Daily Divination 5-28-11 Using Self-Empowerment, Will and Determination to be a Crusader for Your Own Life! Knight of Wands

Today’s message has to do with taking on a personal cause for your advancing your life.  It revolves around the required determined effort to achieve a personal goal—that one that you feel strong about achieving, even though you know you may have to do battle with yourself over it.

And when I say yourself, it has to do with matters in which it will take courage in order to harness and direct the energy for the achievement of a goal.   One way to do that is to have the understanding that the outer world can contain the reflection of your inner resistance.  And that it will take inner determination to overcome that resistance. Sometimes, we have to sort of put on our armor and go to battle with ourselves. Yet, this isn’t hard to do if we keep the goal at the forefront of the mind. Let me give an example…

Let’s say that you have something in mind to achieve and you feel inspired about it—perhaps truly called in that direction to fulfill, not just for your own good but for the good of others too.

Yet, you realize that it is going to take you out of your comfort zone and you will have to risk a thing or two in exchange for the benefit of achieving what  you desire. Let’s use a fictional character to give an example. His name is Joe.

Joe wants to provide a new service for his business and he feels excited about this—inspired in fact!  He realizes that it is going to require not only a financial investment to achieve this goal,  but he’s also going to have to face additional fears (or let’s say challenges) in addition to the money required to accomplish the goal.

It’s going to require some traveling too.  And Joe has a fear of flying, but he’s going to have to in order to achieve his goal. He’ll need to purchase a ticket, board an airplane and fly!   It’s going to involve financial and emotional sacrifice.

Joe struggles within himself about all of this. He wants to take this step but, at the same time, he’s troubled about these other concerns.

These types of issues is what today’s message is about.

Joe needs to be sensitive to his personal needs,  but at the same time he needs to be bold, unafraid and courageous. If he draws upon his intelligence and engages his competitive spirit, he will be able to overcome his worries. Joe needs to remain inspired and to engage his powerful will and determination.  If Joe can continue to keep his vision active in his mind and heart, it won’t be all that difficult for him. Essentially, Joe needs to avoid old excuse making patterns if he’s going to take this next step that he desires toward a future outcome that he really wants to manifest.

What could help Joe is to set up small goals in the process and take one day at a time, and not back down mentally or emotionally. You see, Joe has a problem with apathy and indifference and uses this in his excuse making patterning–this has held him back before. What he needs to do is empower himself to move out of old fixed mental and emotional conditions.

Joe is going to become a crusader for himself.   Willful intention is what this card means and what today’s cosmic communiqué is about and a good affirmation for today would go something like this:

“I have Source Energy or the Universal Intelligence at my disposal whenever or however I need it in this situation and in my life in general. My work and my life make a difference upon the earth. I will not back away from fulfilling my inspirations due to minor concerns or worries. The Universe supports me and I meet all challenges with determined effort and with the zeal and full confidence of a warrior.”

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