Daily Divination 6-12-11 Cycles of Life – Lunar Full Moon Eclipse – Wheel of Fortune – Jupiter

The forces of nature! The Wheel of Fortune—which is in astrology terms, Jupiter! The cycles of our lives, the turning points and the change and moving back to “center” where there is stability and spiritual nourishment—that’s the focus of today’s cosmic communiqué.

This Wheel of Fortune card is appropriate for the current astrological weather—a Lunar Eclipse full Moon in Sagittarius is approaching (the 15th) triggering the transiting Lunar Nodes in Gemini/Sag and we will all be visiting the truth (Jupiter/Sag) versus lies (Mercury/Gemini) energy in our lives and our communication methods may receive some restructuring.

The Wheel of Fortune card reminds us that our lives are affected by cycles and those can be seen clearly in astrology. It is important that we remain centered when these cycles are occurring and when we are being imprinted with new energy, which happens during eclipse seasons, like now.

The message for today involves having trust and faith in the adjusting power of the universe and to keep open to the energy of Jupiter, the right brain and intuition. A good affirmation for today would go something like,

 “I accept the changing cycles of life that the Universe brings and reaffirm and anchor to the ‘center’ within me to allow the changes to occur gracefully. I use my intuition and right brain faculties to balance my left brain logical thinking in order to remain balanced and at peace.”

Even though our life may feel like it is doing a turn around, it is an opportunity to become more aware and to realize how everything connects in ways that greater perspectives can be gained. While we have free will to set our own path in life to a certain extent, we do experience twists of fate and larger cycles that affect us, despite our best efforts. At these times, we feel clear that there is a greater power in charge of our lives and to surrender to that can help us realized that there is a bigger picture (Jupiter). When we surrender our will to a more Divine Will and/or acknowledge a greater plan is at work in our lives which we simply cannot control it is humbling, and at the same time it can also be gratifying.

Standing back and seeing the larger perspective (Jupiter) is what today’s message is about. The amount of surprise or resistance that we experience now is an indication of how well we are surrendering to The Divine energy of life.

The only certainty to life is change and—as above, so below—we can see that literally if we study astrology.

In the difficulties of life is where we grow if we work in harmony with change.

There is freedom to make choices in life but these are within the confines of the workings of fate or the soul’s plan—and we can get glimpses of that plan in a natal birth chart.

If this is a particularly good time for you, the works of your past are probably being enjoyed right now. If you are experiencing a down time, ride the cycle and go with the flow and try to work with it, seeing the bigger picture.

Good or bad is a judgment, life will always be cyclical in nature—up’s and down’s; it’s all relative. And nothing lasts forever, life IS change; so hang in there!  If this is a challenging time for you, the good news is that it will pass. Do what you can to turn the perceived misfortune to fortune by seeing the bigger picture (Jupiter) and c;ll on your intuition to help you bring balance.

I love that this card comes up today just as we are approaching the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius, ruled by Jupiter.

The approaching Full Moon will be sitting right on the transiting North Node that is in Jupiter ruled Sagittarius. The eclipse is activating these issues of truth versus lies and issues of seeing the big picture. The Wheel of Fortune card today is calling to our attention the current and upcoming astrological influences.  What is truth? Is it black and white?  The Gemini part of this eclipse wants it to be.  But the truth is relative and we must integrate all we’ve learned thus far in order to be able to really realize that.

Eclipses always trigger emotions and with the transiting nodes involved, what’s going on involves communications regarding truth vs. lies because the transiting nodes are in Gemini/Sag.

Final thought:  not everyone has to agree with your truth in order for you to feel emotionally okay.

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