Winter Solstice 2013 Celebration Ritual — How will you celebrate the birth of the sUn?

...its coming! Winter Solstice, the birth of the New Sun!
…its coming! Winter Solstice, the birth of the New Sun!

… its coming its coming! The Winter Solstice when the old SUN (with a U) dies and the new sUn is born! How will you celebrate? How about a very quiet and contemplative day out in nature, honoring nature in its quiet state. Huh? how about quitting the crazy Santa “buy, buy, buy” mentality madness...c’mon, just for one day out of this silly season to take a day to go walk in nature, be really really quiet, feed the birds and other small creatures that remain through the winter and have difficulty finding food in the cold winter months, bring corn meal to the earth as a gift and while you do so reflect upon the year that’s coming to a calendar close and how that relates to the bare trees, dry leaves, crisp/cool air of the season.

How about watching the sunset the night before to set the mood? Or if you’re an early bird–the sunrise. It is a day to contemplate the birth of the sUn! Contemplate the old days–BEFORE Internet Shopping and Black Fridays–even before electricity…. think: SIMPLICITY.   Some people in an effort to keep the day quiet and simple choose not to use electricity the whole day–bundle up and make a fire in the fireplace if you’re lucky enough to have one. Or just light the room with candles.

OH, and take orange slices out and apple slices out for the animals too—place them as gifts for the animals during your nature walk… popcorn, nuts, birdseed, cranberries, etc.

Did you know that for 6 days during the Summer Solstice and again during the Winter Solstice, the sun rises and sets in the exact same spot? Otherwise usually it moves across the sky from day to day. Watch the sun set on the shortest day of the year, and whisper a thank you acknowledging that the days will now be growing longer day-by-day.

Last year my granddaughter and I looked up everyone’s Druid tree and god/goddess based on day of birth  — we read the meanings of the tree and the god/goddess to each person.

We collected dry sticks in the woods after hanging pine cones smothered with peanut butter and rolled in birdseed on the trees. Each person in the family was given a stick and asked to think of something that they wish to get rid of in their life and then together when the intentions were firmly set in each one’s private mind, on the count of three we broke the sticks and all together yelled out GOOD RIDDANCE!

Then each was given a small candle in a glass to light while thinking of an intention for upcoming year.

I’d like to ask my family to shut off their cell phones or those big things they carry now that have everything on them–to shut those off during the time we’re together celebrating solstice. Will they? we shall see! what could crash the mood of the simple quiet solstice walk in the wood gifting the animals some treats but the ringing of a cell phone?

Well, this is just me just typing off the top of my head thoughts about the winter solstice–everybody has intuition and is psychic and can come up with many more ideas with a brief contemplation.

The Winter Solstice  is an extra special day for me  and for our family anyway because my middle child was born on the winter solstice and her name relates to the SUN. I didn’t know about solstice and all that jazz when she was born—but then \I know babies souls really whisper their names into their mother’s ears.