Three of Swords with Five of Wands

Great minds think alike… or the mind of David and my own in some sort of harmony here. I just finished my blog and up in my email box is his blog with striking similarities in theme and message. Therefore, had to repost! Especially now that he helps me understand the 5 of wands on deeper levels; thanks David! Oh and 3 of swords in combo with it…. totally what I was sayen’ in my own blog. LOL Happy Sunday!

I am the minister of myself

The Witches Tarot By Ellen Dugan and Mark Evans The Witches Tarot By Ellen Dugan and Mark Evans

Our emotions form the impetus for every intention we set. The choices we make in life are based on these very intentions set from specific emotions. When these emotions are heavy, dark, and difficult we often forget that the strife we experience is generated by the emotion. We believe the inverse to be true, attributing our hurtful disposition to the struggles we have been facing.

Heavy emotions such as heartache, loss, and depression can be more compelling than we realize. When we find ourselves in this state for long enough we can sometimes forget what it is like to feel joy. We may also feel deserving of our state of despondency, so when joyful moments come our way, we might believe we are not worthy of being happy, that we need to remain in our dark place.

As the pain of loss…

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