Daily Divination 5-31-11 The Surprises of Life and Consciously Working with Your Soul! The Tower! Mars,Uranus,Venus, Jupiter

Ha! My car developed problems earlier today and the card I drew for today’s divination just now is the tarot card, THE TOWER.  Figures.  More proof that the Cosmos does have a sense of humor!

When I see this card, usually I think about something that is not working out, things not fitting and that feeling of “I’m outa here!” In fact, not to get too personal but this is what some of my emotional “stuff” that I’ve been working on lately is all about.

And there are times when the soul says, “We’re out of here” and takes over and we just simply go along for the ride and watch ourselves go through the motions, all the while shocked at our own self–not believing that  we’re actually doing what we’re doing! Ever have that happen? Like something inside of you says, “That’s IT. Enough is enough!” followed by action that you take that you more or less watch yourself taking. It’s sort of like an ‘out of body’ experience when the soul takes over. That’s happened to me more than once in this lifetime and it is always a surreal experience.

It is said that this card’s archetype is the same as the archetype of Mars, but I think it’s a Mar/Uranus combo. Mars is impulsive and sudden and that’s how it feels when the soul takes over and it’s always surprising—surprising and unexpected is usually Uranian territory.

The message today has to do with working “with” the soul and asks, “Who is in charge? The ego or the inner self?” And then, of course, we must add that the two factions should be working together instead of having an inner battle. Either way, the archetype we’re talking about is about the lightning bolt of inner awakening. And whenever this happens, it is very humbling. We are suddenly broken free from past inertia when we become forcefully realigned by the soul and deep soul experiences.

We become opened in a sudden and surprising way and usually at the least expected times—or so we say, but the truth is we’ve seen it coming but remained in our denial.  And like the fortress of the tower, which represents defenses, those walls are blasted down.

The motif of this card relates to disasters, crisis, destructions of old ways and awakening to truth. I don’t know how my car fits into it or maybe I do. My daughter noticed it a few minutes ago. I left her a message about my car earlier today and when she called me back she said, “Mom, you sound so calm about it. Usually, you aren’t so calm when your car breaks down.” Oh, truer words were never spoken! I noticed it myself—this time, I seem to feel that it will work out and whatever it is, there’s no REAL problem.

And the reader may not understand what the big deal about a car breakdown is—after all, it happens all the time! Get it fixed and move on you may say, what’s to fear?    And years ago, I’d have pointed to a lack of credit and savings and my lack of support locally as the source of my anxiety—there’s nobody to call up here, except the local garage.  And this, by  the way, is one reason I don’t venture by car any farther than walking distance when the garage is closed. All those same things are true now—I still have no credit or savings. Yet, I have a lot less fear just like my daughter noticed.

In a dream last night, I saw one of the guys from the local garage and today I actually bumped into him at a local store.  Only minutes afterward the car acted up in the very parking lot of the store in which we said hello!  Somehow a part of me knew what was going to occur today and I had a “heads-up” dream about it last night.

But the greater point is about patterns. My car breakdowns represent a pattern of emotional responses from me that years ago triggered horrid emotional crisis. Nowadays, when the car acts up (and they will and do—it’s rather a fact of life especially a car like mine which is 20 years old!), there is very little emotional stuff left to be triggered. It’s a sign of progress and maybe that’s why it happened; to let me know I’m making progress.  (I always ask myself, Why did I draw in this experience?)

I’m working on recognizing and resolving my own patterns, going deeper and deeper. My dream last night dealt with that very topic actually—I’ll spare you the details. I’ll just say that it  feels like the soul and higher mind are helping me with the understanding of my patterns.

The psyche self regulates through dreams that support the developmental process of the Soul. And that’s true for waking experiences too.

Yes, I’m all over the place here in my blog post today, and would like to draw to a close and make a generalized point and divination message for today.

Here we go: Dissolve the fortress of your own denial and resistance and have a look and the connections of the inner world to the outer world. Be open to inner awakenings. And should the soul do a ‘take over’, try to get out-of-the-way and don’t be surprised. Reflection can come later. Be willing to work with your soul in order to receive the sudden realizations of truths that come in explosive and unexpected ways. And in situations like with me and my car issues, it’s not about the event itself, but how you respond to it. No matter how it looks like others are involved, it is, after all, ‘your’ event.

In my dream last night I had a few bursts of insight—I know the other levels of mind were helping with what my conscious mind is trying to realize. We are looking for the positive in it—and that’s what the bottom line is here. The positive!

ASTROLOGY PS —  personal note:  I ♥ love ♥ astrology even more we can see events so clearly in a chart!  Here’s what I mean. I looked at my transits just now.  I see that transiting JUPITER which rules travel and transportation is OPPOSING (exact opposition at 29 degrees) my natal (birth) VENUS today!

JUPITER and VENUS both rule $money$ on mundane levels.  As I’ve written before, 29th degree of a sign has to do with CULMINATION, peak, termination, or  conclusion of energy!  It’s a very intense degree.  Once when I was having a JUPITER RETURN my car had a horrible breakdown–all the transmission fluid flew out while driving high speeds on the Interstate.  This resulted in my car going from 70 mph to 1 mph in a nano-second.  (that’s not a typo — from 70 to 1!) Talk about a Uranian surprise!  Like throwing on your brakes but no breaks can do that!  It sounded like a jet engine!  Anyway…since JUPITER is currently transiting through my 9th house of belief systems, I CHOOSE to BELIEVE that I am culminating and releasing car and money issues as well as fear of lack!  So Ha! And so it is.  May it be the same for you too dear reader!

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