Where is your savior? I Love, Love, Love this quote from Louise Hay!!

My heart, mind and soul carry several major messages as part of my standing in these shoes and walking about just living and breathing and BE-ing on this planet at this time.  The quote below is one of those messages that are simply woven into my life that though my presence here, just like with you and your message, i cannot help but give.  What are you messages?  What does your life represent.  When you discover it, you will know it like this one below is mine and i ♥ love,  ♥ love, ♥ love the way Louise Hay said it so succinctly and simply!   Here it is:

 “The Piscean Age we looked “out there” for our savior: “Save me. Save me. Please take care of me.”

Now we are moving into the Aquarian Age, and we are learning to go within ourselves to find our savior.

We are the power we are seeking. We are in charge of our lives.” ~ Louise Hay