Daily Divination 5-20-11 On Work and Career–Heard it through the grapevine! 9 of Pentacles; Venus in Virgo

Loving what you do—are you?  When I shuffled the cards today, the feeling came of a very positive card and the 9 of Pentalces has always been one of my fav’s.  It relates to the archetypal energy of Venus in Virgo; using simplistic key word meanings, it translates to loving (Venus) one’s work (Virgo).  I don’t know why I love doing these daily divinations—but I do look forward to writing these each day.  I’m a pretty fast typist and so the time involved is minimal.  I really look forward to them and realize that I’m in training for writing something else later; meanwhile, I’m developing a good habit of daily writing practice.  Win-win.  That’s the epitome of this card’s meaning and today’s message; doing what you love and loving what you’re doing.  Are you?

I’ve always had a love/hate relationship with writing, but weekly newsletters and daily blogs are helping me move through the stuck-ness about writing.  It’s attitudinal.

Many years ago, so a flashback is happening here, my teacher would say, “God is in the insurance business too.”  Or substitute any word or any j.o.b. for the word insurance.  And what I think she meant was that you channel your true nature and best self no matter what you do, even if you are a ditch digger.  You can bring love to whatever it is—even scrubbing the kitchen floor.  Enjoying the task at hand, no matter what it is—that’s the idea.  And how do we enjoy it?  We bring our complete self and awareness to it.  I tweeted something this morning that may relate to today’s message. Here it is:  “What we spend our days thinking about is what will become real for us…. what are you thinking?”  A simple change of attitude is what shifts everything into a completely different reality.

So today’s divination message goes this way:  when we have a great love for our work (no matter what it is in any given moment—loving what ‘is’) it gives us a deep sense of security and peace within.

On practical levels, we may as well love what ‘is’—it ‘is’ after all! 

Years ago, I listened to Dr. Wayne Dyer tell a story about when he was a bag boy at Kroger’s Supermarket while he worked his way through school.  He could have made it drudgery and been resentful of the customers or cashiers like some of the other bagboy’s were doing.  After all it was mundane and subservient work to some extent.  But, as his story goes, he made the cashiers laugh and the customer’s smile and the time flew by.  A good time was had by all as he tells it.  So there’s another flavor to today’s message. Make it fun!

I used to do readings even when I was working in another profession and so if you are someone who wants to do readings professionally, do them professionally now.  You have coffee breaks and lunch hours and you can do readings in the evenings, write them down for others, and then deliver them at your next work shift.   Soon you will make the full transition if that is what you wish to do. 

If there is a red flag with this message today or a caution, it has to do with realizing that it is wasted energy to wish you were doing something other than what you are doing.  Let me see if I can say that in a more sophisticated way.  When you are envious of others or discouraged that your goals have not yet been fully met, you are depleting your energy and disturbing your inner peace.  Use the opportunities that you have been given to the best of your ability.  I am thinking of one of my former teachers who said to her Self that she wanted to work in the market place doing readings for others.  And this story is a little funny.  She said the market place she found herself in, meaning the only job that seemed to be available for her, was in Wal-Mart.  She was one who worked behind the desk in the woman’s dressing room.  She ended up doing readings for her fellow associates and some of the customers—word of mouth or the grapevine and all that; you know?  She eventually was able to quit the job and move into a full-time position of doing readings for others out of her own little place of business. 

The image on almost all tarot cards of the Nine of Pentacles contains a grapevine.  A little thing to suggest would be to make a grapevine affirmation wreath out of grape vines.  I am suddenly laughing a little bit here because I just now remembered that I actually have a few artificial grapevines located in my home… one in my Feng Shui wisdom center (bagua)  and another in my meditation room.  Grapes are symbols of abundance and also cheerfulness.  So here is a post-hypnotic suggestion type of thing or affirmation to associate with any grapes that you eat or decorate with:  I am open to the abundance that my cheerful labor and talents provide. 

One thing that used to help me (for some reason) when I worked in a job that I felt that I no longer wanted to do (working for others) was to tell myself that even if a company wrote the paycheck for me at the end of the week, that I still worked for me, myself!  I know that may sound strange, but for me it was a bit of a mind-trick that got me through at the time.  I would tell myself, I am here by choice and I work for ME!  “I am REALLY self-employed”, I’d tell myself—even though by all other standards I was an employee.   

As always, my intention is that something within these paragraphs in today’s cosmic communiqué will be helpful for you.  The bottom line message is to cheerfully love what you do!

Childhood Games Give HintsPS– so what if you say, I don’t know what work is right for me or that will make me happy or that will express my soul talents.  Here’s a hint or a suggestion to try.  When we are little children, often our games or fantasy play time consists (at least in part) of the natural soul tendencies we brought in with us.  Look to the games that you played as a child for hints.  Perhaps do a meditation and in a relaxed state recall your childhood memories of games you played–these will guide you regarding your natural soul tendencies and possibly past life talents. 

 I used to dress up as a catholic nun (with the help of my grandmother who made me the outfit) and play school teacher, passing out papers and books to my make-believe students.  I would rearrange the living room furniture and make my teddy bears and dolls my students.   My grandfather lovingly called me “Sister Macaroni” as I ran my make-believe school.  Today I do teaching through my website psychic class.   I will spare you any other childhood memory correlations, but that gives you an idea, an example. 

 Here’s another quickie example.  My oldest daughter used to nurture and her dolls and stuffed animals, playing like the doctor and today she works as an endoscopy nurse. 

What did you like to play as a child?  Chances are that these early games reflect past life talents, gifts, memories that can guide you today. 


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