Daily Divination 9-13-11 Hold It Together Today and Make the Highest Choice Especially in Teamwork… I-CHING KUA 8

Today’s cosmic communiqué is about teamwork; yet (and maybe it’s just me) but the first impression that I had looking at the image for the I CHING KUA 8 “Holding Together”—those fish swimming is schools—had me thinking about holding my own energy together. Hold it together Joy!

The Capital W, Will, which is spiritual in nature and origin, is not to be confused with ‘will power’ which is only mental and psychological.  Divine Will (spiritual) has the power of total regeneration and can easily handle “holding together”.

I’m working on something in my personal life now for which that message really has meaning. “Union” is an archetype keyword and to that I’d add “the strong will of the human” uniting with the greater WILL or Higher Will. And so when uniting the lower will with the Higher Will (union of the ego with the soul is one way we could say it—use whatever terminology works for you) is something that always compliments your own nature. There’s no need to fight against it or resist uniting with the “Higher Will”—if you will.

How do we unite with Higher Will? That is the spiritual path itself and more of a topic that I have time for today; yet it is everything I am about–or at least that’s my current illusion. 🙂 Today’s message is also about making a choice, but using the Higher Mind to do so. Having a central spiritual figure in mind today to help you with life isn’t a bad idea either. Some call on Angels; others a particular form of The Divine for the purpose of helping them hold together and keep their energy unified.

If you do work with a group of other humans today in any way, be one of them—get right in the water with them and participate as the equal—this will hold the energy together so that what needs accomplishing can be with good cooperation. Release the ego’s strong engagement with others today. We all have the ability to hold groups together when we, ourselves, are centered within our spiritual core for this deepens our self-awareness, understanding and compassion. These are all good qualities that are part of the “Holding Together”.

Personally, I have long believed that we not only work with groups upon the earth plane (family, associates, co-workers) but that we also have a team or group in spirit world that we work with—sort of like “The Adjustment Bureau” (movie) but not exactly. We have family in spirit world and a team of guides and helpers—call them Friends of The Light if you’d like. So, when we need to “hold it together here on the earth”, we can call upon that group to help us.

Other keywords for the archetype of this Kua and thus today’s message are: Joining, Supporting, Participation

In some form–in some way in your life today–there is a NEED FOR UNITY or HOLDING TOGETHER in order to craete positive change.

So how will you interpret this informational guidance or inspirational message today? I will be contemplating this material in my own life as I move throughout the day today – or until the next blog post anyway.

Hold together and make this a beautiful day…


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