Regression into Past Life, Childhood Experiences and the State in Spirit Prior to Birth in Human Form

My PSYCHIC tells me I was a glass of water in a PREVIOUS LIFE

Last night while reading a Regression Therapy book, I closed my eyes for a moment and asked to be taken back to my last lifetime.  It was rather a quick flash but as I recall it… I was working in a “light bulb factory” in Brooklyn, NY.  One of my current life sisters and my brother were my children in that life.

Interesting.  But a light bulb factory in Brooklyn?  Really?

I thought about that a moment ago and so I googled to see if there actually was such a thing and lo and behold…

I found this on a page about Lewis Latimer, “In 1883, Latimer went to work for Thomas Alva Edison, who owned Olmstead Electrical Lighting Company in Brooklyn, New York.”  Apparently, he helped the famous Thomas Edison make light bulbs last for longer periods of time and after many experiments with different methods and materials, they made inexpensive bulbs so that people could afford them.  Then everyone bought light bulbs for their homes, offices, and many other places, including streets.

Don’t get me wrong–I’m not saying that I was Lewis Latimer in a previous life or anything.  I’m sure I was just a worker in the light bulb factory.  The point is that I was pretty amazed to  find out that there actually was a lightbulb factory in Brooklyn, NY!

Latimer died in 1928, so my last lifetime (if my information is correct) was late 1800’s or early 1900’s.

Like I tweeted earlier today, “Each of us retains all unconscious memories of all we’ve ever experienced, there’s no limit to the details we can recover in an altered state.”

Before I got into that past life, I regressed back to my current life childhood.  I recalled having had measles and the mumps and eventually had my tonsils taken out.  I remembered how being home from school and reading books was a special pleasure!  ha! And it STILL IS–a day spent reading a book remains one of my greatest pleasures.  I remembered how I didn’t mind being sick and may have even created (who knows!) the childhood illnesses so that I actually could be home–and read.  I had to laugh at this apparent pattern carried into my adult life.  Years ago when I had a 9-5 job, there were certain days that I’d “call in sick” because I wanted to just stay home a read a new book that I’d gotten.

That’s the reason for regression work–to locate and isolate patterns.

Thinking now about working in a light bulb factory in my last lifetime–a smile comes across my face.  I can understand why I would  have had  an attraction to wanting to work in an area that contributed to bring light into dark places!

I still try to do that, but in a much different way. 🙂

In Spirit BEFORE birth into human form

What I like best about regressing is to go to the times before birth while still in spirit. 

That feeling of being truly who I AM without hindrances, without problems or heavy feelings like fear or worry.  Beautiful.

The lightness and happiness is how… well, its like how my mother felt to me after she crossed over.  She came to me a day or two after she left her body and her energy was happy and light–so, like that.

I feel that so many times in my work as a medium as I connect clients with loved ones on the other side; that feeling of lightness and joy is…. well, there aren’t too many words to describe it.

I find that as I think of myself before being born into a human form, that I am filled with that state of being and can tap into it at will just through thought an intention.  Oh, it’s very true that sometimes for days, weeks or months-on-end I can be in that state without disturbance… I just mention it here so that maybe the reader will try it themselves to see what I mean.

These just a few thoughts coming up today… thought I’d blog them out.  🙂 Meanwhile, I’m preparing to do regression work with any of my clients who are interested sometime in the near future.

Wishing you a joy filled weekend…


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