Day #2 Going at it in a bit of a run!

I took a break – a physical one.  When I clean house I like to play videos; I listen.  I went through all my closets (tossing, organizing and repackaging) this winter to all 3 Lord of the Rings videos—about 4 times over. 

I’ve got video #1 of the Harry Potter series playing now as I move forward (or try to if I can rebalance) with Day #2 of the 60 day drama that lies ahead.  Well, it doesn’t have to be a drama; best use the word “experience” or better yet “adventure” instead.  I’m nervous about it—or trying not to be.

Change can be that way as we all know and sometimes not thinking about it too much is the right ticket.  Had to talk to the ‘me-self ‘a few times today, “Keep on breathing, keep on talking” to the tempo of the little Finding Nemo movie that contains the famous lines from Dori, “Keep on swimming, keep on swimming…” 

(My inner-child likes children’s movies–obviously.)

Change is a good thing—we can get stuck in same ole’, same ole’ and the longer we put it off, the more nervous we can potentially become as a result.

I watch it you know?  I watch myself as the observer who has sympathy for the fears and nervous tummy of the ‘me-self’.  I walk in both worlds in that way—probably you do too.

I had to laugh at the scene that was playing on the Harry Potter flick when I entered the living room to sit down and take a break.  Harry was looking at the entrance way to platform 9 3/4 at the London train station to board the Hogwarts express.  You’ve seen the movie, right?  He watches the other kids run through the brick wall that is in place between platform 9 and 10.  One of the mothers of the other children tells Harry, “Best to go at it at a bit of a run dear if you’re nervous.”

All the kids get through the brick wall by running through it—no time to think… just go at it “at a bit of a run”. 

The obstacle was removed and what was official yesterday is so official now that there’s no turning back and the 60 days may turn out to be 30 days.  I used my tarot cards to ask a yes/no question about if the change is going to be announced today to be ‘officially’ official!  Result?  3 Aces!  You can’t get a more positive yes than that.  A few hours later we got the call confirming that. YIKES!, it’s gets more REAL by the second!  🙂

Now the pressure increases and there’s no time for the ‘me-self’ to have any doubt, apprehension or fear.  No time for that anyway—the date moved forward 30 days or at least the goal date. 

So, just like Harry, I’d best go at it “at a bit of a run.”   I thought it good enough advice to make a blog post.  If you have something to do that you are apprehensive or nervous about–run toward it and don’t think too much.  Because now that I think about it, remembering past experiences, it does work!

Me-self and  my higher-self are working together on this!  We agree; it’s best to go at it at a bit of a run!