Daily Divination 6-3-11 Doing the Great Work of Your Life! Here’s Help from 3 of Pentacles, Mars in Capricorn

Mars in Capricorn is the same archetype as today’s tarot card, 3 of Pentacles. Today’s cosmic communiqué relates to having the courage (Mars) to do the great work (Capricorn) of your life.

Suddenly, I am hearing in my mind the old Nike commercial slogan, “Just do it!” This is an old observation or one that I reference a lot and that has to do with the occasional psychic student who laments that they are not progressing and after investigating their habits, eventually admit they are not practicing regularly.

To do the work means to do the work. It’s pretty simple in mundane terms; but sometimes, emotionally, one needs to draw upon inner courage. Why courage?

Perhaps there is a fear of failure or fear of risk taking and it takes courage to overcome such fear.

The part that Capricorn plays is about getting REAL.  Getting real is an archetype of Capricorn and Saturn energy. So we could add, getting real about the fears or to borrow another slogan, “Feel the fear and do it anyway.”

The archetype of this card involves perseverance (Capricorn is ruled by Saturn—the forte’ of this energy is as the Dalai Lama puts it, “determined effort!”).  I love the way he say’s those words, the energy that comes through his vibe when he speaks those words is quite the message!

Such a great combo – Mars and Capricorn!

Exuberant, passionate and courageous Mars united with grounded, focused and patient Capricorn and patient is a powerful combination.  This epitomizes the meaning of the 3 of pentacles.

So Mars gives the impetus, push and impulse and Capricorn gives the determination and perseverance. Put them together and you have the energy of today’s message!

Tap into your passions (Mars) and use determined effort (Saturn) and “Just do it!”

You will eventually reap what you sow.

We mustn’t let minor frustrations and irritations get the best of us.

There is a flower essence that is helpful for those who are easily deterred by setbacks. It is called Gentian.

Even a picture of this flower kept near the work area is helpful to open the 6th chakra so that insights into one’s skills can be appreciated and to help one see their way through difficult work situations.

One can use the flower essence and meditate with the energy of Gentian to bring positive results as well.

Acknowledge your mastery of skills and release the small irritations and setbacks that are simply a part of life.

Be willing to face reality (Capricorn/Saturn) and realize that the challenges and disappointments of life can be used as a source of strength and courage (Mars).

If you are working “too hard” at it and seem to be getting nowhere, consider taking a mini-vacation to clear the energy and go back to it and try again. It’s amazing how well that works!  We don’t do our work very well when we are out of balance or overly tired.

I wish you a wonderful Friday!  See you tomorrow…

Post Script– another message is to examine your issues with “control” or “losing control”  and as a final note let me add that sometimes we need to lose control or let go of our “need to control” in order to be successful with some things in life that we’re having trouble with.  Where might you be too controlling when it comes to your work or career issues?  If you find that loosing control a bit more (in a positive way, of course) could be helpful for you–just do it!  This would apply especially do doing psychic work; it’s best to release control and just flow.  Yet with  any career issue, we benefit a great deal when we can just flow or channel creative energy without being overly conscious of our personality self–that is letting go of control in a positive way.  Hope this PS helps someone out there is cyberspace.


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