Autumnn Leaves and Contemplation is a Continuious Meditation

Autumn ArtOur meditative mind continues after our formal meditation time of reflection.  I’ve learned that when we stop the formal meditation sitting, we still reflect–and if we don’t we should.

That’s what the meditation teachers tell us and like so many times as it happens in my life, the realization is my own experience FIRST and then I read it somewhere in a book–the very same thing.

So the books, the teachers of meditation who write those, say we should keep in a state of mediation and reflection going at all times.

To be fair, I’ve always been that way—from the time that I can remember thinking, I’ve reflected on just about everything in life as it happens (or at least shortly after).

I thought of that yesterday when I became what we used to call a “Lookey Lou”.  That is, when my daughter drove me back to the mountains to see the fall leaves.

And they were brilliant and beautiful, especially up on Grandfather Mountain yesterday! I am so grateful to have gotten to go back home for a little while.  

We hiked too and in that activity you have to continually look down so you don’t trip on a tree root or rock or log so the view of dead leaves upon the ground provided an opportunity to contemplate and reflect on impermanence.  It was, in effect, the continuation of meditation.

We humans are, essentially, no different from the leaves–our color peaks too and we will all eventually shrivel up and drop too.

Meditation helps us to raise the mind to the level of constant contemplation.  Of course, we contemplate joyful and beautiful things about life too… not always impermanence.  My point is that whether we walk, stand, sit or lay our head down upon a pillow, everything we do or see enables us to contemplate life if we are aware of mind to start with and then Life Itself becomes a meditation.