Daily Divination 9-14-11 It’s About Inner Alchemy Today! Rejuvenate with I-CHING Kua 50, The Cauldron

Alrightie then! I just finished getting out the newsletter for the week and thought I’d make a quickie blog post. So I tossed the coins here and we have the I-CHING KUA 50, The Cauldron. Ha! The synchronicity is pretty clear—the message is about inner alchemy, mastery and spiritual rejuvenation. The newsletter topic that I finished just a short while ago was about the ‘inner journey’. Yeah, we could call that ‘inner alchemy’ for sure. I’m tempted to end this now and just include the link to my newsletter—why self-repeat?

Here’s something that says about Kua 50, The Cauldron: The Cauldron is wisdom that purifies the false, superfluous, and superficial, and shifts the emphasis from the mundane to the higher values that help us live in peaceful harmony with nature and each other. By defining and refining, The Cauldron increases our capacity for clarity by illuminating our virtues. Wisdom is luminous. When we live creatively in self-awareness and self-mastery the resulting luminosity, merely by its presence, effortlessly exposes ignorance and darkness.

The message is also about discerning wisdom and knowing truth from distraction.

The image reminds one of a monk, perhaps the Buddha, and the cauldron itself the consecration cup at a catholic mass; yet the word cauldron is often times associated with the pagan or the witch. Which is the right path? The one that takes you on your own inner journey. The one that leads you to renewal with Source energy—which is energy that could be defined by different words by people of various consciousness levels. It’s all the same really. Some folks have to pick one path under one teacher and others can see all paths are essentially the same; but still each has their own inner journey.

CLICK HERE to read this newsletter that correlates nicely with the message of this Kua.

See you tomorrow….


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