What Should We Know About Our Moods? The 2 of Swords Answers!

I asked about moods—what should we know about our own moods?  That was the question and for insight and guidance, I turned to the tarot.  This time I thought to use a deck that I don’t often use, The Connolly deck.  Just look at the image of the 2 of Swords!  That’s the card I drew.  It looks like those two guys are just standing there not knowing what to do—almost as if they’re saying which one do we choose?

Swords are often associated with thinking and the 2 of Swords about choice.  I so love how these things work! I ask about moods and what we should know and I get the card that represents CHOICE and more to the point NON-CHOICE.

What I’m inspired to say next is that the insight is this:  if we don’t actually make a choice, we’re drifting and anything can happen with our mood.  The first thing that comes along can trigger us into some wild or unexpected response.

However, moods seem to be about choice—at least as far as the information that this tarot card is bringing us.  Pick a sword, but for heaven’s sake… PICK!  Before you get stabbed by someone else who has a sword.  Well, that’s probably too graphic but it could be better said this way.  Without making a choice about what our mood will be—such as pensive, contemplative, quiet, peaceful, giggly, grateful, or you name it—we will bump up against someone else who has chosen a sword or made a decision about their mood and we can become influenced in some way.  Maybe someone has unconsciously (or even consciously) chosen an anger mood—they have their sword.  And we without our own who are still standing there not haven chosen are exposed to the mood of others.

Bottom line is to remember to choose a mood.   “Today I choose to be grateful for everything—no matter what it is.”  Or “Today I choose to harbor a mood of kindness to guide me through my day.”

The problem with our mood comes when we have not made a choice—that’s what the 2 of Swords is showing us here in answer to the question.

What we should know about our moods is that we should choose one@!  Choosing a mood helps us to be aware of our thoughts and to maintain that awareness.

The oracle seems to be saying, what mood do you want silly?  So choose it already!  (Then use awareness to maintain it.)