Petrified Wood Metaphysical Reflections and a Past Life Stone

Petrified Wood Collage

What a combo!  Trees and crystallized quartz! PETRIFIED WOOD was once a living, breathing tree.  Some kind of powerful, special energy has to be in those stones, right? 

I once visited the Petrified Wood forest in Arizona; amazing place, that! They say that over 200 million years ago, trees and logs washed into an ancient river system and were buried quick and deep by massive amounts of sediment and debris. Minerals, including silica dissolved from volcanic ash, absorbed into the porous wood over hundreds and thousands of years crystallized within the cellular structure.

The Petrified Wood in the national park in Arizona is almost solid quartz!

(no more tree left but for the shape)

Very earthy!  Makes sense then that petrified wood crystal stones are connected with the root chakra.

Doing PAST LIFE readings?  I like to hold Petrified Wood and also Amber–both known for being formed so far in the past.  Petrified Wood makes you think how sudden dramatic and sometimes frightening change can happen so quickly but result in such magnificent beauty.

Some say that if you have an aging issue, concern or problem that petrified wood can help.  I like to hold this stone when I am working with the intention to create a change that is quick yet permanent—fossilized and cast in stone so-to-speak.

Sometimes in life we do bury things quickly and deeply such as traumas in the same way those trees and logs were quickly buried into the earth but then became uncovered or rediscovered eons later revealed to be such a beautiful stone, changed permanently.  Petrified stone reminds me that some of the most beautiful aspects of humans resembles crystallized trees or petrified stone—one form changes to another—something that happened quickly and was buried deeply results in something really beautiful when it surfaces.  Yeah, okay, the opposite is true–certain other attitudes and behaviors can become crystallized too.

Speaking of which, I think in psychological terms about everything–or so says my teenage niece who thinks way differently!  I’ll leave those details mercifully aside.  She, her mother, and I went to dinner the other night and 2 minutes into the dinner conversation she sighs, rolls her eyes and says “Do we always have to talk about deep psychological stuff Aunt Joy?”   

I can say what I want on my own blog however, and just did! So go petrify that you br___  (bright and beautiful child!)  Thought I was going to say something else, didn’t you? (…  talk about burying emotion)

Anyway, I enjoyed remembering my visit to the Petrified Forest in Arizona.  Being there was like being in a huge outdoor church—yeah (sorry) was raised Catholic, nuns and all.  

But you know?   You felt like you should whisper as you went through the forest—awe inspiring and sacred place for a psychic like me!