Cornucopia… Profusion… Harvest… I-CHING Kua 55 Abundance brings us the cosmic communiqué for the day! Delays are Temporary

Times of abundance are a sign that growth is at its peak. I suppose sort of like my landlord felt about sending the men with their weed-eaters out to attack the forest out back today. It was quite intense around here earlier with Bob the Bulldozer and his crew across the road and the 3 weed-eater machines with their blades going all at once over on this side!

I wanted to disappear into the ethers more than I usually do.  Beam me up Scottie! (and you know what follows that line–you can whisper it to yourself.)

The workers were connecting to some level of abundance for the destruction work they were doing in nature—one sign of abundance… somebody is paying them!

And now (pardon me while I laugh to myself a bit); I have an abundance of cut and dropped foliage to clean up from the lawn–the aftermath of the war between man and his weed-eater versus mother nature.  The lawn, sidewalk and driveway are full of dead foliage.  It’s up to me to do the clean up and make it look like it never even happened!  Right!  LOL

Now that I got that out of my system… let me try to get serious. The feeling of abundance comes from within our own self and it happens when our inner landscape is rich and fertile… then we can grow and reap and sow. (Okay, yeah, sort of like the bulldozer and weed eater guys did in a way.)

I love that feeling of having so much that I can give some away—not that it happened exactly that way today but due to some extra efforts and divine timing, today I was able to pay back part of a loan that my daughter made to me when I didn’t have quite enough to buy that car when my other one broke. That makes me feel very abundant—especially because for the past few months I’d wanted to start paying her back and today I could send her at least half!  So the debt is half paid.  That makes me feel abundant!

Winter is coming and I will need oil and wood and then there’s that x-tian/merchant holiday called christmas up ahead; but we deal with those issues one at a time. Today I feel abundant because I could start paying my daughter back .

There are a gazillion stars in the sky and whenever I look up on a clear night when there is no moon and the stars seem brighter, I feel really abundant then too. We have the ability to think small or abundantly and when it comes to my own bank account, I’m still working on that one. If I had too much money, I’d have more of a problem knowing what to do with it and so often when I think of my life, I realize just how perfect (for me, for now) it really IS! And THAT makes me feel abundant too.

The field that was created across the street via the recent massacre of trees is now a lot of soil rich with possibilities. It will be interesting to see what is planted and grows there.

As I contemplate that, I wonder what it is I will be planting in the fields of my own inner landscape.

I close my eyes to see what visions arise in response to that inquiry… the corners of my mouth turn slightly upward from an inner smile.

PS—sometimes, during harvest time, the energy gets backed up or confused… if you are experiencing a delay today… give it time (frustrating as it is)… it will all get done and everything will get to where it needs to be!

And now if you will pardon me, it is time to do my yoga… I’ll deal with the mess in the yard from the weed-eater machine guys tomorrow.  They’re happy, they earned money.  The landlord is happy, the place got hacked down again–all the wild flowers are gone.  Is it me or do they wait until the wildflowers are at their prettiest?  Nature and I will adjust.  We always win out in the end; it always grows back.  And the beat goes on…