Great Power from your hara: The I-Ching offers advice on the stomach flu! Who’d have guessed? Kua 34

Well, isn’t this interesting?  I’ve been holding a question/concern on my mind this afternoon about this intestinal flu that’s going around—NOROvirus it’s called.  And with that in mind, I turned to the I-Ching for guidance about it.  And we have this Kua 34 that refers to what in Japanese is called hara in martial arts.  The message this Kua brings is about central power; in our bodies we may think of the immune system or the solar plexus or as the Japanese would say the hara or gut or belly.  I think you’d agree this is an appropriate Kua to correlate with stomach flu.  But where’s the wisdom?

Let’s start with the Sun which is the central power point of the solar system—this one point can affect all the other planets in its vicinity.  Without our central Sun what a cold and dark planet this would be—no growth and just ice and darkness.  Not a very pleasant visual.  Speaking of ice and cold, that’s a major symptom of this virus:  chills.  This virus must attack the correlation of the Sun in our body—the power point.  The need for sleep is pretty prevalent with this virus also; if our central power point goes down or is compromised, it can shut down our whole grid until we re-boot.

Endurance becomes a problem.  Now here’s the wisdom or guidance and it’s what we usually hear when we have the flu.  Avoid extremes of any kind especially if it draws a lot of power.  Use your available energy wisely and replenish when necessary.  Water carries energy in it so when we can’t get energy from the Sun (AKA stomach, AKA hara), we can draw energy from the water.  That water can supply energy to our hara, our Sun, our central power point.

Frankly, I’ve not often thought of the solar plexus area as a center or source of power but I don’t do martial arts either.  But a stomach flu could certainly affect that area in a depleting way.

Well, who’d have thunk it?  — that you could get advice on how to deal with the stomach flu from the I-Ching?!  But there it is.  The image sort of drives the point home too, doesn’t it?

PS:  here’s the link to the CDC information on this virus

I wish you Great Power from your hara!  May your reservoir of power remain strong and protected. May it be protected from Norovirus! And if you will excuse me now, it’s time to get back to my ginger ale and crackers.