Divination: Ace of Pentacles and Doubt

Divination!  Let’s do some!  Got a question, a problem, an “issue”?  I do–who doesn’t really?!  Let’s be honest.  Even high spiritual teachers have them.  Lately, I’ve ripped off my mask but am thinking that it might be better to put it back on–people rather like the mask and let’s face it, nobody REALLY wants to know “what lies in the deep” or beheath it@!  Love that phrase, “lies in the deep”-but that’s the scorpio in me I suppose.  Anyway, it’s a line from Lord of the Rings–I really LOVE the music from that movie, especially the Return of the King CD.  But let me pull this all together here and get back to the diviniation question.

Got one in mind?  Like I said, I do.  You focus on yours and I’ll focus upon mine–let’s form this question carefully. Perhaps even write it down.  No paper and pen handy?  Open a document and write it down there.  Got it? 

Okay,  mine has to do with doubt–what’s yours have to do with?  Let’s see what the oracle tells us.  I will use the tarot today.  Now that I think about it, doubt is a common human issue. 


I’ve drawn the Ace of Pentacles.  I can’t help but be drawn to the blue mountains in the background–it seems everything reminds me of the moutains lately.  But let’s stick to the question, what does our issue about doubt have to do with the Ace of Pentacles?  Well, the answer here is that there is an opportunity, something material and earthly (like money) that comes as a result of the issue at hand that we’re asking about.

New Beginning, opportunity, door opens (represented by the archway in the picture on the card).  Something material or earthly will happen to help overcome the doubt that exists around the question. 

This is beginning to make sense to my own inner question– is it for you as well?  It is encouraging.   I’ve always loved this card with the hand of spirit holding the coin over the path!  That’s probably because there’s still a tendency within me to struggle with money or poverty issues.

The bottom line here is that there’s no reason for doubt–there are heavinly forces that help us in material ways to stay on the path!