Daily Divination 9-15-11 How do we handle opposition and differences? Venus in Libra opposing Uranus in Aries! Relationship Help from I-CHING Kua 38

Today’s I-CHING cosmic communiqué is from Kua 38 “Opposition”. Of course, with astrology on my mind half the time, the first thing that came to mind is maybe I better check the chart! (The “opposition” in astrology is when 2 planets are opposite one other.) With oppositions, forces can merge and one become a little of the other like the yin/yang image OR there can be the opposite—competition and war!

Normally, with opposition we think of opposing viewpoints—one challenging the other. The “merge” becomes possible if each opposing force gives a little and takes a little. Like taking in another person’s view point which enables one to grow and expand by seeing life through a different set of eyes, so-to-speak.

Many folks actually ask for and pay for such a thing when they enlist the services of a counselor or psychotherapists.

We’ve got a pretty good opposition going on right now with Uranus opposing Venus; and we know Venus (currently in Libra) is about relationships and the Uranus archetype (especially in Aries) is about freedom and rebellion, big time. I’ve got a few personal oppositions that I’ve made note of, and won’t bore you with those details. So, moving right along here…

Do I go into the whole LIBRA PROJECTION thing next? Certainly the image above of the upside down face makes one think “projection” doesn’t it? In other words projection can go something like, what I see in you (and especially what I see in you that I want to get away from—Uranus) is what I am actually denying in myself! Ouch, that’s a hard one to admit sometimes, isn’t it?

Opposing forces don’t have to result in a break down—oppositional energy can help us to understand our own strengths and weaknesses. That is, if we have the courage to look.

I heard myself talking to my niece today about her MARS energy. She’s an Aries. I was telling her about giving her Mars a mission, an assignment, a way to express each day; otherwise, that strong Mars energy will implode or explode in ways that are neither productive nor pretty. That’s true for all of us to some extent since we all have Mars and Aries in our own psyche somewhere. Mars energy needs an outlet; a way to express—exercise and/or physical activity helps.

If you should find yourself in opposition to another today in any way, find a way to exercise your Mars energy away from the person. Walk away, have a work out and then return to the table. You avoid the head butting of that RAM (Aries) energy in that way.

I will include a little link to a video by Deepak Chopra—it’s one he created to answer a question from someone about what to do when children are fighting. But heck, it applies to what to do when adults are fighting too. Here it is if you want to view it: CLICK HERE

One other thing that comes to mind is a little post on Neale Donald Walsh’s facebook page that sort of works in with this topic.

 He wrote: Stick to your beliefs, if that serves you. Hold tight. Do not waver. For your ideas about “right” and “wrong” are your definitions of Who You Are. Yet do not require that others define themselves according to your terms.

And actually, I see another one from him that also applies to the I-CHING Kua 38 message. Neale also wrote:

The next time you are confronted with a condition or circumstance you judge to be problematical, express your immediate gratitude not only for the solution, but for the problem itself. By so doing, you instantly change your perspective on it, and your attitude about it.

Wu Wei has this Kua labeled as “Alienation” and “Division” and as far as relationships are concerned (remember that Venus in Libra opposing Uranus?) he writes:

Do not lose heart. Remain hopeful and cheerful. If the relationship is based on real affinity, it will right itself in time, provided you treat it with careful attention and continue to follow the spiritual path.

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