Daily Divination 9-16-11 Karma Yoga; Yielding and Willing! Emulate Earth Mother Today! I-CHING KUA 2, The Receptive

Okay, may as well get this one out-of-the-way…” That was my first thought when seeing the image for the I-CHING Kua 2 “The Receptive” and then I wondered who created the images for these cards. Since we have many female nude representations, my guess is that it was a male. Nonetheless, looking past the image for the deeper meaning here, let’s get right to some archetype keywords for today’s cosmic communiqué. Yielding yin; devotion, patient, supportive, “obedient” (are you kidding?), responsive and intuitive, earthy and mother. Is it just me or are you thinking what I’m thinking—wedding vows, love, cherish and OBEY-??!!

Alright, the image denotes EARTH MOTHER, I get it…

I’m going in a different direction here and want to talk about “willingness” as it relates to spirituality. My intuition and inner guidance are kicking in now. Inner Resistance Willingness that means that you have overcome inner resistance to life. What does that mean (I’m asking).

Like this: being genuinely interested in others; friendly—that’s being willing and releasing resistance to life. Someone who is “willing” is not troubled by… well, they don’t “sweat the small stuff” as the saying goes. Like with employment–being willing to take any job when you have to without feeling demeaned by having to start at the bottom.

Being “willing” is being helpful to others, volunteering, contributing. On another note, being willing or yielding also has to do with being willing to face inner issues. Willingness is being sympathetic and responsive to the needs of others without feeling that you are putting yourself down or being a lowly servant—rather responding to life and other folks without ego involvement.

We’re talking about something called “KARMA YOGA” which is a spiritual practice of selfless service to others which is combined with prayer and devotion.

I think of the Buddhist phrase here of doing a practice for “all sentient beings”—in the catholic view it may be called offering one’s own suffering up for the soul’s in the catholic purgatory.

One need not be a Mother Teresa of Calcutta or Mahatma Gandhi or Tibetan Lama today. The message for this day (and any day) has to do with releasing identification of the personality self in favor of the Radiant Self and surrendering the ego to the Greater Self.

Earth Mother (Kwan Yin)

As we do this gentle inner shift toward yielding or willingness, we create a spiritual alignment and raise our spiritual energy.

This activates the right brain chemistry and physiology, altering perceptions and releasing neurotransmitters and endorphins in the brain.

The world, as a result, is seen as friendly and supportive. Heck, a simple smile and friendly hello will do this.

Today’s message is to be yielding and willing enough to do that.

And perhaps see yourself today (even if you are in a male body in this reality) as the Divine Mother today…

 maybe (?) just pretend you just gave birth to the cosmos and nurture everyone today,

being humble and full of grace!  Or at least be willing?

See you tomorrow…