Daily Divination 5-18-11 Counseling Issues of the Past -Throat Chakra, 8 of Wands, Mercury in Sag

Why do things happen as they do? 

I just had a conversation with a friend who called me just after she visited a professional psychologist.  This counselor decreed that my friend’s eating disorder was caused by the feelings surrounding a loss that occurred some 20 years ago. 

Wow, can it be that cut and dry and simple?  Go home and grieve the loss and then presto-change-o, you’re healed?  And pay the receptionist on the way out. Next?!

My friend is one who intellectualizes her emotions and admits to being a bit of a workaholic.  So there could be some avoidance issues.   This individual has a strong-headed teenager, demanding corporate job, is involved in community activities and doesn’t afford herself much time to reflect.  It’s a pickle! 

Her natal Moon is in Aquarius and the whole time we were talking today, I kept thinking about that.  Why did her soul choose that Moon sign?  One thing I can see is that if she were the soft-hearted weepy type, her intense, fiery teenager would probably run all over her.  So that Moon sign is helpful to her in that regard.  

We all have the need to be focused, swift, and efficient to deal with in-your-face daily problems and to everything there is a time, turn, turn, turn–remember that song?  To everything, turn, turn, turn; There is a season, turn, turn, turn; And a time for every purpose under heaven; A time to be born, a time to die; A time to plant, a time to reap; A time to kill, a time to heal; A time to laugh, a time to weep…  My friend was calling me to turn the time because the therapist had her crying and she needed to return to work and turn, turn, turn handle corporate business! Another pickle!

The card for today’s divination message is the 8 of wands which has the same calling-card as Mercury in Sagittarius. 

Events happen for so many different reasons and I love Byron Katie’s approach to it; she would say, “That event was supposed to happen.  And how do we know that?  Because it did.”  That concept is pretty cut-and-dry too, but it is also very releasing of guilt or shame or anger and any of those feelings that can be attached to an event of the past–that’s true and if you don’t believe me, try it. 

And when we go back to the event in our mind or memory or when it bubbles up out of the sub-conscious, we have to re-visit it…. I mean there it is staring us in the face.   Wayne Dyer talked about something called recapitulation and said it is like picking it up and taking it out.  Like a bag of garbage, you have to actually pick it up to get rid of it!  Shoving it back down will only cause problems–one may as well deal with it. But how?

I’d think that with any event there are so many connectors or there is such relatedness to other souls and also the “divine mystery” of life, which sometimes we just have to accept.  Why did this happen?  Or why did you make this or that choice at the time that you did?  Unless we intended to cause harm directly and with malice and with the intent of a cruel mean heart, then we did the best that we could do at the time, knowing what we knew then at that time.  Or we reacted as we did, based upon many factors, some of which involved other souls–karmic stuff with past life factors.  There could be a lot more going on than meets the eye! 

If you look at the image on the card of the 8 of Wands, there are no people, just a lot of energy.  You get the feeling of a lot of energy going in one direction that seems unstoppable.  I think that’s how some experiences of life are.  We could call those pre-destined (or not).  But one thing I’d feel more certain about saying is that everything happens for a reason and guilt or regret or even sadness should be released, because these emotions aren’t useful to us. 

Wow, check out those haircuts! Everybody wanted to look like The Beatles back then. 🙂

I can understand the avoidance to doing the recapitulation process, but I’m not sure about the wisdom of doing it in the middle of a corporate work day.  And I get how we all tend to want to suppress and repress painful memories—oh, only all too well do I get that!  But to everything, turn, turn, turn and so on. 

Mercury in Sagittarius relates to this card.  Mercury is related to conscious thought and information and Sag is a very restless energy.  People who have a Sag Sun or a lot of planets in Sagittarius tend to be very fidgety, sometimes to the point of agitation. And yeah, a workaholic tendency and lots of activity would relate to that.

I pulled this card today just before the phone call with my friend and by the way, I have her permission to write about this, assuring her that I’d leave out specifics.  As I looked at this card while conversing with her, I kept getting that the situation from 20 years ago involved other souls and many other interconnected dynamics.

 Mercury is often associated with the left-brained conscious mind and Sagittarius (ruled by Jupiter) relates to the right-brained intuitive level of consciousness.  This isn’t so much a paradox as a need to balance the two.  This is someone who could benefit from divining or channeling from higher mind some deeper insights about the situation through meditation or a past life regression.  These are insights that she can obtain within herself in the right timing… turn, turn, turn.   

Opening up the 5th chakra (throat chakra) is part of the equation that relates to the archetypes around the 8 of Wands and Mercury in Sagittarius.

My friend, as is true with many others, feels like if she talks about certain things that a floodgate will be opened and she won’t be able to stop the flow or shut the gate.  I give her credit for seeking out a counselor in her area—I know her very well and I think it’s good that she consults with someone other than me.  She likes being face to face with someone and we live very far apart.  But she ends up getting a double session because she calls talks over her sessions with me afterwards. 

BOTTOM LINE:  So for the casual reader of this blog, how does this apply to you?  I’d say today’s message is to ask yourself how your 5th chakra is doing?  Here are some considerations…

5th chakra, throat chakra

Some people need to close down their 5th chakra a bit more and now I am going into the opposite polarity.  Some people share more information than they perhaps should with others, creating an end result of feeling dis-empowered.  Do you know people like this?  They tell you things that are really the business of their own intimate connection to their own soul and higher self.  And once its brought into the outer environment, it loses its specialness and psychic charge.  Sometimes very personally sacred information should be kept sacred and not tainted by sharing it with the outer world. 

And the other polarity has to do with releasing energy at that chakra.  In the case of my friend, she does this through her singing—she has a beautiful voice and a very strong one.  Energy that does need to be released can be done so through music; that’s where such energy becomes transmuted or transformed and released.  If there is no song in your heart, then speaking with a counselor or therapist of some kind can work to clear the 5th chakra too.  If the counselor can help connect you with the higher mind for self-realization, that’s all the better.  But sometimes a paper and pen work just as well, as in journaling—a daily diary can help one reach deep into the soul and connect with higher mind as well as clear energy.  Another bottom line has to do with balance/imbalance.  Why one overeats or with any addiction, it is ultimately an imbalance we’re trying to correct–albeit in an unhealthy way–so the real issue has to do with bringing the psyche back into balance.  Does something need to be released?  Or something taken in–like more of one’s Self?  So these are really the core issues.  An event from 20 years ago is only one part of it.

I’ve gone on too long again.  I hope today’s divination will be practical or useful in some way to the reader. Yeah, I know that I was all over the place in my the writing today… some days are like that.  And that is the energy itself I’m writing about–sometimes trying to deal with issues with thought or left-brained consciousness isn’t enough and can lead to further confusion.  We need to call on the right-brained part of ourselves in doing therapy and calling upon the intuition and higher mind is called for!

Writing this post today has fired up my desire to work with past life regression therapy… I’m preparing to offer that for my clients soon.

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