Coincidences and Synchronicity – Leopard Spirit Massage Therapist

Leopard facebook header 600x222It’s all the time. Coincidence.  Synchronicity.  And it becomes nearly expected.  Life, through those harmonious connections, seems normal, right-on and routine.  I didn’t say anything to him about this.  After all, he thought astrology was astronomy and got the two words confused and when I explained he wasn’t sure about his own Sun Sign. But then, he was rather young, age 23 I was told the day before by the appointment secretary.  [I sometimes find it less intimidating to others when I answer their question about what I do for a living to say am an astrologer (rather than psychic) although I’d claim to be both. ]

He confessed that he’s a loner and doesn’t have all that many friends.  Oh, I’m talking about the massage guy.  I’m not someone who normally would let a complete stranger’s hands be all over my body, but I’ve been in pain from this rather ridiculous fender bender (hit while moving in slow traffic by a man who got his cane mixed up with his gas pedal and brake, so he said) and my bumper needs replacing and it feels today like my head does too.  But back to the massage guy….

I wasn’t in much of a mood to talk much more– well, I confess to doing nervous talking when I go to the hairdresser too.  I’m a double Libra and have a compulsory need to fill in extended silence with some kind of chatting.  I’m trying to be better with that but with some kids hands all over my back… well, anyway.

I had to smile at the fact that he was, we finally determined, an Antiquarian Sun Sign.  The loner M.O and the fact that he was studying to be a paramedic (the humanitarian archetype) made perfect sense too.  He was compassionate, caring and informative.

When he exited the room for me to get up and dress in privacy, in addition to  my own inner chuckle about the room–sheets and towels everywhere like someone had wild sex in the place.  I found that though most comical but as I turned toward the door to leave, I noticed something.

Leopards!  on his wall a photo of one and a leopard stuffed animal too.  I would have chatted with him about how shamanism is connected to this animal and how the Leopard, also, is a loner and that I have a leopard tagging along with my soul too but alas…. thought it better that I go home.  Besides I had a headache and felt very jostled in body, mind and spirit.

I know that it was helpful–the massage but I’m still not over clearing this auto accident energy and that’s disappointing at the moment.  I’m better every day of course and expect in a few more days I’ll be good as new again.

Funny how we connect with the people we’re meant to–my Leopard found his.   I feel that he has quite a bit of healing energy and is indeed an old shaman from a familiar star to my own.  But how could I begin to explain all that with a headache to someone who wasn’t even sure of his Sun sign or what astrology actually was?  I didn’t try.

I was grateful that my neck felt better and I could look behind me without the OUCH that I’d been dealing with for days and when I put my chin to my chest, that no longer hurt either.

I did thank him and bowed with my hands in together saying, “Namaste'” to him before I left.  I  asked him for business cards to hand to others and told him that his massage was helpful all along as he worked out the trigger points.

Yeah, but explaining Leopard animal totems and past lives and shamanism.  Just couldn’t go there with him–I just wanted out of there as soon as I could go.  No real valid reason, I just did.

It’s enough to say that I looked up toward the heavens and smiled when I saw his Leopard symbolism in the corner of his massage room before I left.

Namaste my Leopard friend, Namaste!  I didn’t need to say a word.  This guy knew who he was and what he was doing here.  He will likely never read this but on some level, he’ll get the message anyway, “Thank you and best wishes for great success in Paramedic School.”