Will be back ASAP — dealing with SATURN and MERCURY!!

A PRETTY IDENTCIAL LOOK ALIKE OF MY OLD CAR FOUND ON THE INTERNET; we've had a difficult relationship, but I still love it!

It’s my car!

Yeah, Again!

She  had another seizure today.

The computer went haywire–been there, done that!

There have been many times with that computer problem!

She’ll do great for a few years and then she’s at it again.

Water gets into where the computer is on the floorboard.

She doesn’t like humidity either!  Strange since it’s a Florida car.

Gas was pouring out the tail pipe along with billows of white smoke today…. stammering and sputtering and stuttering.Welcome to my nightmare!  But, can I leave her?  I mean completely, totally?

There’s nothing like riding around on the Blue Ridge Parkway in the autumn with the top down!

Besides, she’s such a cute car!

One of the fuel injector’s gets stuck because the computer sends the wrong signal.  Are we having Solar Flares off the Sun again?  That can wreak havoc on car computers!

Saturn ~ Astrological Archetype: practical, stable, mature, reliable

Saturn ~ Astrological Archetype: practical, stable, mature, reliable

I  am in the process of purchasing another new-used car.  A 1999 Saturn!  Am loving that it’s a car named after a planet!

My other one is a MERCURY Capri… what is it with me ending up with cars named for planets?  It’s not intentional, I promise that it just ends up that way.  I wasn’t even ‘into’ astrology when I bought the Mercury.

Yet, it’s interesting now that I think about it….. both cars named after PLANETS!    Hmmmmmm…………

There’s only ONE used car place in town ~ the one and only gas station/ used car lot/  fuel oil and propane gas supplier all in one!  They also do the 4th of July fireworks every year.  What can I say? They know me, I know them–very small town.  They had 3 to choose from in what I could afford and I picked the red one!

New old car 1999 Saturn

Never had a red car before, may as well have one before it’s all over; what the heck…. New-old car 1999 Saturn

My Mercury is FAST; just like the planet!  Mercury is known to travel fast.  But when retrograde, there are communication problems with Mercury…. just like my Mercury Capri’s computer has trouble communicating.
Hey folks, archetypes are archetypes!    I’m sure the SATURN will be slower but dependable…
Could I have two cars? –I’m sort of asking myself this question.
One to wash and one to wear, you know, in case one breaks down–problem solved, just drive the other!
I had a dream last month… I was asking for guidance about one of my daughters to come in a dream.  Got it.  BUT also in the dream, my car engine was ON FIRE!
Flames were coming up from under the hood.  Couldn’t help thinking of that when I could smell all that gas when trying to drive it yesterday and today!
I’m not one to tempt messages from my dreams… thus, the signing on the dotted lines for the Saturn.
I will post again as soon as things are settled with the car (s).  I have to do the title/tag thing tomorrow and then I think I’ll be ready for a long nap after that. 🙂

Psssst… if you have any Saturn horror stories, please don’t tell  them to me!  Ignorance is bliss.

PS– I guess the post previous to this one about ‘Letting Go’, on 6/25/11, really applies to this situation!  (LOL)

One more tidbit… probably not that interesting either BUT… last night I did some regression work.  Asked to be shown whatever I needed to know regarding a prior lifetime as it would apply to helping me in this one.  Let me preface it by saying I’ve always LOVED horses, but honestly I can’t seem to get over my intimidation of their power, strength and weight.  Anytime I’ve ever been near one, there is a STRONG desire to love them from afar.  I jumped off a horse once when I was a child, fearful the horse would fall. My sisters wanted me to descend into the grand canyon on the trained mules and I trembled at the thought.  My sister suggested that I take a riding lesson to GET OVER IT.  I did, but could barely get through it.  The trainer said to pick up the horses foot and clean out his shoe and there was no way I could perform the task.  What if he fell over?  (irrational, right? but keep reading and you’ll see why)  Anyway, I did one slow ride around the corral and couldn’t wait to get off.  But I love horses–otherwise; I’m enchanted by them.

In my regression meditation, I fast forwarded to a the time of my death in the particular lifetime that I was reviewing which was a time that was like the ‘wild west’–cowboys and the like.  I was a school teacher in that lifetime.  Anyway, when I fast forward to my death, I was riding a horse.  We were moving very fast.  I don’t know exactly how or why but the horse fell and I fell too and the horse landed on me.  We rose up into spirit world together at the time of death.  I was holding him around his neck and he had such expressive eyes.  I felt that I loved the horse and he was nudging me with his head as we moved out of our respective physical bodies at the same time.  (It was pretty moving.)

I marveled at that regression insight last night for several reasons.  It explained my love and respect for horses and my feelings of wanting to admire them from afar!  And then today my horse died again in the form of my car! 🙂  I see the correlation between my car and the horse from that lifetime!  Don’t they refer to cars as having a certain “horse” power?  It’s like the regression meditation predicted the event with my car today.  There are connections and correlations everywhere you look, you know?

By the way, my sister’s weren’t happy with me; but we ended up hiking down to the bottom of the Grand Canyon so we could stay together. Still feel kinda bad about that, but now I understand! Besides, I still don’t know how the muels  keep their footing on those narrow rocky switch-backs up and down the Canyon!



While reading a book on regression therapy one day recently,
I recalled a past life and moving forward to the time of death in that
lifetime, I moved into a scene where I was riding a horse and the horse and I
fell—he was on top of me and we crossed over together.  I wrote about it a few blogs back, about a
week ago.

Today I remembered a few other things about horses and my
life.  Today I suddenly flashed upon a
large picture over my grandparent’s fireplace.
I also remembered how my aunt used to ask me why I looked at that
picture so much—I did.  I used to look at
it for hours as a child in this current lifetime.

Was it about cowboys and Indians?  I don’t know if it was that or some other
sort of battle involving men on horses.  Strange
though, my recalled lifetime dying on a horse I was a female,
schoolteacher.  Why I was riding so fast
or where I was headed, I can’t say.  I
will have to go back into that memory some other time.

It’s just that today I remembered that painting above my grandparent’s
fireplace.  It was a picture or paining
in which a lot was happening–horses were falling and dust was flying.  I was totally infatuated with that
picture.  I realize now that it connected
me to a past life; that’s why.

A bit later today, I realize how I really dislike battle
scenes in movies when horses fall.  I don’t
care much about the men in battle falling or dying – only about the
horses.  Many times I have to look
away.  Those are movies using real horses
who fall.  It is very disturbing to me
and I feel such sadness for the horses and anger at the muggle humans to
involve horses in their play dramas!

That’s all; I’ve nothing more to say about it.  I will add this as an ADDENDUM or FOOTNOTE
to the post in question.

PS — i asked to be shown a past life without too much trauma; going easy on myself at first.  Its a process… i’m taking it slowly.

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