collective and individual emotional needs in 2016, yet people should not have any fear of being alone or working alone.  The trick is to be alone while still relating to others—in other words, maintain individuality while merging with others at the same time, which is not as contrary or opposite as it sounds.

People will communicate more with higher mind or what some would call their subconscious — better said, bringing what has been unconscious into consciousness.

Beliefs will change—that which a person held as truth will be challenged in such ways that there is a restructuring of beliefs both collectively and individually and this will be especially true when it comes to their personal relationships with others.

There are ‘image changes’ that happen this year, and this may be like putting a new face on (in a way).  There can be name changes in various ways for the purpose of creating a new image.

Hidden or secret agendas should be watched out for with regard to money—money making.  If it sounds too good to be true, it very well may be so use discernment and common sense if anything like this comes before you.

People may question one another’s loyalty which can lead to sudden severing of ties.

Humanitarian approaches to technological advancement and ideas that are inspired from higher mind occur to help aid the collective — this seems to be a repeating theme that I’m receiving.

The collective will be restructuring their beliefs about what is needed and what is necessary versus desires for things that are not necessary with more emphasis on conserving energy and resources—resources of all types be those earth elements or personal finances.

I also feel that people will be spending more time in contemplation and meditation.

More labor-saving inventions and more flexible work hours are favored in 2016 so that time can be spent in nature and having a close connection with Earth Mother.  Technological mind will handle details so Human Mind can commune with Higher Mind or Universal Consciousness—at least this will be the overall collective trend, I feel.

The collective will be seeking more ways to ‘have fun’ and experience adventure in 2016 and there will be more honesty and openness about this so that the workaholics will stand out like a sore thumb in collective society.

In any relationship whether it is of a personal or work nature, the individual will seek out soul connections and this will be favored over physical attractions.  This becomes more and more evident in the collective in books, movies and TV shows.

People will, therefore, become connected with their spiritual brothers and sisters or soul mates – emphasis, again, on groups.

This is repetitive, but again, being conscious of other people’s needs is what will be a predominant factor in the collective mind.  Happiness in 2016 comes by way of being of service to others.



A year of surprises and passions with themes of self-worth and doing purposeful work within the community – these are challenges that encourage growth.  You have been working with mastering relationship issues and those will culminate this year resulting in feelings of satisfaction and contentment.  You will be challenged to speak your  truth without being passive aggressive or sarcastic–be sure to keep your sense of humor active.  You may find that woman’s issues or female equality help you to be a defender of truth in some way.  You will handle those things well; after all, you’ve been working on mastering relationship issues.

Communication and technology are keywords for you.  A good year to make meditation a habit because inspirations and ideas come to you in while you are in a meditative/contemplative state.  What you believe about money and security this year influences your experience big time, so energize the most positive beliefs.  Disseminating information to others about what you’ve learned about survival in tough times and other issues — disseminating or offering what you feel your true talent is to the world will be a focus of your growth this year.

Talk about your emotions this year.  A good year for counseling or past life regression therapy– the active mind must be balanced with heart and spirit.  Learn all you can about Universal Mind or Universal Consciousness and bring what you learn into your daily work.  New ways of thinking blend with intuition this year—be sure to apply what you learn in your daily life.

Creativity!  Fun!  Play like a child if you can.  That’s very productive for you in your personal relationships and work relationships too.  The fun attitude will increase money flow and material support.  Have fun at work or what you do that you consider to be your real job here upon the earth—when you do this and pursue creativity and fun together, the result is very positive.

“How can I serve others?”  The answers that come to you from this inner question will assist you with your work and relationships and if you do this without seeking limelight, the recognition will happen despite yourself.  It should be a year of great power for you if you use this energy wisely and as described, it looks like you can’t miss meeting your goals as long as those goals involve helping others.

Projection issues may be strong this year and you may accept the projections of others without realizing it, so be aware so this doesn’t happen.  You may also see others as being just as you, yourself, are.  Watch any passive aggressive tendencies and your work/career will benefit greatly, adding to your happiness overall.  If you have an interest in shamanism or metaphysical healing of any type, this would be the year to pursue those interests and then apply what you have pursued.

You will continue to work with your intense emotions/moods as well as issues involving merging with others.  The group or community may give you challenges but seeing the big picture and actively working toward staying in the mindset of optimism helps you hold it together.  Being in nature is soothing for you this year more than ever before.  Seeking beauty and harmony and sharing or demonstrating that will bring happiness to yourself and others.

This year the inner questions and outer seeking will involve doing work that you love and making money doing it but the belief system needs total revamping—belief about what is possible for you.  Self-worth issues will be involved with that of course—asking self what do I need to feel satisfied and happy and the answers may need restructuring so examine it carefully to be sure about what your “true” and “authentic” needs really are.   Powerful friends will be around to help you—don’t be surprised if you find an earth angel or two come into your life this year.

A year of love of work/career – a very positive work/career year and relationships at work are strong and powerful as well.  This is good money year in which an unexpected windfall happens—perhaps a raise at work, inheritance or the like.  There may be a little confusion about something medical or with the physical body but it looks like worry is unfounded… its stress related to be sure to take good care to decompress and de-stress frequently this year.

A power year with responsibility and a good deal of work ahead and details this year will be important for you to follow up on.  It’s an intense year, a busy time, and also a happy year, but the details may fall through the cracks and you can no longer feign or claim confusion; this year you will need to really step up and mature.  The good news is that you have lots of help and support available.  Be sure to take advantage of opportunities.

The physical body and self-image will be of importance for you this year.  And walking your talk so-to-speak will be important for you to do—give good example as people well be noticing you.  There may unexpected surprises with your money or material possession this year that will come from outside of your main influence or better said are karmic – the result of past causes and conditions. It looks like career relationships could likely be involved with that.  Also, spiritual healing affects the physical body positively – ask and you shall receive.

There’s a culmination now of past efforts – if you have been working on your self-image and physical body, this is the year it pays off for you.   If not, it’s never too late.  You shine in your work or career this year but challenges are not over but anything that challenges you this year makes you shine brighter in your work and within the community so it’s a good thing.  Generally, it looks like you will carry feelings of optimism from the past, bringing those forward to benefit your work and to help others too.


The year 2016, on a numerology level, is  9 Universal Year.  We are all affected by our own personal vibrations and those, of course, are the strongest.  Yet, underneath that there are subtle currents that affect us all and these are called Universal Vibrations, indicating general trends giving hints as to what may happen in that year.

In the upcoming year ahead there will also be completions, like a spring cleaning and things that are no longer useful are discarded.

Therefore, in 2016 there will be completions, endings — loose ends tied up and unfinished business will be finished.

We will all see a “new way of life” starting in September, the 9th month of the 9 year.


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