Daily Divination 6-9-11 Tempering Enthusiasm for Implementing New Vision with Practicality – 10 of Wands, Saturn in Sagittarius

Sometimes when we become excited about a new vision, we put our heart and soul into achieving it to the exclusion of all else. This works for a while and may even be a good thing, but eventually if we don’t give ourselves a break, we can become overburdened by our enthusiasm. We work too hard at it and loose our perspective completely, setting ourselves up for a breakdown. The card for today relates to Saturn (work) in Sagittarius (unbridled enthusiasm)—it is the 10 of Wands! Just like the image on the card shows, the man gets a small glimpse of a possibility and through enthusiastic effort creates a burden for himself imagining all the rewards of his efforts. He may work harder and longer and put more and more effort to it, but if he’s not balanced in his approach he’ll never make it.

This card reminds me of an old friend of mine who would change her mind weekly about what new career she was going to embark upon. She’d be filled with enthusiasm and enamored with how perfect the career choice was and how flawlessly it was going to fit her personality, yet it would never pan out. The next time you’d talk to her, she would have forgotten that idea and be on her way to looking for the next one. In her case, there was no follow through—just enthusiasm and no application. We could say no Saturn and all Sagittarius!

And the flip side is all Saturn to the point where all the Sagittarian enthusiasm is lost. Saturn is earth energy and Sag is fire. If we don’t balance the two we have the Sagittarian fire being put out by the earth of Saturn. Makes me think of the campfires on camping trips—to be sure the fire was out, we’d smother the fire with earth. It works that way in our human experiences as well.

And goals are part of the Saturn archetype too—clarifying goals is part of today’s message. Sometimes we can become so enamored with something that we forget to plan our strategy. If we know what we hope to achieve in specific terms, this helps us focus our energy instead of being all over the place living in a dream world. Saturn is about practicality and Sagittarius is about the vision itself. To simplify it, one way we could say it is to be practical about your visions.

Today’s bottom line message is that having a vision and the enthusiasm for it must be tempered with practicality and goal-setting so that our energy is not used unwisely. With a focused intention or goal that is practical, down-to-earth and reasonable to achieve, we can avoid becoming so overwhelmed that we lose our enthusiasm (put out our own fire). Great enthusiasm has to be accompanied by the work or carry through and the work itself can’t become so overwhelming that passion is lost. Again, and finally, short-term goals knowing exactly what you intend to achieve and why must accompany visions and actions, both.

See you tomorrow…

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