Soul Mates, Unfinished Soul Business, Attraction-Repulsion Influences in Energy Connections; Relationships with I-CHING Kua 31

I had to laugh when I heard a popular astrologer who I admire for his great humor and delivery speak about feeling an intense and immediate attraction to another person.  It was something like, “Don’t walk… RUN to the nearest exit.”  Why?  Intense attraction (or even repulsion) can often indicate unfinished soul business with another and often times that business isn’t the most pleasant.  The person could be a soul mate (just like most of our family members are our soul mates) and their job is to “mess with your soul”.  Karma mates do that too.

Today’s divination message comes through the I-CHING Kua 31 called INFLUENCE or ATTRACTION.

I am a little bit shaken by drawing this kua because I have just been talking about someone who I would like to resonate with, but frankly don’t and I really didn’t (until just now giving it thought after getting this divination message) know why.  Every part of me is telling me to avoid this person even though I find this person to be quite interesting and ‘into’ things that I AM.  Now that I drew this Kua for today, it is a validation of some past life prior association with this person, thus the unexplained energy repulsion.

I think we need to honor those feelings when we have them.

There is nothing wrong with bowing and going the other way when we come upon a rattle snake or skunk on the trail—in fact, its wisdom.  In life, we have to be able to recognize that snake or skunk energy when we see it and that’s where our strong repulsions and attractions come into play.

Both attraction and repulsion are highly influential energy—commercial advertisers know this well.

Disillusionment happens when we purchased a highly advertised product that promises are nearly too good to be true and the same thing happens in relationships—some relationship potentials are like great salespeople who don’t know how to deliver what they’re trying to sell.  Heck, you can find this anywhere I suppose… in any profession or in any human connection with another. I’m just typing as I contemplate this whole business recalling different past experiences.

I recently read that good relationships should be like an “ongoing happening” rather than anything static or safe.  Interesting way of saying it!

Back to the repulsion energy… I met someone years ago who I had a strong connection to and half the time it really WAS repulsion but yet the connection was so strong maybe I tried to turn it into attraction.  Unlike the recent person that I refered to earlier, that connection was an intimate/love thing whereas the recent one is very distant and nothing to do with romance whatsoever.. yet the repulsion is there.

The point is that learning the hard way, I’ve come to recognize past life connections… some are great but the ones that are too intense, you can bet there is going to be some nasty stuff to contend with if you pursue them; but live and learn.  People don’t like to take other people’s words for those types of things—it’s a matter of finding out for one’s self.

A good bottom line message is that another person’s energy should complement yours if you are going to connect well together and sometimes the truth of this takes time to find out.  Let me explain…

But first let me say that instant attractions or repulsions are clues that this person has some unfinished business with you from a past life.  It does not mean you need to deal with it any more than it means you should walk close to the rattlesnake on the trail—some things are best left alone.

However, with that said, even if you do approach the intense energy, do so with caution and give it time.  The world is full of stories of how people think they have so much in common at first and then three months later say how much they do NOT have in common with that same person; in other words, we tend to see what we want at the start of a connection with another and sometimes it is our own anima/animus ideal that we see rather than what is really there. After three months or so, you start to see past your own ideal projections.  And sometimes that intense energy should be avoided altogether–use your intuition and remember…

Just because you come across the skunk or snake on the trail and it feels intensely familiar, all that means is that you got bit or sprayed by that one before in a past life and you don’t have to go through that again.  You know?… been there, done that.