Daily Divination 6-8-11 Recent News Reports on Truth versus Lies and Emotional Detachment – Being Lost – 4 of Cups and Moon in Cancer; Casey Anthony

I just shut off CNN and in doing so heard, “Casey Anthony seemed emotionally detached in today’s murder trial.” And then I come to my desk to draw a card for today’s daily divination—the tarot 4 of Cups, the archetype of Moon in Cancer.

Once when I drew this card the memory of being lost in the woods flashed and I’m thinking of that again right now. I’d hiked those trails before but on that day, I couldn’t find my way out!

Every trail brought me back to a part of the path I’d been on before—sort of makes you think of repeating patterns, doesn’t it?

The more I tried to find my way to the main exit path back to the parking lot, the more lost I became. I was going in circles, lost in a maze of trails that kept connecting to each other, none of which connected to the exit trail. It was starting to get dark and I was alone and lost.

The Moon in Cancer is totally about emotions and ruling the 4th house is also about self-image. Cups are about emotions, just like the Moon. I began to feel really pretty ignorant as I attempted to find my way out of the maze of trails—how could I be so lost? What in the world am I doing wrong here?

I was missing all the signs and the more emotional I got, the worse things became. If someone would have come along at that moment and asked me how I felt about myself in that instant, I’d have to say that I felt pretty ashamed and very down on myself.

How could this possibly connect with the Casey Anthony trial (accused of killing her little daughter)? I’m sure she feels the same way, but bump that up a thousand-fold.

I’ve known people who appear to be very emotionally detached like the reporter observed with Casey. People with a strong 4th house or Moon in Cancer or other strong Cancer signatures in their chart can appear detached, withdrawn, cold or without feeling.

Some of them might be but my sense is that a good many have very deep feelings and as a protective measure they shut down because their feelings are too strong to handle. They may be, like I was I the woods that day—lost, confused and feeling (frankly) pretty stupid.

I don’t have an interest in the trial of Casey Anthony but if you turn on the news these days, you can’t help but hear about it. The truth is that I don’t want to tune into it! But I do recognize the energy of someone who doesn’t know truth from lies and who appears to others to be emotionally detached!

We seem to be getting a lot of “truth versus lies” energy coming up on the news lately. The transiting lunar nodes are in Gemini-Sag, South Node North Node respectively.

Another big story involves the Anthony Weiner twitter scandal! More truth versus lies—lies being exposed—and we may see more of this as the transiting nodes remain in Gemini-Sagittarius. Sagittarius energy compensates by telling people what they think they want to hear rather than the simple truth.

In many tarot cards of the 4 of cups we see someone who is apathetic and apparently withdrawn and disinterested yet there are cups surrounding the person on the card and another cup being offered by the hand of spirit. Here appears someone who has the potential to have a good emotional life (cups) surrounding him and the spirit guide ia offering  even more opportunity,  but this soul cannot see or is perhaps using that energy in the wrong ways.

Like me in the woods, I was being filled with strong emotion for sure and it intensified each time I realized that I was again on the wrong path. Honestly! I kept coming back to the same spot on the trail. Here again!? How can I get out of this?

I had to calm down and finally did. I sat down a moment and centered myself in the oncoming darkness knowing every second was bring me closer to having to spend the night in the woods alone.

I could have detached like the person on the card of the 4 of cups and become more down on myself, giving in to the growing feelings of hopelessness. Trust me when I say that I really wanted to detach from what was beginning to feel like a full-out nightmare!

If a spirit guide or my higher mind was trying to tell me which way to go, my panic wasn’t allowing me to hear—I was deeply emotional and anyone looking at me from afar may have said about me too, “She appears emotionally detached.” I don’t think so! I was very emotional; there was a lot going on inside of me!  I was pretty self-absorbed.

I knew a man once who had a Sun in Cancer and used to think he had no emotions whatsoever! I’d think, Where’s this guy’s heart? In time I learned that he felt very deeply but it just didn’t seem to show it on his poker face—in fact, so there was a lot of emotion on the inside. Too much! I think many times he was battling within himself to maintain any semblance of composure; pretty much like I was that day lost in the woods.

My mind was muddled except for one focus—I had to get to the main trail; night was falling. I was getting lost in my own emotional reverie—in an emotional trance.

The deeper I went emotionally, the more outer awareness I lost and that certainly wasn’t helping my situation. This epitomizes one fairly strong meaning of the 4 of Cups and the Moon in Cancer.

In life people can be totally self-referring and self-absorbed regarding their own interests and desires.

It sounds like this was true of some of the behavior of Casey Anthony and also the US House Representative from New York, Anthony Weiner—that, at least, according to the news reports.

Of course, there are positive ways to focus on yourself and then there’s the opposite.

In my case, I needed to change my focus from inner emotional absorption to one of paying more attention to my surroundings so I could get out of that pickle!

I sat down under a tree like the person in the image on the card and had a slow look around as I breathed slowly and deeply, tuning in to my intuition. (This happened back in the days before I relied much on my inner perception to help in practical ways.)

I consciously asked for help as I centered and then decided on a path and took it. As I was making this attempt to find my way out again hoping that this time I was finally on the right path (even though it looked wrong by all other standards), I came upon 3 people who were coming toward me. I asked if they were coming from the main trail that leads to the parking lot and they affirmed that if I just kept on that trail that I’d be on the main path to the parking lot in a few moments!

Moral of that story—don’t give up, you will find your way!

You just have to get unstuck emotionally and if you open to your surroundings you will be on your way again. Becoming melancholy, indifferent or withdrawing doesn’t help in times of trouble unless it is only temporary until the direction seems clear.

Another bit of guidance offered by these archetypes has to do with determining what the source of true happiness is and where it comes from. People, like the two in the news lately that I have already mentioned, may appear to have everything to other folks. I mean some folks would love to have the prestigious and high paying job and relationship that the house representative had and I’m sure there are women having trouble conceiving a child who would love to trade places with that mother feeling that the responsibility of caring for such a beautiful little girl would be an honor and divine gift.

Yet, according to the news stories, both of these individuals were seeking to have interests and desires fulfilled on a different path.

Perhaps like me in the woods, they both wandered and then got lost repeating patterns and now the hand of spirit is helping them find their way back.

The Moon in Cancer and the 4 of cups archetype can be very much about getting lost in one’s emotions.

The polarity of Cancer is Capricorn. The Cancer/Capricorn (Moon/Saturn) is about emotional immaturity versus maturity.  On the one side of the polarity (Cancer) immaturity and  the other (Capricorn) maturing/growing up and dealing with reality.

We want to hide or withdraw because we don’t want to deal with the heavy emotions.  It’s understandable but immature.

We all have to do this eventually in one way or another— we have to grow up and take responsibility for the actions that we’ve taken that were based on emotional immaturity.

By the way, as most everyone who follows astrology knows, Pluto (the planet of transformation, representing the soul) is in Capricorn. On so many levels, we are all being challenged to do the “get real” thing that Capricorn is so famous for in order to affect transformation.

The economic bubble bursting is only one example of it—but a good one that we can see both nationally and globally. Toss in the transiting nodes in Gemini-Sag right now, and the energy of these days is about changing our beliefs, telling the truth, getting real and changing structures so that transformation can take place. Anyway…

These are a few thoughts on the 4 of cups and Cancer Moon that I hope that my writing about today has brought more depth of meaning to the card and the astrological archetypes.

As always, my hope is that something here has brought some sort of understanding, wisdom or guidance to the reader.

PS- I neglected to mention the Arnold Schwarzenegger’s 14 year lie that also made the news recently, but you get the idea. For astrologers out there—I just looked at Arnold’s chart: 12th house Mercury on a Cancer ascendant with a square from Neptune in the 4th. Nodes on 5-10 axis, with SN in the 5th in Sag. Interesting chart, considering.

ADDENDUM: here is something that I wrote (to a friend)  much later after the Casey Anthony verdict came back regarding the astrological correlations…

<snip> Talk about a psychological study and a “who done it”!  I read the book, it was a
quick read… Called “Mommy’s Little Girl” about her and toward the end
I watched the last week or so of the trial–daily! 

I’d have the TV on here and be listening while blogging and doing online
stuff.  Her father George Anthony was involved–I feel pretty certain– in a
cover up.  The whole family seems whack-o…. And correlating the 2 parents
charts with Casey’s and the little girl’s … There are quite interesting
Like I said, both parents are 1st house Sun’s … People
with 1st house Sun’s can be quite overpowering and controlling. 
Casey is a Pisces Sun with a Moon in Cancer—she has deep but confused
feelings and her energy is diffuse.  I can see how she is untruthful especially
as a 3rd house Pluto and in SCORPIO next to the SOUTH NODE in Scorpio.
So this SOUTH NODE (karmic past) with Pluto in the 3rd is past trauma
(Scorpio) and we could say persecution (Scorpio) involving death (Scorpio) that
is part of the soul’s past since it is the SN with Pluto.  And the Pluto-SN
conjunction is on the 3rd/9th axis which is the natural Gemini-Sag axis of
“truth versus lies”. 
A lot of times my teacher says that 3rd house Pluto individuals are very
opinionated and believe what they say is the one and only truth.
Typically there will be confrontations from others (in her case, most of 
the whole city of Orlando and most of the country is ready to confront her on
her lies). 
STILL nobody knows FOR SURE what REALLY happened to the little one. 
Casey’s defense was that it was an accidental drowning in he family pool
and her father helped her cover it up.  George (father) is very secretive…he’s
got a loaded 12th house with many personal planets there—Venus/Mercury/Mars as
well as Pluto and his SOUTH NODE in the 12th .  That’s someone who hides
stuff… The 12th house is about what is hidden.  See? George being sneaky and
hiding things seems to be validated by his chart. 
Casey (the mother accused) has that Pluto (mentioned above) RETROGRADE in
that 3rd house… So she’s been thru all this before in a previous life… This
is all Karmic… She is re-living conditions of her past which is
typical of a retrograde Pluto.
  I think she will learn this time and

resolve these issues. 
The little girl Caylee, her daughter who died has the mother’s very same
rising sign to the EXACT DEGREE…. The houses are all the same signs… Well,
Caylee is 20 deg 52 min Leo and her mother Casey is 19 deg 48 min Leo… That’s
one degree difference. 
MARS were crossing her ascendant on June 15/16 of 2008 when it is said that she
died.  Many times as Mars crosses the ascendant, accidents happen–people tend
to be very impulsive and take risks without thinking usually when Mars crosses
the ascendant–that is pretty well known by all astrologers… You hear
astrologer’s warn, “when Mars crosses your ascendant lay low and be
careful–watch out for tendencies to be impulsive.” That little one’s Mars and
transiting SN were crossing her ascendant at that time–June 15/16 of 2008 when
they say she died accidentally–according to the defense.  Astrologically it
makes sense. 
The fact that her transiting or evolving South Node (meaning past life
issues) was right there with mars (conjuct) going over the ascendant on that
date is interesting.  This, I believe, was karmic and we could say “written in
the stars”–this event which I do think, based on the
astrology, really ?? may have been an accident. –?? 
So this is as far as I’ve looked at the charts.  I think for Casey to be
away from her parents right now–ESP her father– is positive for her. (will
explain why below)
I was out with the kids when they jury’s verdict came back.  When I came
home, I saw the jury found her NOT GUILTY.
I watched the proceedings with an open mind like a juror would, I just
didn’t see proof beyond a reasonable doubt and feel the parents had some
knowledge (most likely the father more than the mother–who are both enablers
and controllers) and the whole family is quite crazy.  I think the mother,
Cindy, is really trying to awaken–issues of who to believe maybe?  She has
Saturn in the 7th house of relationships retrograde in Sag–who to belive is
what that signature may very well indicate.  Her North Node is in the 5th house
of children with Jupiter (beliefs) and Neptune (confusion/illusion/delusion) —
North Node in Scorpio means the soul has programmed in issues of a Scorpio
nature around children.  Scorpio is about loss/ betrayals/ power/ control/ death
and so on… And North Node is the souls intentions for the life…. So it looks
like this was programmed in for Cindy as well as Casey, etc.  This seems to me
to look like a karma drama playing out for the evolution of all the souls
Also in Casey’s chart we see that the 5th house of children contains the
Mars and Uranus… So we have the signature of unexpected (Uranus) loss of a
child there in her house of “children”, the 5th house.  Many times when we see
Mars in association with Uranus it can mean physical (mars) loss that is sudden
My only point is that we do see the signatures in the charts of what
I’ve always been one to root for the underdog which Casey certainly
was/is…. And while I’m not saying that she has no culpability at all, my soul
knows the feeling of the persecution and so there was some level of compassion
for her in some way. 
Cindy (the accused’s mother)’s Sun is sitting on Casey’s Moon—so we can
see the overpowering of Casey’s emotions by the mother’s powerful 1st house
natal Sun. Her father, George’s Sun, is in Casey’s 1st house… Overpowering
Casey’s self image.
I didn’t look at Casey’s brother’s chart–his name is Lee.  Interesting
that the little girl’s name is a combination of Casey and Lee— the little one
was name Caylee which looks like both Casey and Lee’s names merged. 
Anyway… The point is that I don’t want to get hooked on any more
trials… This one was gross enough and took up way too much of my time for a
few weeks once I got hooked.  Again, my interest was based on the astrological
I didn’t spend a lot of time  with these charts, just a glance….. and this is what I could see… a few impressions.  <snip>

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