Daily Divination 10-4-11 Expansion of Consciousness and I-CHING Kua 47 Oppression with Wisdom Dawning

Is it true? Many times people email to tell me that what I blog here and the I-CHING messages are timely in respect to their own life experiences.  I’m pleased that what I put in writing and in images here are ‘relate-able’ and many times in what seems (from your responses to me) like ‘divine timing’.  The other night, I reflected upon something that is familiar to me—the ups and downs of life and the elevating or expanded awareness after we experience what we might call “a fall” in life.  That fall can be a loss, event of some kind, or anything that we’d relate to with the emotions of ego such as disappointment, guilt, anger and other derivatives of fear.  We find, generally, that as we move though life that our falls in life or the dips in the road (see image) are not as deep—we don’t fall so far.  And when we rise, we have an entirely new outlook as a result of the expanded consciousness.

I made a Facebook post late one nigh recently to this effect (about this topic) and today I find that the I-CHING has directed me to Kua 47 for today’s divination message—this Kua is called “oppression” and a good image for this message is the yin/yang symbol which is a reminder that within the darkness is always the point of light and quite honestly, vice versa.

The overall message is that any event can be turned because it always presents an opportunity to turn adversity to good fortune.  In fact, it is helpful in the midst of the dark moment or period to carry a deep conviction in the heart that something higher or better will come of it, whatever it is that you may be facing.

When I look at the dark circle in the white half of the yin/yang symbol, it reminds me that those who profess to be white-lighter’s (or any of us really) will all be tested by the fires of life; it’s just that many times when white-lighter’s are tested, they go silent in guilt.  It happens to the best of us—we’re all tested by the fires of life and that’s what the yin/yang is a reminder of.

I’m not promoting darkness or negativity.  All I’m saying is that today’s message is a reminder that there is always light within the darkness.  Personally, I see opportunity in all adversities and obstacles, even if they come from my own emotions; for without those, I’d not be able to have the ability to grow and evolve and progress upward.  One must not become depressed because there is a fall or a dip in the road—the guidance is to maintain the confidence that there will be an elevation and upliftment and expansion that follows.

I’m glad the I-Ching toss directed me to this Kua today because what I was trying to communicate on the brief Facebook post requires more words and the blog gives me the place to use them.

Living life is like giving birth to one’s greater self and in that process there is, like any birth, expansion and contraction. 

 Or like the image at the top of the blog, ups and downs. That is the journey of every human.  And during the downs it is important to hold fast to the light within for that can help you pass through difficult circumstances with greater ease and especially with greater confidence.

We could say, if we wanted to, that the light is representative of your deepest spiritual beliefs and teachings as well as ideals. 

And there (in that light) is where we can call upon the energy of the masters who have walked the earth before us and left their messages and teachings to help guide us.  For me, and this is just me, it is the teachings of the Buddha and I also draw upon the living example of the Buddha of Compassion, the Dalai Lama.

Difficult circumstances and sometimes even confusing circumstances are life’s way of provoking a leap of consciousness from one level to the next by shoring up and strengthening our good inner qualities—in that sense they are opportunities.   

Instead of right and wrong or good and evil, we can see the world in a holistic way, embracing the whole—that is how the expansion of consciousness and elevation of awareness occurs. 

The bottom line message is that every darkness has a dawn and with each dawn our wisdom grows—or at least there is an opportunity for it to do so if you can view ALL in a HOLISTIC way instead of living the old paradigm, which is based on (good/evil, right/wrong) separation. 

See you tomorrow…