Our Life Purpose

Photo of Joy and Grandson
Joy and Grandson

In my last blog post I mentioned this whole VIRTUE business–developing virtue is why we’re here, the life purpose.

Oh, and you thought you were here to save the world?  Well, maybe you are–who am I to say different.

But you know we tend to pause and take inventory at certain times in life.

One time can be when we’re afraid or fearful but there’s birthdays, New Years, anniversaries and those types of markers.

I did that the other day while I was considering this whole virtue thing and realized that while we may not have created monetary or material wealth, there are other types of achievements–virtue is one.

Spirituality and morality are field levelers–a poor person can practice spirituality the same as the rich.

The good that is established in our life (even if we struggle from time to time to achieve it) will shine on.

Our good, the virtue we have created, will not be wasted–it will remain in the world even after we have dropped the physical body and moved into spirit.

Virtue does not die.

It is something our children and grandchildren can carry on, and when others meet our children, our family or when others see anything or anyone (for that matter) that was connected with us, they will think about us and maybe in those thoughts of us even feel happy.

[  The photo with this blog post was taken October 13, 2013 on my 66th birthday–me with my grandson.  ]