Mercury Stations Retrograde at 15 Scorpio

Two blogs in one day?  I don’t’ know what in the world’s gotten into me!  haven’t blogged in ages before today.   Could it have anything to do with Mercury stationing and ready to go retrograde any second now?  To me that looks like Earth and Mercury hanging in the heavens neck-to-neck.  Is that literally true?  you’d have to Google an astronomer and ask him or her.  As for me, I’ll go with my intuition, Mercury seems close.  And that could account for two blog posts in one day and my recent anxiety about getting going on my astrology class.  Something’s come over me and I don’t think it’s the election.

Here’s a excerpt from a recent email on Sabian Symbols for this time of Sun at 15 Scorpio.  BLain Bovee wrote about the energy right now as follows, “Mercury stands still. The messenger god is about to return to some matters that have perhaps been dropped along the way. Check your messages, examine all documents. There is more going on than just the lips flapping election results.  Trust valid instincts that bring you to a change in mind, heart and action. Even where there appears to be nothing, a foothold can and will make itself manifest like a world emerging around mounds of sand upon which children play.”

Mercury rules Gemini.  Gemini and Sagittarius are on opposites sides of the zodiac — polar opposites.  Yet Mercury is in the sign Sag right now–that’s go to open up some things for us as far as mind (Mercury) and inspiration/beliefs (Sag) are concerned.  Maybe people will suddenly realize what they thought was true…. well, how could I have been so wrong and not considered that before?  That would be a typical Mercury in Sagittarius retrograde inner dialogue!  You may be asking yourself that question as the little mind suddenly opens to see a wider picture.

Or on a very lowly mundane level it could out-picture as going out and buying a big screen TV with a vibrate-the-plaster-on-the-walls-loose-sound-system.  Who knows?  Sounds like what my downstairs neighbor did.  Yeah, the good news is that at least nobody walks on my cathedral ceilings except the birds or an angel or two!

Speaking of birds, I have to be up long before the birds even dream of chirping!  I’m sure I’ll mumble and stumble my way to the coffee pot finding it as usual in my sleep, speaking of which I don’t know what it is with people and old age–what is that?  but then the plan was have your kids when you’re young and getting up in the middle of the night to start your day isn’t a problem.  I must have bad karma or something–I’m having to do it when I’m old too!  If I don’t complain (forgive me, I was) maybe the karma will be balance and in my next life this won’t be necessary.

On a positive note, when I am working–actually doing readings, I get to get out of all this.  The great escape–better than any drug you could name.  My work keeps me going and if any of you reading this are clients of mine–thank you!   and Bless You!

Alright; Mercury and his winged sandals have had their due!   Hope this Mercury retrograde is a good one for you!  goodnight